What Wall Paint Colors Go with Dark Brown Furniture? (25 Ideas)

Most people consider dark brown furniture boring and can make their rooms dull. However, you can use your walls to brighten these spaces.

This is possible by the color of wall paint you go for. But which wall paint colors go with the dark brown furniture? Here are some of the best options to consider.

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1. Go For White Walls

If you want a simple and neat-looking space, consider white walls for your dark brown furniture. But you need to add some elements to this look to avoid making it look plain. For example, you can add colorful art pieces or photo frames with beautiful memories on the walls.

The best thing about settling for white wall paint is that it will create attention to your dark brown furniture. The white walls will also illuminate the rooms, preventing the dark brown furniture from making them darker.

2. Create a Romantic Space with Red Walls

Red and dark brown will blend well without creating a dramatic space. The red walls will help you make the rooms romantic and warm, and welcoming. However, this is the best choice for larger rooms as the combination will make your space smaller.

If you want to maintain a red theme throughout the room, use red rugs and tulips. But you can also break the look by combining another color of your choice on the curtains or décor.

3. Make the Space Girlish with Pink Walls

Source: Aliz’s Wonderland

If you like bright but not shouting colors, paint your walls baby pink. The soothing color will match your dark brown furniture making the space beautiful. This color works best for your baby’s rooms as it makes them relax and sleep with ease.

To beautify the walls, add some drawing on them which matches your kid’s personality. You can also add other colors on the bed linen, like white.

4.  Blues

Blue on dark furniture will also brighten your rooms and make them look attractive. You will have various shades to choose from when you go for blue.

The cool effect of blue will also help bring a relaxing feel indoors. If you want to create a contrast and have a unique combination go for warmer blue shades for the dark furniture.

But if you want a light and airy look, combine pale blue walls and dark brown furniture. You can paint this on your dining room walls or in your private room. To make your rooms have a casual but elegant look, paint the walls with a blueberry shade. This will work well in your bedroom with dark furniture.

Another of the blue shades that will give you a trendy look is turquoise. When you’ve got, turquoise walls in your bedroom have white beddings that will blend well with dark furniture.

5.  Paint Your Walls Gray

You will not color clash by combining dark brown and gray walls. Instead, you’ll achieve a modern neutral look that will make your house comfortable to stay in. Remember, gray is the perfect alternative to white that will make your rooms brighter with a soft contrast.

You can combine light gray with dark brown furniture. But also, a darker shade of gray will blend well with your furniture.

The combination will make your house beautiful as the dark brown furniture will maintain its shine. But if you work with shades that darken the rooms, add another color like white comforters or throw pillows.


6.  Beige Walls

Source: Cavetto Homes LLC

Your dark brown furniture will blend perfectly with beige walls. The neutral color will enable you to highlight your furniture as they complement darker tones.

Since the two are earth colors, you can liven them up by adding bold accent colors. You can do this by either adding deep yellow rugs or turquoise beddings.

7.  Go Bold with Green


Green walls will make your house look charming and modern when you pair it with dark brown furniture. You can go deep forest green and see how beautiful your house will look. But to liven it, add rustic textures, which will result in a primitive style. If you want to bring elegance indoors, bring in copper or gold ornate.

If the room with dark brown furniture is for gatherings, paint the walls light green. Remember, brown and green represent nature and bring harmony and calmness to the house.

So, if you have the combination in rooms for gathering, it will help make your guests relax and feel at home.

For example, go for olive, which is soothing and will also add beauty to your space. It will make the gathering space have a formal vibe. But don’t forget to enhance the look of this space by adding wall décor. You can go for white or silvery elements to have a unique but elegant look.

8.  Add Warmth with Orange Paint

Another color paint that will bring warmth and brighten your walls is orange. When you paint your walls orange, then add dark brown furniture in a darker room; it will brighten the space. It will also make smaller rooms look larger with a lot of vibrance.

The two colors in one room will also give you a modern look, especially if you add some décor. Try combining white décor and see how elegant your house will be. But you can also add wall trim with another color. If you’re into simple but warm rooms, white trims will do.

9.  Go Mellow with Yellow

Source: Migala Carpet One
Source: IS Architecture

Don’t fear mixing yellow and dark brown in your house. The yellow walls will help you bring life to the dark furniture, which could have otherwise made the room dull.

If you have yellow walls, tone it down with a white ceiling. You can also bring ambiance to the room by adding comfortable comforters.

