65+ Simple and Inexpensive DIY Fence Ideas For Your Backyard, or Privacy

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There are a hundred reasons as to why you need a fence. Wherever you live, you need a fence because you don’t want unwanted critters invading your yard and burrowing in your garden soils.

You can also build fences inside the garden for your prized plants and to categorize vegetables. There is no generic design to fences. As a matter of fact, it is a part of landscaping and home aesthetics. 

Fences serve a variety of functions regardless of where you find them. They are markers for your property and also provide much-needed privacy.

They also can be a great way to beautify your property. Thus, in this article, we shall look at some DIY fence ideas that you can use to make your fence stand out.

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How to build a fence with low budget

What is a fence?

A fence is an important fixture in a house primarily because it ensures safety. Its main purpose is safety because it protects people, our pets and other animals by enclosing them in the house’s vicinity.

A fence is also functional in establishing property boundaries. Unlike a wall, a fence does not need a solid foundation before it can be put up. You can also use cheap, recycled yet sturdy materials in putting up your fence. 

What does a purple fence mean?

Having a purple fence is more serious than what you might think. In case you do not know, there is what we call the Purple Fence Law which stipulates that properties with purple fences and purple streaked trees means ‘no trespassing.’

It started in Arkansas in the year 1987 to signify private and public property boundary lines. Soon enough, other states in the US followed suit.

At present, the purple paint law is still enacted in states such as Chicago, Missouri, Kansas, Florida, Maine and North Carolina. For Idaho, Arizona and Montana, orange paints are used over purple but for the same reason.

What are the different kinds of fences?

There are two broad categories for fences. These are live fences and static fences. Live fences consist mainly of trees or plants, hence the name live. Ferns, Shrubs and kei apple are some of the commonly used plants for fencing.

Static fences refer to all fences made from man-made materials. They can include chain link, barbed wire, vinyl and all other materials available for fencing.

What is the strongest type of fence?

Without a doubt, wrought iron fencing is considered as the strongest type of fence. You can count on it for its durability as it is non-malleable and it could last for long years under the harshest climate conditions.

It is also pest-resistant and is a good investment for wide properties. Its main function is for security purposes because it is essentially indestructible plus, its designs are almost always point ends so good luck with burglary and sneaking pets.

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What is the easiest fence to install?

There are two types of fences that are the easiest to install.

The first one would be aluminum fences. Unlike wood, vinyl and wrought iron, aluminum fences do not need to be nailed, shaped and undergo welding.

The second one would be no-dig, pre-made steel fence panels. As the term suggests, you will not do the digging anymore. You just have to stick them in the soil and voila, you have your own fence system, pronto. 

What is the best material for fencing?

While wood, metal and steel are popular fencing materials that will never be left out in the options, vinyl has proved through the years that it has become the best material for fencing.

Aside from being essentially indestructible, pest and rust resistant, resilient even under extreme weather conditions, vinyl fencing is also very low maintenance. You just have to clean it once in a while using basic cleaning materials.

Aside from this, it also comes with wood-like finishing and other industrial designs, proving that it is everything you need in a fence and maybe even more.

What fence material lasts the longest?

There are three known fence materials with the longest life span; wrought-iron, cedar wood and vinyl.

Wrought-iron and cedar wood are known to last for 15-20 years while vinyl could last to up to 30 years. But then again, the lowest maintenance of all is vinyl fencing so guess that is enough reason why it has become the most popular choice at present.

How much does a backyard fence cost?

2020 house fencing calculator estimates that fences cost $15-30 per foot. This means that homeowners would have to spend an average of $1600-3500 for a whole privacy fencing, notwithstanding the type of fencing material that will be used.

If you install it on your own, meaning with no expert labor and stuff, you will still need to flesh out at least $2700 with 75% of it spent on materials alone.

How far apart should fence posts be?

Well the answer to this varies depending on the material that will be used for fencing so all that we could give are general estimations.

For wood and vinyl fencing, the distance for each fence post must be 6 to 8 feet, no more, no less or else, you are building an unstable fence foundation.

