45+ Beautiful Bedroom Ideas and Designs For Women With Pictures

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Women’s bedrooms are a dimension of their own, arrangement and decoration wise. Being very keen to details, expect no less from women’s bedrooms.

Veering away from the stereotype, women’s bedrooms need not be too flashy to conform to the ‘feminine side’. From minimalism, to contemporary, and shabby chic, women’s bedroom ideas are limitless. 

In this post, we shall cover some of the most notable women’s bedroom ideas that you can consider if you are working on one. Hence, without much ado, sift through and read on. 

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beautiful bedroom ideas for women

Small bedroom ideas for women

1 bedroom ideas for women

For small rooms, the idea of white is perfect for a bedroom. The color white creates an illusion which makes a small room look larger.

In this bedroom, the minimal flecks of brown and green on a block of white give this a very earthy tone and makes a compact room look lighter and airier.

This small bedroom is an image of a fresh, clean and classy bedroom for women of all ages. 

Bedroom ideas for 20-year-old women

Early 20s for women has got to be the busiest years of their lives. Fresh from schooling and starting on a career, they need all the storage that they can get to organize the different items that spell their lives.

2 bedroom ideas for women

In this idea, the focal point would be the bed with storage. Coupled with the monochromatic tone of the arrangement, it is cool, fresh, and neat to look at. This one is definitely fit for the jumpstart woman. 

If you want a more playful look fit for a young adult, you can always resort to an industrial minimalist tone with bright colors as the anchor. In this look, the white monochrome is well complemented with flashes of yellow and hot pink.

It looks chill, contemporary and very grounded. The use of industrial themed furniture very much balances the vibrance of the colors used. 

3 bedroom ideas for women

Bedroom ideas for a 23-year-old woman

When you hit 23, a simple bedroom becomes very attractive. From the walls to the floor, this bedroom clearly exudes simplicity plus the patterns of the curtain and bed covers brings out its feminine side.

It looks like the prairie, farmhouse design in our grandmothers’ homes as kids. This attic room is a respite for busy days, fit for the working woman. 

4 bedroom ideas for women

And do not think that blue is just for boys because its tranquil effect is for everyone and it is attractive for women’s bedrooms all the same.

It is the fusion of the barnhouse, shabby chic effect and it looks very cool and refreshing to the eyes. This one is a prime example of that. 

5 bedroom ideas for women

For some in their 23s, they prefer mirrors and others a little bit over the top bed decoration such as this metal installed around the bed. This is a perfect resting area because of the clean and sophisticated arrangement of this girl bedroom idea.

6 bedroom ideas for women

Bedroom ideas for 25-year-old women

25ish women love DIY bedroom ideas. They create a style of their own from the bed to the furniture or research what is on trend and make a design of their own.

Just like with this cozy, unique bedroom. What adds to its look is the window mirror just beside the bed for a perfect view of the outside. 

7 bedroom ideas for women

A room full of art is all in it for women in their 25s. As they become career women, they start to appreciate art and basically what makes them comfortable in their resting area.

In this bedroom, a single bed with a little furniture is seen plus the different images in the wall background. A simple and worthwhile room idea.

8 bedroom ideas for women

Bedroom ideas for 22-year-old woman

This bedroom is a combination of all vibrant colors. It seemingly speaks of the different characters of women but highlights femininity above all.

Few furniture and a little art are seen above the bed which complement this 22-year-old bedroom idea. 

9 bedroom ideas for women

Some women in their 23s opt for a simple, monochromatic room like this bedroom idea. The pattern of the curtain and the headboard of the bed makes it sophisticated and very pleasing to the eye. This room is so simple in white!

10 bedroom ideas for women

Bedroom ideas for a 30-year-old woman

In your 30s, you would want a classic glam look of a bedroom, thus this bedroom idea. Neutral colors are put together in this bedroom but what makes it ‘classic glam’ is the gold color decoration and frame above the bed.

The little furniture and the pillows also added beauty in this type of room.

11 bedroom ideas for women

Women sure are lovers of pink and this bedroom is no different. The pink color added to the different room arrangement with no furniture and a little decoration is still a room to watch out for. 

12 bedroom ideas for women

Bedroom ideas for 40-year-old women

For women in their 40s, they are more into plain backgrounds. In this bedroom, everything is so simple, no extra added luxury, just the vibrant colors on the pillow and chair plus the printed full coverage carpet which makes it stylish. 

