19+ Practical Garage Storage Ideas

best diy garage storage ideas

Last Updated on March 13, 2019 by Kimberly Crawford

Is your garage cluttered? Sometimes, the problem isn’t actually the size of the garage — rather, it’s how you utilize the available space. Smart design allows you to store more without expanding your garage. If you want to know how to maximize the area, we’ve prepared garage storage ideas for you below.

Proper Object Placement

Efficient storage requires taking note of technical information. This includes the overall measurement of your garage. How long are its sides and what is the total area? Count the number of windows and check where the doors and switches are located. And of course, know how big your vehicle is.

Now, there are general rules to remember when it comes to garage storage. The first tip is to place the items you rarely use in the least accessible areas. Put them in the back if you will only use them during winter or fall. In contrast, things like hoses and bikes that you regularly use should be near the door.

However, you should not place large objects near the garage door even if you use them often — placing them there puts them at risk of getting damaged by your car. Lastly, you should group items based on their use. This saves you time from going around the garage to get everything you need for one task.

Using Open and Raised Storage

Choosing the right storage isn’t just about its capacity and durability. The appearance itself can affect how organized your garage will look in the long run. For example, a cabinet is a good choice for keeping your items safe from dust. However, its typically opaque cover makes it easy to just keep the mess inside.

On the other hand, an open shelf or a cabinet with transparent doors will allow you to see how you arranged the items inside. This forces you to place them in an orderly fashion every single time — unless you’re okay with seeing them stored but also disorganized.

It’s also a better idea to have shelves and cabinets on legs. Raising them makes it easier for you to sweep the garage floor without having to push and pull the piece of furniture. Don’t put anything on the floor because doing so makes it harder for your car to move.

Adjustability and Mobility

The number of items in your garage will change over time. Thus, it’s essential that your cabinets and shelves are designed to accommodate a variety of objects. Instead of having fixed boards or panels, pieces of furniture can have adjustable components to fit in smaller or larger objects.

If you can’t find any adjustable shelves, you can just hire someone to assemble one. You can also make it on your own if you have experience in DIY methods. This way, you can save on fees and choose the right construction materials.

In addition, consider setting up wheels for the storage compartments such as drawers and shelves. This helps you rearrange the entire garage if you’re looking for a new look or you found a more practical layout. Of course, don’t forget to include locks to keep dangerous tools away from your children.

Garage Store Ideas

Getting a tool tower is a practical way to store your gardening tools without having to drill any holes. You just slide down the tools in their respective areas — there’s no risk of them falling on the side. Similarly, a durable steel rack is easy to assemble and keeps your items from having to just lean on the wall.

#1. Wheelbarrow Mounts

1 garage storage ideas


#2. Bike Shelf

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#3. Hanging Chairs

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#4. Jumbo Tape Dispenser

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#5. Garage Shelving for Tote Storage

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#6. Screwdriver Coat Rack

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#7. DIY garden tool storage

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#8. Organizing Garden Tools with PVC

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#10. Garage Organization Makeover

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#11. Slat wall panel

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#12. Recycle Bin Hangers

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#13. Wall rack stores

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#14. DIY storage shelves

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#15. Overhead Garage Storage

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#16. Family Bike Storage

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#19. Mudroom Garage Makeover

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best garage storage ideas