A Hoarders’ Quick Guide to Cleaning the Bedroom

Last Updated on September 16, 2020 by Kimberly Crawford

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Even if you are not a hoarder but are just busy or maybe a little lazy, it may be time to get up and start cleaning! So you have many excuses, such as working too hard, raising kids, or participating in too many activities to fit into a day. Who are you kidding and who do you think is going to clean this mess for you?

Sure you have teens who should be helping you but in reality they are not and you are making excuses! You have to clean the mess then worry about training the teens later!

Make a list and go room by room. For the moment, forget the advice of “do a little each day”, as now is the time to get moving. Let’s start in your bedroom: This is where many of us spend much of their time. It should be a relaxing place to rest, but this is not possible when you have piles of clothes, stacks of papers, dirty sheets and pillows and probably floorboards and walls that haven’t been washed in years (if ever). When you turn on that ceiling fan, the dust is flying because you haven’t bothered to take the time and actually clean the blades.

There’s no excuse: grab a bucket of water with some Pine-Sol or a similar cleaner and disinfectant, and start dusting!

Tasks for a Quick Bedroom Cleanup

teenager clean the room

  • Wipe down the fan blades
  • Wipe down walls
  • Wipe the window panes and the window sill
  • Open windows
  • Dust the TV
  • Clean desk
  • Clean off dresser
  • Clean shelves
  • All dirty clothes out
  • Wash sheets and blankets
  • Wash pillows
  • Clean under bed
  • Vacuum
  • Empty trash can
  • New trash bag
  • Hang, fold and put away clean laundry

Don’t Hoard Clutter

Throw away all trash and get rid of clothes you haven’t worn in years – either throw them away or go today and donate them to Goodwill or a similar charity (do not wait around on this task)

Make a list, and as you do each of the above tasks, cross them out. Listen to the radio but don’t turn on the TV, as this will cause you to sit down and get distracted. Listen to some motivating shows that are on the internet, and keep moving!

First and foremost, this is your mess, clean it! Once the above is completed, take the time to sit still for a while and notice how relaxing the room now feels! Be proud… but the work is not finished, as you will soon want the rest of the rooms in your home to look this good.

quick guide to clean bedroom