13 bedroom ideas for women

Other women in their 40s spend on the chandeliers, lamps, and curtains to create a luxurious look in their rooms.

With this bedroom, it is a total head turner given its neutral colors. What makes it more luxurious is the full coverage patterned carpet and pillow that complemented each other. 

14 bedroom ideas for women

Bedroom color ideas for 60-year-old women

Women in their 60s prefer antique colors with minimal furniture like the drawers placed side by side in this bedroom.

A tall bed also is a must in these ages because they are prone to coming on and off the bed for several reasons. The color also creates an old classic mood which covers the total look of the bedroom. 

15 bedroom ideas for women

Another idea of using antique colors but this time, accented with the color green as plants were infused in this look.

The patterned walls and carpet make it more sophisticated. What women in their 60s love is a room that is safe and useful for them, thus, the spacious walkway and less furniture. 

16 bedroom ideas for women

Master bedroom ideas for women

A luxurious chandelier and bed headboard, an abstract artwork complemented with the patterned chair, plain couch and background; this is an arrangement of luxury.

You can never go wrong with any of these elements because each angle screams of class and high-end look. 

17 bedroom ideas for women

Given the large space, a bedroom with a small living room and a balcony is perf for a woman’s bedroom.

Women love to bring in their friends and talk about almost everything, thus the need for a large couch and a spacious room like this master bedroom idea.

In this room, though quite expensive given the customized bed and glamorous chandelier plus the furniture added, this is a very good resting place for women. 

18 bedroom ideas for women

Elegant bedroom ideas for women

Speaking of elegance, the white and red combination put together in this room is elegance itself. Though expensive, the chandelier glass and a big classy headboard plus the reddish couch added more elegance to its overall look.

19 bedroom ideas for women

A picture-perfect room idea for every woman who is into elegance and beauty. This one has a plain wall background that is very simple but when infused with this furniture added with the sophisticated architectural design of a ceiling, an ideal room for every woman.

20 bedroom ideas for women

Simple bedroom ideas for women

This simple all white bedroom is a woman’s choice. With just the presence of the bed and the bookshelf completes its look. Super simple yet cozy and a very nice resting place for women. 

21 bedroom ideas for women

A combination of blue and white plus the wall decoration of a wood accented with furniture such as the lamp and a small table. So simple yet so elegant. A different look for a woman’s room.

22 bedroom ideas for women

Teal bedroom ideas for women

A combination of teal and grey room ideas. This bedroom is very nature-like with the plants and the material used in the bed’s headboard plus the pillow cover pattern which makes it special. It is simple and brings calmness and peacefulness within the room.

23 bedroom ideas for women

This one is a combination of teal and coral. A very feminist kind of room where the vibrant colors are put together.

The floral wall background and the artwork also complemented each which makes this super ideal for women. And if you are an artsy woman, you would really love that Frida Kahlo ensemble in that monochromatic wall. 

24 bedroom ideas for women

Black and white bedroom ideas for women

A modern black and white bedroom design for every woman. The classy piece of artwork plus the mirror and lamp infused inside this room makes it picture perfect.

It is also accented with patterns and pink flowers which symbolizes femininity. This is a simple but sophisticated type of bedroom that is best for women. 

25 bedroom ideas for women

This is another black and white kind of a two-in-one room for a woman. A white ceiling and wall accented with a little black plus the added place for working purposes makes it a room suitable for working women. 

26 bedroom ideas for women

Dark bedroom ideas for women

This is an ideal dark room design for every woman. The combination of maroon and pink accented with little blue and brown around the corner of the bed plus the added patterned decorations of the wall and artwork design makes it so modern and attractive for women.

27 bedroom ideas for women
Source: Simon Upton

This one is another dark room ideal design for women. The very unique wall design plus the customized mirror and glass table placed beside the bed.

Added to this look is the unique lamp and the wool blanket. So much going around with the elements which makes it beautiful and unique for a woman’s bedroom. 

28 bedroom ideas for women

Gray bedroom ideas for women

Gray is always good to look at even when combined with different colors. In this bedroom, the gray is combined with white, and a little black and white.

All the monochromes here are very on point but the subtle flush of pink, beige and tan make it all the more compelling to look at. Professional, broody and chic, this is an intriguing look for a women’s bedroom.

