5 Worst Heat Pump Brands To Avoid and 7 Most Reliable Brands (Buying Guide)

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Winter is just within an arm’s swing and the importance of heat pumps is yet again affirmed more than ever. Heat pumps work as an all-in-one heating and air conditioning system.

They basically work by pulling heat from the home’s interior and then they transfer that outside for cooler air circulation. Most of the time, it is opened alongside the gas furnace to share the heat load. 

As deemed above, heat pumps are truly important for the home and if you are looking for one, you should probably check the best and worst heat pump brands out there so that you would know which to choose in terms of your needs and preference. 

worst reliable heat pump brands

5 Worst Heat Pump Brands 

Like all else, heat pumps are not built the same. Looking for reviews is very important for you to land on the best heat pump. In this section, we shall look at some of the worst heat pump brands.

This list was based on customer reviews from major online stores and review platforms as well as consumer report ratings. 

1. Lennox International

lennox heat pump

Being one of the most recommended brands out there, it might be a shock to see Lennox in this list.

While they have a large market reach, the major complaint among their customers would be the durability of their products.

Majority of the reviews point that their heat pumps easily break compared to other brands. 

The issue of producing and selling small parts that are not that accessible to customers is also rampant. Consumers say that this is the reason why they have high-cost repair and maintenance.

It is the mother company of other brands like Air Ease, Armstrong Air and Ducane. Strikingly, these companies have better efficiency ratings compared to Lennox itself. 

2. Ameristar

ameristar heat pump

This one is considered as one of the finest American brands for heat pumps but just because it is popular would mean that it is very efficient. The major struggle consumers had with this brand is not reliability but overall efficiency.

Its strength in providing basic heating, ventilation and air conditioning is well noted. However, its energy efficiency rating is just 13-14 SEER, which, according to consumer reports, would be the lowest rating for HVAC products.

This SEER range also means higher costs on energy bills. This was imminent in reviews given to this brand. 

3. Ruud

ruud heat pump

This brand is known for being in service for years now and is popular due to its HVAC product brands in the market. However, they have been also popular in the market as one of the least reliable heat pump brands.

Recent report shows that the Ruud brand has had a lot of issues relating to breaking heat pumps. This has truly affected their standing in the heat pump market. 

As a matter of fact, it is said that the brand had to do massive overhauling, focusing on reliability and quality to come back in the market. It might take a couple of years before we see this heat pump brand rolling into its old self again according to consumer reports. 

3. Rheem

rheem heat pump

This is not different from Ruud, after all, it is its parent brand. This is probably one of the most popular brands when it comes to heating and furnaces but complaints on performance and overall reliability are wreaking havoc to its reputation. Reviews even goes on to brutally phrase that the fruit doesn’t fall far from the tree. 

Like Ruud, they are on a break when it comes to heating pumps. They are focusing on improving their product efficiency and reliability since most of the complaints came from their loyal customers.

It is too early to judge if they shall improve or not but in so far as reviews are concerned, they are on an overhaul. 

5. Nordyne

51yEwiqRaaL. AC

This brand focuses on affordability rather than efficiency, noise level and reliability. Unlike other brands, this is just fairly not recommendable because of its products that are not solidly built or have the capacity to break anytime given the price.

Nordyne has been popular to HVAC installation crews but it does not guarantee a long-lasting use. Solid reviews on this complaint are rampant and so you should take heed of these before considering this brand. 

7 Most Reliable Heat Pump Brands 

On the other hand, there are reputable brands out there that have always been consistent when it comes to providing reliability and efficiency. If you are looking for one, you should probably start with these heat pump products. 

1. Tempstar Heat Pumps

teampstar heat pump

This is a top-rated heat pump brand that is likened to Carrier and Bryant model brands but at a more affordable range.

Tempstar is under the International Comfort Products (ICP) which means that they are manufactured with quality, hence their ability to last long and provide quality service. 

One factor that adds to this efficiency would be its Copeland compressor, another top-brand. Other than this, it is also very easy to repair, with accessible small parts and at a cost-efficient range.

The 5–10-year warranty of this product is also very commendable. Part of its coverage would be total replacement of the product instead of just repairs. Based on reviews, this really is a top-rank heat pump brand. 

2. Goodman Heat Pumps

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Source: Amazon

This brand, though cheap, has been recognized as a high-quality brand for heat pumps because it has been under HVAC. Ever since HVAC bought this brand, significant improvements have been inevitable.

Goodman Heat pumps are very popular because it is known to be a budget brand and HVAC’s low-cost brand. 

Like the Tempstar, it also uses Copeland as its compressor plus the highly rated UltraTech scroll compressor which makes it a good product for customers who prefer budget friendly heat pumps. The warranty coverage for their heat pumps depends on the model of the product. 

As such, some come with a lifetime warranty and some with a ten-year warranty. Based on reviews, this brand, overall, is the best choice for affordable heat pumps which can deliver the best performance. 

3. Daikin Heat Pumps

daikin heat pump

This one is under the tutelage of the Goodman Global Group Inc. With the reputation of Goodman, it is one of the best choices for heat pumps, although more expensive than the products of Goodman.