As for all other materials, 8 to 10 feet is the general fence post distance. It is important for you to know these basic rules in fence building if you choose to put them up on your own. 

What is the best color to paint a fence?

Sure, you can go big with the colors that you will put in your fence but would it really look appropriate?

I mean, there are a lot of things to consider; the aesthetics of your house, the land area of the property (what paint will make it look wider/compact than how it really is) and many more. Thus, it is important to know the safe colors that you could make as your first choice in painting your fence. 

White, gray and black are considered as neutral colors and so, they could go well with any house structure or design. They are also intense to look at so you could never really go wrong with these colors. If you want to stay away from just neutral, a dash of blue, yellow and beige would do.

Cheap fence ideas for backyard

If you are on a budget, there are still plenty of ways that you can fence your property. The quantity of material will depend on the size of the area.

You can create a rail horse fence around your backyard. You will need planks of wood, nails and a hammer. This type of fencing is more suited for countryside homes, where there is a large space and livestock.

Chain Link is also another great way to fence your backyard when on a budget. The cost of chain link is around $4 per foot, and a fencing post is about $10. Depending on the yardage, you are looking at a total cost of less than $250.

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Fence designs for front yards

Front yards also feature faces from time to time. It is usually dependent on the regulations or the city that you live in. However, if you are not bound by any rules, then there are many ways in which you can go about fencing your front yard.

Vinyl fences are a good option for front yards. They make great barriers, particularly for young kids and pets. To further increase privacy and limit access, you can go for solid vinyl equipped with a gate.

Another idea you can explore is ornamental fences. A good example is like the one you see around the White House. These can feature multiple designs and make for excellent decorations for the front yard.

Picket fences are also good. They are not only stylish but come relatively cheap to install. You can have the wood cut into any design that you wish, and you can further accentuate their beauty with flowers along the edges.

Privacy fence ideas

If you want to completely block out someone’s view of your home and its vicinity, you need to install a privacy fence.

This design gives you an utmost sense of security and keeps your dogs from barking at the wee hours of the morning when unknown passersby walk along (which is good because you would know something wrong is truly going around if they do bark). For privacy fence, here are some ideas that you could consider.

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Beautiful Privacy fence ideas for your backyard landscaping

What is the best type of privacy fence?

Live fences are great for privacy. The trees or shrubs grow tightly blocking any view of the property inside. They are much cheaper as compared to other types and can be trimmed to form intricate designs that beautify your yard.

If you are looking for more permanent options, brick walls are your best bet. You can construct them to your desired height and equip them with surveillance and other security measures to ensure complete privacy.

How do you put privacy on a fence?

Cameras, razor wire and motion detectors are some of the ways that you can put privacy to your fence. Other methods include electric wire and glass shards that further enhance security and privacy.

Garden fence ideas

Either for enclosed garden patios or for locking in plants and veggies for them to grow undisturbed, garden fences have their way of making the garden more sophisticated, organized and completely a scene plucked out of a magazine with all the earthy and vibrant green tones lurking like these ones from Sunset, Real Homes.

Cheap decorative vegetable garden fence ideas

Wood fence ideas

Time and again, wood is a timeless beauty especially if used as material for fences. You can always put your leftover woods into good use.

Investing on durable, more expensive wood would always be a good choice though. It is classic and rustic all at the same time so a wood fence is always one of the right choices for fencing like these ones.

Inexpensive wood fence ideas for your yard

Dog fence ideas

Dogs are hyperactive and can be nosy at times. They could even run ruckus with other critters and chase them around. That would become a problem if there is no way to keep them out.

Dog fences are always a good intervention though and they could provide new aesthetics to your home like these ones.

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Creative backyard dog fence ideas

The type of dog will determine what kind of fence is suitable for your backyard. One great way is to use an invisible dog fence.

The advantage is that they are easy to install and does not require much effort from your part. Palette fences are also great for containing your pet.

