How To Program A Genie Garage Door Opener

Last Updated on May 4, 2021 by Kimberly Crawford

Genie is another reputable brand when it comes to garage door openers. Through the years, it has released upscale models including wireless ones that could be sync with voice commands via Google or Alexa. If you have older models, you might want to know how to program your Genie garage door opener. 

Well, you can do it using a Genie remote control, a keypad or using a wall console. The good part is that these programming types can be done in just four steps each. If you are curious as to how, read on. 

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How to program a Genie garage door opener remote control

The default garage door opener programming tool is always the remote control. Doing this only includes two steps: 

1. Locate the ‘program’ or ‘set’ button in the main control unit

1 press the learn button to program genie garage door opener

Press the button for at least 3seconds. There are two LED lights that you should be on the lookout for. The small button should turn blue while the longer button must be in purple. 

2. Next, get your remote control and stand five feet away from the garage door opener

2 press remote control

Press and release the button in the remote control that you want to use. Do it twice. The LED lights in the garage door opener should blink and then turn off. If it does this, the garage door opener can now be opened and closed using your remote control. 

*Note: You have a 30-second window time to accomplish each step. Once the garage door opener’s lights turn red, you must repeat the process. 

How to program a Genie garage door opener keypad

The next one to know is how to program a Genie garage door opener using a keypad. Usually, a Genie keypad can only be programmed for a single garage door. There are other steps required for opening multiple garage doors using a Genie keypad. 

1. The first thing to do is to connect the keypad to the garage door opener

Once the keypad lights up, key in the 3-5-7 Genie code and then press the up/down button. After that, press the ‘program’ or ‘set’ button until the small LED light blinks red. 

2. Next, set your new pin

Key in the Genie code again and then press the program button. Enter your new pin. You can have an eight-digit code for your pin for additional security. Press the program button again to set the new code. 

3. For the last step, pair the garage door opener with the keypad

Press the program button until the LED light turns blue and then shuts off. The longer LED light must turn purple.

4. Enter your new pin

Then press the up/down button until the light turns purple 

5. Press the up/down button again until the LED light shuts off

Repeat this step and wait for the garage door to open. 

How to program a Genie garage door wall console

The wall console is a small device mounted on your wall or low in the floor. Here is how to program the Genie garage door wall console. 

  1. Press the program button. Hold it down until the LED light turns blue and then shuts off. The longer LED light should turn purple. 
  2. Next, press the door button on the console. Do it every two seconds until the garage door opens. 

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Genie garage door opener remote troubleshooting tips

There are a handful of reasons why your Genie garage door opener remote suddenly stops working. When it does, here are some troubleshooting tips to keep in mind. 

IssueTroubleshooting tips
The garage door opener is opening for no reason.If you misplaced the remote, you must erase all connected remotes in the main control box. Get a new remote and make sure that it is the only remote programmed in the control box. 
Remote control is not working.Check all remotes. If all of them are not working at the same time, the circuit board needs to be replaced. Replace the battery if needed. Replace the Genie remote if needed. Reprogram the remote. 
Remote works in a limited range.Remove all sources of interference. Change the battery of the remote. Replace garage light with Genie LED light bulb. 

How do I replace a 2032 lithium coin battery for my new Genie garage door opener? 

Newer models of Genie garage door openers are operated by a 2032 lithium coin battery and here is how you replace it: 

  • Get a screwdriver and disassemble the battery slot by opening the remote case. 
  • Access the circuit board by carefully removing the touchpad. Flip the circuit board. There you will find the battery compartment. 
  • Push the lithium battery out of the compartment using a flat screwdriver.
  • Replace it with a new one and then reassemble the remote. 

Why is my Genie garage door remote not working?

As have been mentioned, there are a lot of reasons as to why your Genie garage door remote is not working. If this happens, it could be due to any of the following:

  • The batteries need replacing. When the range becomes limited or when the remote is working intermittently, you need to replace your batteries immediately. For a more cost-efficient choice, you can opt for a rechargeable battery. 
  • Check the contacts of your batteries. When the battery’s contacts are compromised, worn or plainly dirty, no electrical signal is sent. You have to dry them off if they are wet or replace them if they are damaged. 
  • Clean the eyes. The eye on the remote is on the plastic cover of the IR unit. Clean with damp cloth and then dry it out. Replace immediately if eyes are worn out or gouged out. 
  • Reset the remote. You must reboot the remote transmitters through the circuit board. You can do this for 30seconds max. After this, unplug the receiver for 30seconds and then plug it in again. 