It has an improved customer rating from top 15 to top 21. It makes use of an inverter-driven compressor from Copeland. 

One of its market pulls would be its 12-year warranty which covers premature repairs and replacement of products within the warranty period. 

4. Maytag Heat Pumps

maytag heat pump

It is unknown to many that Maytag makes heat pumps and other HVAC products and when it comes to performance, it is a commendable brand for heat pumps.

Its parent company is Nortek Global, formerly called Nordyne and other brands such as Broan, NuTone and Frigidaire brands. 

Maytag has a very durable compressor and parts are readily available in case of emergency. Just like Daikin, it also has a 12-year warranty which is very nice when choosing this brand. 

5. York Heat Pumps

york heat pump

Another best heat pump brand is the York Heat Pumps. It is made under Johnson controls along with other sister brands namely Luxaire, Coleman and Champion. This offers a high-end quality heat pump which focuses on improving its line up and recently, its efficiency. 

Unlike other brands, York makes their own coils and provides a lifetime compressor warranty and a ten-year general parts warranty. This is so ideal of a heat pump brand.

6. Carrier and Bryant Heat Pump

carrier heat pump

This brand has been the most popular out of all the listed and are very available in the market. These brands provide quality products but have lesser warranty periods. Also, because of a guaranteed long-lasting product, their prices are so much higher unlike other brands. 

It also uses Copeland as the compressor and provides a ten years compressor and other parts warranty. Compared to others, this brand provides the least years for warranty but speaking of durability and longevity plus has a rating of 21.5, this one is probably the best purchase for you. 

7. Trane heat pumps

trane heat pump

In terms of high efficiency, quiet operation and value, Trane is the best among all. This brand has a high review among consumers because it enables homeowners to save a sum of money on their electricity bill given its high efficiency. It is also considered the quietest brand. 

Among all the different models of this brand, it is up for you to decide plus your local Trane comfort specialist is always present and ready to inspect for the best model suited for your homes. Trane also does not cost so much making it the top most brand among consumer reviews. 

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How to identify a bad heat pump

1. High Energy Bills

When your electric bill suddenly rises up, there is probably a look-out for appliances that need repair. For your heat pumps, see if it is still manageable to replace some parts like the filter or if it needs to be replaced as one already.

To make sure of this problem, it is advisable to consult your HVAC professional for a proper identification of the problem. 

2. Poor Airflow

The main cause of poor airflow is probably the duct but when it is clean, clear and does not have leaks, the heat pump might be the problem.

Dirty air filters, dirty coils cause Poor airflow as well as an in active motor or other more. While it is a must to keep it clean, it is also much advisable to call in HVAC professionals for a more definite identification and solution to the problem. 

3. Weird Noises

Heat pump has definitely had a humming-like noise but when it emits other noises, call your HVAC professional immediately. Certain causes such as a loose belt fan might be the problem.

4. Strange Smells

There is an immediate need to change your heat pumps in times that it already releases strange smells. A rotting smell is an indication of mold formulation or in other cases, animals that crawled and died causing the smell. 

Other smells like a burning smell might also cause danger given that it is something concerning electricity. Hence, if you smell a weird smell, it is best to check on your heat pumps and call an HVAC professional as you see fit.

5. If it no longer heats your home

Heat pumps are meant to heat the home so when it does not provide this service already, it is clearly an indication that your heat pumps need replacement already. 

There could be several causes to the problem such as the things mentioned above or other more that is yet to be identified but when you feel no heat anymore, it is best to take an action and call your HVAC professional for inspection of the product, replacement or repair.

Mistakes to avoid when buying a heat pump

1. Buying the Bargain Unit

When deciding to buy one for your homes, make it a point that you buy a new one with the best recommended brand for a longer use.

Though many opt to buy the used ones because of the lower price, it is still much better to buy a new one. Remember that it is better to spend on quality products than to have it at lower prices but do not meet the standard length of use. 

2. Not hiring a professional when installing the unit

Because of our want to lessen the expenses, most people opt to DIY installations which are not recommendable for all appliances bought.

When buying a new unit, it is best to look for the one that suits best for the job or you can ask the place where you are buying your unit to install. It is much better to pay once and for all than to pay more afterwards. 

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3. Not checking reviews

Nowadays, before buying a certain product, we always see the feedback or reviews from people who have tried purchasing the product for you to have a background of what and what not to buy.

Checking reviews before purchasing is definitely a plus for wise consumers. 

4. Not minding the SEER rating

When purchasing heat pumps, it is best to check the SEER rating for it will give you an idea of what brand to buy to make your heat pump experience a long lasting one.

This measures the efficiency of the brand so if you want to spend less on your electricity bill, give it some thought and check the SEER rating. 

5. Purchasing a brand new (but the cheapest ones)

Heat pumps vary depending on your home, location, and other factors so when purchasing a heat pump, make sure to make an inspection inside your home first so that you will know what is needed.

With this, you can save time shopping asking for the right heat pump for you. Also, do not dwell on heat pumps that are brand new but are lower in prices. Buy as you see fit. 