For larger dogs, you are better off with a metal dog fence. These are strong enough to handle the dog’s weight when jumped upon and also add a sense of style to your property. Ensure that it is high enough to prevent your dog from jumping over.

Bamboo fence

Bamboo fences are not just organic, cheap and easy to install as fences but they also have a unique, oriental vibe to them.

With some light work, perfect alignment, some concrete base or even a metal accent would make it look industrial and modern too. It is pretty flexible like these ones.

Best bamboo fence ideas for your yard


DIY Fence Ideas: Bamboo Camouflage Cover for Chainlink Fence
Source: bamboogrovephoto.blogspot.hu

Metal fencing

Corrugated, steel or metal, whatever you choose, metal fencing has a compelling look to it. Not only because it is the perfect modern type but it could also look classic, Hispanic villa type if you make it as such.

Modern and decorative fence ideas for homes

The point is, metal fencing is more versatile than what you conjure it to be and it is as worth it as the others. Just look at these designs.

PVC fencing

Most times, PVC and vinyl are confused with each other which is understandable because PVC is the main ingredient in coming up with vinyl fence panels.

PVC or vinyl privacy fence ideas

PVC has a long lifespan and comes with low cost installation too. Plus, they look like wood and make a cottage-feel with its often white color like these ones.

Aluminum fencing

Aluminum fencing is a popular choice because it is cheap and easy to maintain. You would find it in vineyards, in modern homes, pool fencing, dog fencing, garden fencing, practically everywhere.

If you are considering aluminum fencing, check out these ideas.

Aluminum fence ideas for backyard

Electric fence ideas

This type of fence is used for pasture management and to regulate grazing from your animals at keep or from other critters that wish that would occasionally steal food from them, inhibit critters and to protect your home’s landscape like these ones which you can look at for ideas. 

Electric fence ideas for backyard

Backyard fence ideas

Having a backyard fence is functional in two ways: first, it keeps intimate family gatherings intimate and second, it keeps stray animals away from the backyard.

Given the right design, you can transform your backyard fence into something beautiful like these ones from kdlandscapeinc.

Beautiful backyard fence ideas and designs

Front yard fence ideas

Front yard fences could be tall and private or low and revealing or even vice-versa. It could be anything from wood, aluminum, PVC, vinyl, metal or a combination of two materials.

It could be picket type or pallet type and more. To prove this point, look at these ideas.

Front yard fence ideasPool fence ideas

The idea behind having a pool fence is one, to keep kids from swimming without adult supervision and two, to make the pool side an independent haven apart from the garden and patio instead of the continuous garden-pool-patio design which we often see.

Here are some ideas that you could consider.

Pool fence ideas for backyard

Decorative fence ideas

Decorative means thinking out of the box and offering something that is extraordinary. You can incorporate customized designs to have an astonishing fence design like these ones.

Decorative fence ideas for back and front yard

Pallet fence ideas

This fence idea is the ultimate barn, farm type design that is good for the out backs like in the backyard along decks and in the vegetable garden to keep critters from damaging your plants. Look at these designs.

Pallet fence ideas and designs

Horizontal fence ideas

Usually, this fence type is made of wood or vinyl but recently, in the dawn of modern architecture, we are seeing horizontal fences with the combination of wood-metal and vinyl-steel. Here are some ideas.

Horizontal fence ideas and designs

DIY Fence ideas: Horizontal Slat Fence

Source: freshmommyblog

Lattice fence ideas

This type of fence is both for privacy and as decorative fencing. It is known for its diagonal, crisscross patterns.

It is commonly seen in patio gardens, as yard enclosures and garden walls. Here are some ideas for lattice fence.

Best lattice fence ideas and designs


DIY Fence Ideas: Simple Wooden Latticework Panel Fence
Source: lehmanlane.net

Cedar fence ideas

Remember those colonial houses you see from the deep South? That is how classy cedar fences look like. It sure could last long with up to 30 years on its credential like these ones.

Best cedar fence ideas and designs

Picket fence ideas

If you want to unleash a cottage-like ambience typical in the countryside with low-lying fences with pointy heads, then go for picket fences.