You can have this in your bedroom to have a relaxing and cozy space. The mixture will also make your kitchen look stylish and cozy.

However, if you don’t want to overdo yellow, go for mustard yellow. This color shade dictates you to be careful to get a great stable look. It will help you bring contrast to your dark brown furniture without being too overwhelming.

10. Will Black Make It Darker?

Of course not. However, you need to be playful and stylish to have a black wall and dark brown furniture.

The uncommon combination will make you stand out and is a good choice for rooms with a lot of light. It’s also ideal for larger rooms since black walls can make them appear smaller.

When you go for black walls, have a bright décor around the room. You can also paint the ceiling white or any bold color of your choice. But ensure you play with various colors to neutralize the black walls and shift attention from them.

11. Consider Teal Walls

Source: Sea Pac Homes

Teal walls will also look fine with dark brown furniture. You can have this on your bedroom or kitchen walls. But of course, it will also brighten your living room space. If you want to add other colors through décor, it’s also possible.

Curtains will also do justice to this combination as long as you go for the right shade of green. The teal walls will enhance the look of your dark brown furniture making the room inviting. It will also be the focal point making it a good choice for those who want less attention on their furniture.

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12. Gold and Beige

Source: Barrickman Design Group

Gold and beige paint for your walls is another color mixture that can work well on your dark furniture. Gold is bold and rich, but the beige will help you tone it down. You will have a dramatic but refreshing space in your house with such a combo.

You can have each color on different walls within the room. Or use one as a trim paint and have a classic look.

13. Blend Brown Walls and Brown Furniture

If you want a monochrome look, try doing brown walls in a room with brown furniture. The mixture will not be ugly if you work with the right shades of brown. Instead, it will give you a serious look and keep the house formal.


If you have dark brown furniture, go for light shade paints. Then you can add in pomp with cushions or trim the wall with white to break the monotony. Do this combination in your old folk’s house. This will help reduce the cleaning workload for them as the colors hide dirt.  

14. Combine Yellow and Teal Walls

Even though the two colors can work independently, combining them on your walls will bring out something unique.

For example, you’ll have a casual party look if you’ve got dark brown furniture and do the accent walls. This will make your rooms inviting and relaxing regardless of time.

Source: Pinterest

Have bright yellow walls on one side of the room and teal on the other side. Then you can break the look with white portraits on the wall. But if you love it, bold all through and add both colors on your throw pillows.

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15. Have Striped Walls

Do you have two favorite colors in mind for your walls, and you’re not willing to drop any? Then make strips on your wall instead. Having two colors on one wall will give your house a beautiful and distinct look.

Source: Pinterest

You can have white and blue stripes on the walls and have them complement your dark brown furniture. The good thing about this idea is that it doesn’t limit your color choice. So, you can go for all bold colors or mix neutral and bold and have a fantastic house.

A striped wall helps create the right mood indoors and brighten the dark environment the dark furniture tries to bring in your house.

16. Gold for a Luxurious Feel

Source: Pinterest

Have you ever done golden walls in your house? If not, this is the time to bring the luxurious feel at home to combine it with your dark brown furniture.

The two colors will liven your space and make it look expensive. You can further add some golden details like gold framed art pieces.

The golden walls and dark brown furniture will help you have a rustic interior without spending much money.

17. Create Vibrance with Floral Walls

Source: Pinterest

If you’re into florals, then bring vibrance to your rooms by doing floral walls. Such walls will be the center of attraction in your home, shifting the attention from the dark brown furniture. This is a perfect way of hiding your old furniture as the walls will make the space lively.

Source: Alvhem Makleri

You can have this in your kitchen or bedrooms. But ensure you choose the floral colors that suit your theme. For example, if you want to have a bold theme go for colorful florals that brighten the space.

18. Purple Walls

Purple walls will make your walls bright and delicate. But if you combine it with dark brown furniture, it will give you an exquisite look. However, if you don’t want your visitor’s attention to be on the walls, be creative with décor.

Source: Pinterest

You can include a candelabra chandelier on the ceiling. Lavender flowers on a vase can also do. Adding some artwork on the walls will also help you add a statement to this combination. This color is good for any room within the house and helps bring a royal touch indoors.

You should opt for purple instead of other brighter colors because it will make your bigger spaces look cozy. This is, of course, if you pair it with dark brown furniture. But you can also add other colors in this setting with ease, like yellow and maintain the sophisticated look.

