Home Décor Color Trends 2022 – Natural Hues with Bright Pops

Last Updated on December 24, 2023 by Jason Nguyen

Colors around you can affect your emotions. Selection of the right paint colors for your rooms, whether living or dining, can enhance the mood of any place. Now almost everyone is trying to design their homes with beautiful colors. In this way, they make their home that is a space of inspiration for others.

In addition to the color of the interior, decor, such as paintings, posters, postcards or a wall with memorable photos, plays an important role in the perception of space. If you do not find a suitable option in stores, you can download the highest quality samples of illustrations and paintings in the huge library of Depositphotos.com and order large format prints at the nearest printing shop.

Almost every expert and color designer know that 2022 is the beginning of a new colorful era. So explore the collection of best home décor ideas and pick the trendy hue to make your house looks creative. Always choose those shades that are trendy this year. It will give a sense of colorful life.

We are talking about the warm shades that give a calming effect, the natural colors of the world and the brightening colors of the environment. Besides it, the vibrant colors and the hot shades can leave a bold effect on the world of colors for those who are looking for shades of inspiration. Here we will discuss some dominating shades of 2022.

What is the color of the year 2022?

Now paint industries have shown the colors of 2022 that they use. So, it is easy for you to choose the color that you want in 2022. Most of the shades are green or blue in 2022 paints. However, there are many colors in trend for 2022 year.

But Pantone and Dulux have chosen the colors for painting in 2022. Pantone has chosen the vibrant blue that looks almost purple and green color to use in 2022.

Almost every shade gives you confidence, so you can use it in the interior. These are also the perfect option to use in kitchens and bathrooms.

It is thought that green and blue shades give a natural but calming effect. So, these colors are a great option to use in the home. Read our complete article and learn which colors will be the best match for your home décor.

Pantone Color of the Year 2022

Pantone has selected the vibrant, peri color for the interior in 2022. It is a mixture of blue and violet red color. Pantone has selected new colors for interior décor in 2022, and it is the first time in its history.

Pantone very peri is the only option that enhances the look by providing a curious but confident look. This option not only gives confidence but also gives an animation feel to the spirits. So, you must try to mix the blue color with the beautiful colors to give a vibrant look.


jade color home decor

Now the use of jade shade is becoming popular all over the world. It inspires the pale blue and green shade that brings the aesthetic look to the space. But it is based on the way to use the shades.


Using colors with a vibrant look gives confidence before adding to the interior. Honeyed yellow color is the aesthetic color that is used in modern washrooms and kitchens. So, it gives cohesion to the walls and tiles of the space.


Not only talk about fashion and interior designing. The purple shade also talks about wealth and royalty. But many people think it is a color that brings a traditional look to the interior. Now designers are trying to use this color with fresh color to bring an artistic look.


For some time, hot pink colors were working in the interior of the home. But with time, the love of other colors has increased. Now people use different color schemes that give them confidence.

Suppose you don’t want to use hot pink color on your wall. Then the best option is to use it on the woodwork, cabinets and doors. Fuchsia pink is the only option that gives a dramatic effect to your space.


Green is the favorite color of everyone that gives a firm look to your home. Besides green, there are many shades, such as pistachio and pine, that are becoming popular. Not only this, but sage green is also a famous color. Green, along with orange, is also a great pair that gives an aesthetic look to the interior.


The love of people for neutral colors is always on top. These are not only trendy but also give an ambient look to your home. Suppose you mix the warmth of the cream color with the hues of red. Then it is the best mixture that gives you a deep feel.

Beige is a beautiful shade that is trendier and gives an artistic look. Never forget that neutral colors bring an interesting but distinguishing look.


Now the dark brown color is back with a better look than before. In the past, people called brown a boring color. But now designers help people to use this color in a new way. The use of dark brown color in any room brings a brilliant tone. No doubt, chocolate brown is the color that shows the classy look of the room.

Final Verdict:

We have discussed the dominating colors of 2022. We think that in 2023, colors will make you feel good. Never try to be trendy because the trend is when you fill your rooms with colors. It shows your style, and you feel bright when you enter your home.

The simple way to make your home look more attractive is the use of colors in the form of paints. Suppose you are not in a position to try something new in 2022. Then 2023 is the time in which you can do what you want to do. Colors are the mix of the pure and modest that brings life to the home. So, you must try new colors to décor your home!