They are easy to make and they are a real stunner with the color white like these ones.

Whie picket fence ideas and designs


DIY Fence Ideas: DIY Classic White Picket Fence
Source: blackanddecker.com

Vegetable garden fence ideas

There should be nothing endangering our prized crops and one way of ensuring that they are not damaged in any way is building a fence that would enclose them into safety like these ones.

Vegetable garden fence ideas and designs

Rustic fence ideas

If you have scrap wood, log or lumber that’s been sitting there for quite some time, maybe it is time to make the most out of them and make rustic fence ideas for the flowers, for a backyard gateway or for your vegetables and the front yard.

Here are some ideas for a rustic feel.

Rustic fence ideas and designs

Wire fence ideas

This type of fence idea is best paired with wood elements. They are made of hard, industrial grade wire and are good for backyards, vegetable fences and dog fences like these ones.

Cheap wire fence ideas for backyard


DIY Fence Ideas: Wood and Welded Wire Panel Fence
Source: simplyorganized.me

Chain link fence ideas

Unlike hog links, chain links follow a crisscross pattern. They are good for wide yards, dog fences and backyards.

Take a look at these ones.

Cheap chain link fence ideas

Chicken wire fence ideas

It is not as sturdy but chicken wire fencing is a cost-efficient way to keep the vegetable garden safe and the flowers in place, among others. Here are some chicken wire fence ideas.

Chicken wire fence ideas

Above ground pool fence ideas

Above ground and in-ground pools are astonishing and very extraordinary to look at. Adding some well-thought fencing to it will make it all the more exquisite like these ones.

Above ground pool fence ideas

Vinyl fence ideas

While they could be expensive, they could be turned into anything, from lattice to decorative and picket type. And they look super classy too. Here are some ideas.

Vinyl privacy fence ideas and designs

Split rail fence ideas

They can be clustered around the rustic design and wood designs. They could have hog rails in between or just maintain the split rail design like these ones.

Split rail fence ideas for backyard

Goat fence ideas

This is the type of fence that truly embraces the wood and wire or chain combinations. The main point is, they should be sturdy but at the same time see-through like these ones from ProFence, Goods Home and Pocket Farm

Goat fence ideas for your farm

Brick fence ideas

Brick fences exudes a lot of feels from Midwest to Hispanic, to classic to modern if you want it to. Most of all, they are long-lasting. These designs will definitely prove the point.

Brick fence ideas for your house

28 brick fence ideas 1 1

Farm fencing

These are mostly split rail, wood and steel designed fences for vegetable gardens and even for farm animals. Here are some designs.

Farm fence ideas

Temporary fence ideas

The logic behind these fence ideas is that they could be uprooted anytime you wanted to. So they are the cheapest and made of recycled materials like wood and PVC such as these ones.

Temporary fence ideas for your backyard

Driveway fence ideas

Driveways with astonishing appeal through fences has always been a thing. Contemporary architecture makes a trend out of it nowadays and they don’t disappoint like these ones.

Driveway gate and fence ideas

Fence on slope ideas

Wood or steel, fence on slopes are very unique and dreamy to look at like these ones.

Fence on slope ideas or hillside fence ideas

Plant fence ideas

Organic fencing using plants are naturally refreshing and just makes everything very grounded and earthy like these ones.

Garden plant fence ideas

Trellis fence ideas

Incorporating plants in the fence is really a beautiful trend. Another good way to do this is trellis fences like these ideas.

Garden trellis fence ideas and designs

Fence post ideas

There are a thousand ways to design a fence post. Some are customized, some are pre-made and designed posts and you just have to make a choice. You can start with these ideas.

Best fence post ideas and designs

Porch fence ideas

Suburban porches love lay-lowing fences while urban jungles love them fences high and private. Regardless, porch fences affect the relaxing effect of porches and that is why you have to do right by them like these ones.

Cheap porch fence ideas and designs

Deer fence ideas

If you are eyeing for a deer proof garden or one that can contain critters of the same size, take a look at these deer fence ideas.