29 bedroom ideas for women

We shall always love the comforting combo of gray and yellow. If you are a woman who loves to make their bedroom their own little respite or sanctuary, going for a gray and yellow combo is one of the best things that you can do.

This is a very simple bedroom but is very elegant to look at. The vibrance of the color yellow added to the grey brings out a character which is perfect for women.

30 bedroom ideas for women

Blue bedroom ideas for women

Just because it is blue would not mean that it cannot work for women because there really are women who dig blue. Hence, for women who love blue, this one is perfect for you. Look at the calmness and cleanliness this room idea brings.

From the walls to the bed plus the full cover carpet. Blue combined with the color brown like the carpet and the rattan-like chairs makes it so natural and so peaceful to live.

31 bedroom ideas for women

This floral blue design of a woman’s room is definitely a watch out. It is so feminine given the color. The clean look of the bed combined with the floral pattern of the wall makes it one of a kind. 

32 bedroom ideas for women

Cute bedroom ideas for women

Cute bedrooms are always a hint to an age. If you are working on a teen’s bedroom, you can build on this cute and chic, rockstar bedroom idea.

Looking at the different elements such as the wall background, the bed, curtain, rag, furniture and so on. Definitely cute yet still looks a classy kind of room that can win every woman’s heart.

33 bedroom ideas for women
Source: Taylor Design Studio

This is another cute bedroom design which has the color combination of yellow, red and white. Looking at the room, a cutie wall design that is handmade plus the small mirror and chair is a plus. All are super small and cute. 

34 bedroom ideas for women

Pink bedroom ideas for women

Pink has always been designated as a feminine color. Hot pink is always associated with women but it should not always be the case.

The old rose-pink dominance in this bedroom along with the patterned sheets bring out a lowkey boho look that any woman can enjoy. It looks very tranquil and polished, all at the same time. 

35 bedroom ideas for women

For every woman, pink is always a good idea. This bedroom has a vibrant pink wall with a floral design plus the different hues of pink that can be seen in the bed. There is so much pink and femininity going around in this room. 

If you are a woman who just wants to bathe in pink and perpetual vibrance, this should be a perfect fit for you. Notice the different decorative elements here. There is a floral side, a geometric side, and a tufted, softer side. But everything works in this pink beauty. 

36 bedroom ideas for women

Bedroom ideas for women with blue walls

Dark blue is broody and very royal looking. This woman’s bedroom idea does that perfectly. The darker hues of blues used as a background is very efficient for women who want to highlight the furniture of a room.

With an ornate bedroom like this one, the idea is to really keep everything highlighted as much as possible. And it works, definitely. 

37 bedroom ideas for women

Blue and orange shall never disappoint. There is just something very compelling and calming at the same time with royal blue walls. This is an almost all blue type of bedroom idea where the blues are found everywhere.

The bed complemented the walls plus an added decoration with the vibrant color orange plus the wall artwork makes the look complete. If your personality is both playful and neat, this is a perfect woman’s bedroom idea for you. 

38 bedroom ideas for women

Coral and blue bedroom ideas for women

This combo might be very underrated but they complement each other like black and white. This bedroom design might be simple but it gives you a run for your money.

The ceiling which has the coral color and the bed with the blue one. These two colors when combined are so perfect with white. The furniture also added complementary beauty to this design. 

39 bedroom ideas for women

This room is a head turner. It is the perfect balance between vintage and modern chic. A very cozy room with coral and blue tones, it does not get any lighter than this.

The wall design is so big but it added aesthetic to the room. Also, the antique and cozy vibe plus the little furniture completes the calmness and peacefulness of this bedroom. 

40 bedroom ideas for women

Rustic bedroom ideas for women

The beautiful thing about rustic bedroom ideas is their distressed look and organic, homey feel. This bedroom idea is so natural and rustic. With the bed complementing the mirror and the other elements make it a room of choice for women. 

41 bedroom ideas for women

This bedroom is a combined rustic and moody arrangement. Building heavy on ambient lighting and enclosed space, this evokes a very intimate ambiance that women would love especially after a long day.

The wood paneling brings out the rustic vibe plus the neutral colors of the bed and other elements complemented this room’s total look.  

42 bedroom ideas for women

Modern bedroom ideas for women

This modern bedroom design has so much class. The combination of white and gold is a match. The metal that wraps around the bed plus the modern couch brings the modern vibe.

