Using Yellow Color in Feng Shui to Attract Wealth and Luck

Last Updated on November 28, 2020 by Kimberly Crawford

In Feng Shui yellow is associated with the sun – the source of life. Used in interior decor and clothes design, this color of gold attracts wealth and luck in business.

Some people think yellow color is too bright or provoking to be used in interior design or worn. However, this fresh color, on the contrary, is a very favorable choice for those willing to achieve success in business, be lucky and prosperous.

Yellow Color in Feng Shui

In Feng Shui yellow, as well as brown color, is a representation of the earth element. Feng Shui earth element rules in the center of a house or a room – Feng Shui area of health. Therefore, since yellow is the color of the sun, which is the source of life on the Earth, it can also become a source of health if used in Feng Shui health zone of the Bagua.

As such, yellow

  • quickly takes away tiredness
  • fills people with joy and happiness
  • turns melancholy and ennui out of the house and
  • attracts luck

In many cultures yellow, along with golden color, symbolizes wealth. So, since yellow is the color of gold, in Feng Shui it is believed to attract wealth, prosperity, success, and luck in business.

Yellow in Decorating and Design to Attract Wealth and Luck

Like all the warm colors, yellow warms up. However, unlike red color, yellow is not too intense. Therefore, it can be used in both interior and clothes design.

If an interior is decorated with yellow accessories, or if the person wears yellow clothes, he or she is very likely to be reaching goals easily, getting additional inner power (both physical and mental), and be more self-confident.

At the same time, yellow color doesn’t bring into life any alien or too powerful energies. Under the influence of yellow people just stay themselves: with their own energy, power, and relations with the external world.

Yellow does not carry the energy that can drastically change or influence an individual. It just lets to use natural qualities and features of a person in a more effective and efficient way. So, used in house décor, this color can wake up and enhance natural abilities, as well as open and enhance hidden talents of a person.

Wearing yellow clothes people can return joy, fun and optimism into life. In addition, yellow strengthens the immunity and positively influences people of all the ages.

In Feng Shui yellow is the color of the sun and gold, and represents Feng Shui earth element. People who use yellow in home décor or wear yellow clothes are very likely to feel full of energy, be successful in business affairs, healthy and wealthy.