Creative and cheap deer fence ideas and designs

Invisible fence

You would not see them from afar or in massive light. They are combos of wood and grass or thick steel like these ones. 

Cheap Invisible fence ideas for landscaping

Wrought iron fence ideas

They are very common fence ideas for suburban homes. They are installed in a lane and having an all wrought iron fence will transport you to New York neighborhoods and European countrysides like these ones.

Wrought iron fence ideas

Hog wire fence ideas

They are sturdier than chicken wire and chain links. They are good at sheltering dogs and of course as base fences for electric fences like these ones.

Hog wire fence ideas

No dig fence ideas

If you are not a fan of digging holes and putting posts in these holes, iron, metal and PVC no dig fences are a thing now and here are some ideas that you can consider. 

No dig fence ideas for backyard

Cedar fence picket

They can be clustered under pallet fence and wood fence but they are more lay-lowing because they are picket fences too like these ones.

Cheap cedar fence ideas and designs

DIY Fence Ideas: Modernistic Wooden Garden Fence
Source: imgur.com


DIY Fence Ideas: Wooden Do it Yourself Fences
Source: buildsomething.com



DIY Fence Ideas: Recycled House Shutter Screening Fence
Source: cottageintheoaks.com


DIY Fence Ideas: Southwestern Industrial Corrugated Metal Fence
Source: craftytexasgirls.com

DIY Fence Ideas: Horizontal Plank Fence with Metal Posts
Source: houseunderconstruction.com


DIY Fence Ideas: Darkly Painted Wooden Garden Fence
Source: diy.dunnlumber.com

DIY Fence Ideas: Solid Vertical Wooden Plank Fence
Source: iheartbudgets.net


DIY Fence Ideas: Easy Bamboo Do it Yourself Fences
Source: codycakes.com


DIY Fence Ideas: DIY Stained Horizontal Plank Fence
Source: designdininganddiapers.com

Perfectly Straight Fence

DIY Fence Ideas: Perfectly Straight Natural Wood Picket Fence
Source: charmingimperfections.com


DIY Fence Ideas: Tall Cedar Wood Plank Fence
Source: thecavenderdiary.com


DIY Fence Ideas: Massive DIY Cedar Plank Fence
Source: bloglovin.com


DIY Fence Ideas: Repurposed Bi-Fold Door and Plank Fence
Source: interiorfrugalista.com



DIY Fence Ideas: Rustic Raw Wood Woven Wattle Fence
Source: alidoesit.wordpress.com


DIY Fence Ideas: DIY Wooden Chevron Panel Fence
Source: 1001pallets.com


DIY Fence Ideas: Wide Wooden Plank DIY Fence
Source: hgtv.com


Modern Horizontal Fence
Source: thecavenderdiary


DIY Fence Ideas: Hand Painted Recycled Wooden Pallet Fence
Source: recyclart.org

Make a Marble Fence

DIY Fence Ideas: Fanciful Glass Marble Embellished Fence
Source: creatingreallyawesomefunthings.com


DIY Fence Ideas: DIY Reinforced Concrete Block Wall
Source: homebuilding.thefuntimesguide.com


DIY Fence Ideas: DIY Painted Cinderblock Wall
Source: remodelaholic.com


Fence from upcycled bike wheels

16 diy fence ideas

Wattle Fencing

17 diy fence ideas


Rustic Twig Fence

18 diy fence ideas


Stone Fence Ideas

19 diy fence ideas

When it comes to fencing, it can be very expensive for even a plane Jane perimeter fence. But you create a beautiful natural fence with stone…

Many homes from the late 1800s and early 1900s used stone as a fencing material, stacking it and placing it just so to create a 3 to 4 foot high wall called a stone fence. In rural communities, these fences are still prevalent and add old world elegance to a home that cannot be copied by any other material. If you are willing to get your hands dirty, you can build a stone fence for free.