6. Not checking the Price beforehand

Purchasing heat pumps without the knowledge of its prices are a big no-no. It is always a must to know of the probable prices which you can check online or ask anyone who has the same appliance and ask some advice regarding where or what product is best for a heat pump. 

It is always okay to ask beforehand to give you a hint of the price of your chosen heat pump. Remember to always check before placing an order.

7. Purchasing heat pump sizes that are not suited In your area

Given so many things to think about when purchasing a heat pump, it is also a must to take in mind the best size that is suited in your heat pump placing area.

Make sure to get advice from professionals or to people who have experienced buying such machines. The right size is always the perfect size. So, give it some thought when buying such.

8. Not paying attention to the brand

Buying heat pump brands that are widely available in the market but are not recommendable by many is also a big no-no.

Knowing the brands and the service it provides is a must when purchasing one. Though most recommended brands are pricey, it can help you spend wisely. 

9. Missing rebate opportunities

When purchasing a brand-new heat pump, it is always best to ask for rebates (if it is available). Many brands offer this kind of marketing strategy for them to attract customers and sell more.

The higher the efficiency and cost of the product, the higher the rebate so always see to it or boldly ask the seller of a possible rebate given if you buy their product in petty cash or in credit.

10. Not considering maintenance contracts and warranty

Buying for a quality and high-cost heat pump but has no guarantee of a free maintenance and low warranty period is a big no-no. Always make it a point to see these things first before buying one.

Warranties and free maintenance are a big help and can make you save more so always pay attention to these things when you buy a brand-new appliance or machine.

Frequently Asked Questions About Heat Pump Brands

Which heat pump is best for Consumer Reports?

Trane is the best heat pump in terms of dependability and customer satisfaction. This brand is reliable and highly efficient that is why it is chosen by many. This one is best used for cool to moderately warm climates. 

Trane uses Climatuff as a compressor and Spine Fin outdoor coil which are the best talking about heat pumps. Trane, because of its design and other elements, will cost a lot in terms of the installation process but will help your comfortability per se, for a long period of time.  

How many years does a heat pump last?

With proper maintenance, a good heat pump lasts for 20 years but this does not apply to all. Some heat pumps, regardless of their brand or model, can only last for about 15 years at the very least.

To keep your heat pumps reaching these 15-20 years, make sure to always give attention to your heat pumps in case of an unusual noise or any other indication that it needs maintenance. 

Always see to it that professionals fit in the job are the ones that are looking out for your heat pumps rather than just anybody. There is also a need to clean your heat pumps regularly and fix the parts that are repairable immediately for a longer and better use of your heat pumps.

Is Goodman a good heat pump brand?

The Goodman brand has gained its reputation even for being a low-cost heat pump brand. Because it has been under HVAC, it has been one of the brands that produces affordable but quality products which are continuously developing and improving up to this date. 

What is the best brand of ductless heat pump?

The best ductless heat pump brand is the Mitsubishi brand. Although a lot more expensive than the brands listed above, this one is the best according to warranties, features, cost, selection, convenience, efficiency, quiet, and comfort. 

Speaking of quality, durability, efficiency, and convenience, Mitsubishi offers it all, making it the best ductless heat pump amongst all other brands. Mitsubishi’s Ductless systems are equipped with technologies to increase efficiency, eliminate hot and cold spots, provide your home with cleaner air, and allow you to control the system remotely.

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What heat pumps are made in the USA?

There are a few heat pump brands that are made in the USA. These brands include Trane, Carrier, and Bryant. All of these brands are well-known and have a good reputation. They offer a wide range of products, so you can find one that is perfect for your home.

Is Goodman as good as Trane?

This is a question that is often asked by homeowners when they are looking to buy a new heating and cooling system. While there is no easy answer, it is important to understand the differences between these two brands and how they may impact your home.

Goodman is a well-known brand of HVAC systems, but Trane is a bit more premium. Both brands offer a wide range of products, but Trane is typically seen as a bit more high-end. This doesn’t mean that Goodman systems are bad—in fact, they can be a great option for many homeowners.

Is Amana and Goodman the same company?

Amana is a brand owned by Goodman, so the two are technically the same company. However, Amana offers higher-end products that are typically more expensive than Goodman’s lineup. If you’re looking for a more affordable option, Goodman may be a better choice.

Who is the largest heat pump manufacturer?

Carrier is the largest heat pump manufacturer in the world. Trane and Goodman are both close behind, with Rheem rounding out the top four. If you’re looking for a brand that is likely to have a product that fits your needs, these are some good options to consider.

Are Kerr heat pumps any good?

Kerr is a lesser-known brand, but that doesn’t mean their products are bad. In fact, Kerr heat pumps are often seen as a good value option. If you’re looking for a mid-range product that won’t break the bank, Kerr may be a good choice.

Other appliance brands:


When choosing the best heat pump brand for your homes, always choose the best ones according to the level of efficiency, reliability, durability, especially comfortability.

Heat pumps are a one-time, big-time purchase but have a long-lasting service depending on the brand and model that is why it is important to choose the top most of the line. 

Remember that things which provide help, convenience and comfortability should be well-thought. Money is of the essence, but so do performance and reliability.