Red Color in Feng Shui

Last Updated on November 28, 2020 by Kimberly Crawford

Feng Shui believes red to be a very powerful color that, if used in home décor, can attract wealth, power, and wellbeing.

Being the color of blood, in Feng Shui red is considered to be the color of activeness, power, and passion. It is a very powerful color that is believed to be a symbolical representation of the flow of vital energy.

Using Red Color in Home Décor

Adding red into the interior symbolizes understanding life on its inner level. This bright color may stimulate mental activity and help to concentrate.

Red attracts the sight, because is brighter and more intense than other colors. Therefore, it naturally can be characterized as a demanding Feng Shui color.

At the same time, it should be remembered that red is sometimes associated with violence, and so may destroy the feeling of comfort and coziness of the home. In any case, red causes immediate strong effect and reaction.

Therefore, realizing the potential of this color is crucially important for its effective usage in decorating the interior of the house. For this same reason, in interior design red should be used very carefully. Too much of this color may cause aggression and angriness.

It is especially true in relation to people, whose birth element is Fire: natural activeness and power are enhanced by red in the surrounding environment. If, for example, the person’s birth element is Metal, and he or she leads a quite and calm life, red color in home décor may turn this quite life into a chaos.

Rooms to be Decorated with Red

Feng Shui recommends to use red and its shades in rooms that are in some way related to activity, either physical or mental, in order to attract inspiration and active energies ruled by the Fire element of Feng Shui.

Gyms, kitchens, and restaurants are typical examples of such premises.

Combining Red with Other Colors

Combining red with goodish or any other color that symbolizes money is a great method of attracting money, wealth, and luck in business. Such a combination of colors is a symbol of happiness and wellness.

It should be remembered combining red with other colors that red can’t be in harmony with blue and black, which are the symbols of Feng Shui water element.

Being the color of activeness and power, red may become a great Feng Shui tool for attracting wealth, money, and luck in financial affairs. However, since it is a very powerful color, too much of red may, on the contrary, negatively influence an individual. Therefore, use red carefully, just to highlight certain areas of the room.

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