Collecting the Stones

An important aspect of collecting stones is that you will need to be able to move them, so do not pick out anything that is much over 12 to 14 inches in diameter. Try and use stones that are similar in color and shape. For example, round stones should not be mixed with flat stones as this will look awkward in the stone fence construction.

Where to Collect the Stones

Not too far outside of any city in the world, are farm fields. Every year, farmers cultivate their land, and every year, they remove stone after stone after stone that works its way up through the soil and needs to be removed. Farmers generally have piles in different areas of their farm and are happy to give away these stones if you are willing to do all the hauling yourself. With a trailer and a pair of gloves, you can begin to haul stones to your house for the start of your stone fence.

Constructing the Fence

20 diy fence ideas

Start by laying stones in a line on the ground. The stone fence is dry stacked, meaning that there is no mortar to hold the stones together. Stacking the stones takes time and trial and error to get the stones to fit properly together. The sections of the fence should be about 18 inches to 24 inches thick to create a sturdy structure that each side of the fence can lean against.

There should be a slight pitch from the bottom to the top making it easier for the stones to reinforce the stones that are lodged into place. This process takes a lot of time initially, but will go much faster as you get used to building the fence.


If you live in the city, make sure that you follow lot line rules on fencing as this qualifies as a fence and is not easy to move once constructed.

If you have small children, it is a good practice to glue the top row of stones to the stones below with PL 400 construction adhesive so that if the children climb on the fence, the stones will not dis-lodge and cause any injuries.

Stone fencing is a beautiful way to give your home some old world charm and it doesn’t have to cost you a dime. Be proud of what you have created and when people ask about it, tell them how you constructed it. Just don’t be surprised if they want you to come over to their house and help them with their stone fence project.

How to build a fence

If you are contemplating on building your own fence, you have to know the steps in coming up with one.

At any rate, you must have determined the type of material you will use, gather around the necessary tools that you will need and have measured the entire property. If all is set, there are five major steps in building a fence. 

#1. Marking post holes

The first step is of course to put in place the foundation posts. You need to consider the terrain of your property (flat, sloped, etc.) and measure them at six to eight feet apart.

To make sure that all the posts are symmetrical to each other, you will need a construction nylon that will serve as a line to and guide you in marking post holes. 

#2. Prepare the holes and posts

As soon as you are done with marking the locations, you start digging for holes for the posts.

Make sure that 1/3 of the entire post is buried in the ground. But before you do, you must apply wood preservative to the post so that they will not rot as time goes by. Do this for all the holes in your marked locations. 

#3. Setting the posts in place

Before putting the posts in place, you must first fill the holes with two scoops of dirt. After this, position the post in the hole and use a levelling tool to make sure that all the other posts are aligned with it.

If all posts are aligned, brace them with stakes for them to stay in place. Fill the hole with more dirt and tamp it (slowly tamp it and do not disturb the alignment). 

#4. Attaching the rails

The fourth step is to attach the rails to the fence posts. There should be a top and bottom rail where the fence posts will be attached on two ends.

After checking if all posts are aligned as they are attached in the rails, you will need to secure them. 

#5. Fence boards

You have put the posts in place and have attached rails to them. The last part is to install the fence boards and complete the fence project.

If you are using wood fence boards, make sure that you check the levelling and alignment of the fence boards every now and then or else you will have to do it all over again. Metal and wrought-iron fences may not need this, though. 

For supplementary visuals that will help you with how to build a fence, here are some helpful videos from Kalind’s Life, Lowes Home Improvement and The Home Depot. To narrow down the best fence ideas for you, read on the next sections.


You see, there is a long line of fence ideas that you could choose from but of course with some specific considerations.

One, decide what is best for your home’s architecture.

Two, if you choose to install it on your own, plan ahead and prepare everything.

Three, there are always more convenient options like premade ones or no dig designs. As soon as you have considered all of these, then you are on to a fencing project and we hope that you got inspiration from these.

26+ Cheap DIY Fence Ideas for Your Backyard
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Awesome inexpensive and easy diy fence ideas and designs