14 Decorations That Your Mirror Needs To Have The Best Selfies on Instagram

Last Updated on October 14, 2020 by Kimberly Crawford

Nothing more pleasant than to get home and find your own space that allows you to be yourself and experiment with your creativity. When it comes to taking a good standing selfie, which allows you to show your complete look, although it may involve a couple of hours of production, it is normal to pay more attention to details such as clothing, hairstyle and even accessories.

However, we rarely look at the background of the photos, but mainly in the mirror where the selfie will be taken. What better way to show off a good outfit than with a large, clean mirror with a cute decoration that allows you to project a little more of your personality. The following 14 ideas are to decorate the mirror of your room and have selifes worthy of a profile picture.

best mirror decoration ideas

1. It is time to put him wave the mirror in your room

Mirror standing in a corner with lights

2. A cute touch with artificial flowers

White mirror with pink flowers

3. Some stickers with a lot of color

Standing mirror with lights and stickers

4. Something that your mother will envy

Standing mirror with wooden frame

5. It could be a textured mirror

Mirror standing in a corner with texture

Image credit: Hollywood Mirror

6. Write autopiropos: “You look great”

Standing mirror with red paint

7. You can use series of small lights

Mirror complete with frame and lights

8. It also looks good with large spotlights

Mirror standing next to bed with spotlights

9. And it can even be a single led light

Standing mirror with led light around

10. Add a touch of your personality to your reflection

Mirror with frame of pink feathers

11. You will become addicted to taking pictures of him

Woman with photo wall and mirror in her room

12. Take advantage of the space, sticking your mirror to the door

Woman in front of mirror with prints on the door

13. Large mirror with round edges

Mirror with round edges and cactus

14. Make your room the best place to take pictures

Standing mirror with lights in a corner