This one is the perfect idea for suburban classics and for women who just love the tranquility of simple arrangements. 

43 bedroom ideas for women

This one is another modern bedroom design that pays attention to modern furniture design. If you think that minimalism is not within the ambit of women’s bedrooms, you have to think again because this one is just arranged with side lamps, an industrial chandelier and a monochromatic bed.

Nothing like a traditional design would do. For women who are into architectural designs and the modern ones at that, this is your bedroom choice. 

44 bedroom ideas for women

Apartment bedroom ideas for women

This one is a minimalist apartment bedroom idea. Given the small space, everything is just right at place. The bed, with a little table and a chair plus the one windowed room is so simple yet so elegant to look at. 

45 bedroom ideas for women

Frequently Asked Questions

Aside from this range of ideas for women’s bedrooms, there are also vital FAQs that you should be aware of especially when it comes to decorating them. As such, here are some notable essentials that you have to understand when it comes to women’s bedrooms. 

What is a good color for a woman’s bedroom?

The colors blue, yellow, green, silver, orange, and pink are good colors to put in a woman’s bedroom. These colors are known for their ability to reduce stress and in providing serenity.

When choosing the perfect colors for your room, choose within this color palette or a combination of them for a different level of comfort and beauty within your bedrooms. 

What should be in a woman’s bedroom?

There are lots of elements put in a woman’s bedroom but here are the ones that are important when arranging a woman’s bedroom: 

Layered Bedding

It is always good to have nice bedding since it is designed as a resting place not only for women but for all genders. It is always nice to have a comfortable bed with so many pillows and a thick covering added with a furry blanket.

In a woman’s room, these things are a plus and are never forgotten. Beddings, for women, are the highlight of a room, thus, giving extra thinking from the type of bed to its covering.  

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Stylish Bed Frame

Women are stylish in nature. They love all the little things that are special and unique and beautiful. Having a stylish bed frame brings out their being feminine depending on the style and texture.

When beautifying a room for women, it is best that you invest in a stylish bed frame and other elements will follow through. 

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A Well-Styled Nightstand

A lamp is a bedroom must have. Whether this is used for work, reviewing or just an added aesthetic, lamps can never be forgotten in a woman’s room.

The aura it produces when it hits is different in a room, thus, giving extra importance to the type and color of the light the lamp or your nightstand is. 

A Comfy Rug

Rugs provide warmth and comfort for bedroom owners. This also completes the total make- over of a room.

When choosing the best rugs for your bedroom, with its color, see if it matches your ceiling or complements the total design of the room. Remember that your rug choice can make or break your bedroom’s design.

Good Curtains

Having good curtains is also a plus. It is useful in nature since it can block direct sunlight in your room plus it also has a decorative feature because it must always complement the rug or the general theme of the room. Purchasing good curtains is a good investment.


More than the sunlight provides is the good lighting the chandelier or your lamp can give. There are so many light colors such as white, yellow, orange and more. So, when choosing, think of the best possible color that fits your bedroom design.

Storage dresser

Women love shopping. It is a good point to purchase a dresser that can store a lot of things from your head bands, eyeglasses to your shoes. This is a must have for every woman. 

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A Full-Length Statement Mirror

Next to the closet is a full-length statement mirror which makes you see your whole self. It is very evident for women who are fashionable or those who love to look at themselves in a mirror.

Aside from that, it also creates an illusion where a small room turns into a large one. This is also a must have for every woman. 

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A bench

Chairs are very useful inside the room especially for women who give in extra space as their working area. The color and the texture of the chair is also one to look at. 

A Space for Your Favorite Activities

For big rooms, it is a must to have a space for your favorite activities. Bedrooms are the most personal space in your house; thus, it is also a great idea to put in some thinking about a recreational space.

This one sounds fun and exciting as not a lot of women provide a space for leisure. If you are creating your bedroom now, this one is a great idea!


There is always something outstanding about a woman’s bedroom that we cannot miss. It might be the littlest detail or the most eye-catchy decoration. It could also be the organized chaos from the elements or the neatness of the ensemble.

Whatever it is, there is always that one thing that gives away subtle femininity. With everything that we have covered here, the idea that you are looking for could just be around. Whatever you think fits for your needs and preference, we say go for it.