27+ Creative Gabion Ideas for Your Outdoor Space

Gabion is an unique way to decorate your outdoor space. You can use gabions in garden fences, planters, ponds, walls and much more. Below are 27+ fun and creative gabion ideas that might interest you.

1. Sitting space for summer oasis

1 gabion ideasSource

2. Rustic paver with stone table

2 gabion ideasSource

3. For a barbecue

3 gabion ideas

4. Gabion walls

4 gabion ideasSource

5-8. Gabion planters

5 gabion ideas6 gabion ideas7 gabion ideas8 gabion ideas

9-11. Gabion raised beds

9 gabion ideasSource10 gabion ideasSource11 gabion ideas

12. Spiral herb garden

12 gabion ideas

13. Gabion water feature

13 gabion ideas

14. Gabion pond

14 gabion ideas

15. Gabion retainer wall system

15 gabion ideasSource

16. Vintage gabion style garden table

16 gabion ideasSource

17. Round planter

17 gabion ideasSource

18. Besides the rear wooden screen

18 gabion ideasSource

19. Gabion gate

19 gabion ideasSource

20. Tall gabion with vertical succulent tile

20 gabion ideasSource

21. Gabion fire pit

21 gabion ideasSource

22. Large gabion vases

22 gabion ideas

23. A gabion bench

23 gabion ideasSource

24. DIY Woodfire Oven

24 gabion ideas

25. For a cafe shop

25 gabion ideasSource26 gabion ideas27 gabion ideasbest gabion ideas


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