19. Fuchsia

Fuchsia is a dark shade of pink that will look good on your walls. But it best suits those who are into bold colors.

When you have this color on your walls in a room with dark brown furniture, it will bring energy to the setting. It will also add some dramatic feel to the space, ideal for bringing out your personality.

You can tone this color down with light-colored curtains when you’ve got this color on your walls. Or do carpets and rugs that will enable other features in the room to be visible.

20. Paint the Walls Peach

If you like peach and how it brings life to dull areas, don’t fear painting it on your walls. This color will look great with your dark brown furniture, even if you don’t add more details to it. But to make your dark brown bed or couch luxurious, add colored pillows.

You can also bring in some shades of white throw rugs to make the space interesting and appealing to the eye.

21. Go for Cream Walls

If you’re not into white, cream paint is the right color for your walls. This color is not limiting, so it will do in any of your rooms. The best thing about cream walls and dark brown furniture is that it will enable you to add other décor elements with ease.

You will also have a stylish look that’s cool and relaxing with the combination. You can also add brown trim on the walls to match the color of your furniture.

22. Do Gray and White Walls

Source: Pinterest

You won’t go wrong by combining two paint colors on your walls and then putting dark brown furniture in the space.

It will help your room be relaxed and comfortable to stay in. do gray and white walls by making one of the paint colors predominant. You can, in this case, have a similar paint color on your ceiling and walls too.

This combination will be simple yet stylish and easy to decorate and design. If gray is the predominant color, let white be on the ceiling. Also, have a whitish rug and cushions or curtains.

23. Copper Walls and Dark Brown Furniture

If you’re not comfortable with golden walls, try copper paint. Copper is currently one of the most sought-after colors for interior designs that will make your rooms unique. In addition, with it, you’ll not have difficulties mixing other colors through décor and accessories.

It will work well with your dark brown furniture. You can opt for red undertones of copper and see how good it will reduce the heaviness on your dark brown furniture. This combination will give you a welcoming atmosphere that is cool after a long day in the sun. It will also create an energetic setting that’s stylish and feminine.

24. Purple and Gold

Source: Pinterest

If you don’t want to have a dull look indoors, paint your walls purple and trim with gold and vice versa. The two rich colors will liven the dark brown furniture in your house and make it warmer. As a result, you will have a cozy, luxurious, and moody feel in one space without struggle. 

You can then add golden elements as décor. Or hang jewelry to create a Moroccan vibe in your space. The three colors will complement each other and add flavor to a once dull room with darker furniture.

25. Maroon

Another perfect combination is maroon and dark brown. When you have maroon walls, you’ll not have problems blending them with dark brown furniture and other colors too. All you need is to be playful with décor and bring in some brightness to what may seem a dark combination.

Have green plants on a vase around this area. Or hang colorful handwork on the maroon walls. But ensure the room has access to a direct source of light to avoid making it look darker. If you’re into white, also do white trim to break the serious look.

If this is your bedroom, you can add a bold stool or carpet to create a perfect contrast. Prints can also work well in such a setting. So, add print pillows or curtains.

Tips on how to liven a room with dark brown furniture

Your color choice for a room with dark brown furniture can help you liven the look or make it dull.

To do this with ease, consider the following tips:

Infuse throw pillows

If you don’t want bright colors on your walls, throw pillows that will help you achieve this. Opt for bold throw pillows and add them to the dark brown furniture. Of course, you can also use throw blankets if you’ve no pillows.

Bring in light furniture

You can also add other furniture of a different color to your rooms and make them look better with dark brown furniture. For example, consider adding a white side table to the combination. But a metallic bar cat can also do it.

Go for bright walls

For those who love colors, use them on your walls to brighten the look of your room with dark brown furniture. Doing this will also help you make the space look bigger and illuminate the rooms.

Play about with your curtains

Curtains can also help you make your space look different. For example, tone it down with a darker curtain if you have bright walls and dark brown furniture. But if your walls plus the furniture are darker, brighten the rooms with bold curtains.

Bottom line

Wall colors can help you liven a space you once called dull. Choose any of the above wall paint colors and combine them with your dark brown furniture. These combinations will make your house look different. We hope this post will help you easily combine wall colors and your dark brown furniture. But if you’ve any feedback, feel free to leave us a comment right here.