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How do I reset my Genie garage door remote?

So, you have tried everything, and the only thing left undone is to reset the Genie garage door remote. If you are stuck to doing this, here are the steps that you should follow: 

  1. First, press the ‘learn’ button from the main control box. 
  2. Now get your remote control and point it on the control box. Press the open button on the remote opener three times
  3. Now press the open button and test if the process worked. The LED light should blink. After the blink, the garage door should open. If it does not work, you have to repeat the steps. 

For visuals, you can check this demo. 

Why is my Genie garage door opener closing and opening on its own? 

Chances are that your garage door opener’s system has run into a short circuit in one of your transmitters (remote, keypad, or console). You would know which one is on short circuit once you run them in turn. If it is the remote, change the batteries or replace it. If it is the keypad or console, check for some twisted or broken wires and change or replace them. 

Why won’t my Genie garage door close completely? 

When this happens, it could be because of any of the following factors: 

  • The sensors of your garage door opener are blocked. Check for any obstructions and remove. 
  • The photo eyes are misaligned, dirty, or broken. 
  • The sensors might not just be blocked but misaligned, dirty, or broken too. 
  • The wiring of the sensors are twisted, compromised, or broken. 

Check your user manual on how to fix these problems. If you are not sure on where to start, it is best to call customer service or have it fixed by a professional. 

Why is there an immediate reverse when the door is shut closed? 

For this issue, the limit setting of the garage door opener might need immediate adjusting. This problem usually occurs when you have closed and opened the garage door for more than 1500 times already. The system is preprogrammed to sense as if there is an obstruction on the rails once it has gone beyond the limit setting. 

What causes an opener to run but the garage door would not move?

If you are experiencing this with your garage door opener, it is probable that someone has pulled the emergency release cord recently. It is that red cord that hangs from the garage door like a pulley system. When this is pulled, it automatically converts the open and close system into manual locking. If this is the culprit, just snap back the cord in place. 

Where is the Learn button on Genie garage door opener?

Whatever the model of your Genie garage door opener is, the ‘learn’ button is usually located near the antenna of the main control box. You can also check this video for a more accurate find.

The learn button is important in many troubleshooting and programming steps. It is imperative that you know where it is found. 

How do I program a universal remote for a Genie garage door opener?

For a comprehensive knowledge in programming a universal remote for a Genie garage door opener, refer to the following steps: 

  1. First, locate the ‘learn’ button on the opener. 
  2. Get the universal remote. Press and hold button 2
  3. While holding down button 2, simultaneously press button 4 for four times. Release the buttons as soon as the LED light starts blinking blue. 
  4. While it is blinking, choose a button in the remote and press it four times. This should be done in a 15 second range. 
  5. Make sure that you wait on the 15 second range or until the blinking blue light becomes steady and shuts off. 
  6. Next, press the learn button on the opener for 3 seconds and then release. After this, press your chosen remote button once for the opener to run. Just let it run until it stops on its own.
  7. Repeat step 6. 
  8. Now check the remote button once more. If it opens, the programming is complete. 

Here is a visual on how to execute these steps. 

What should I do if I pressed the universal remote excessively and it stopped responding?

To troubleshoot this, you need to leave the remote in place for at least two minutes. After this, remove the batteries and then put them back immediately. Go back to step 1 and repeat the process. 

How do I reset a Genie universal remote?

There are two steps in resetting a Genie universal remote: 

  1. Take the universal remote and press button 3 and button 4 simultaneously for four times. 
  2. Wait for the blue LED light to blink fast, and then steady, and then shuts off. After this, you have successfully reset your Genie universal remote. 

What are some of the popular garage door opener brands that will work with my Genie universal remote? 

There is a compatibility chart provided by Genie but if you are wondering the most popular garage door openers that will work with it, they would be: Genie, Chamberlain, Linear, Wayne Dalton, and Overhead Door. 

How many garage door openers can a Genie universal remote open? 

The maximum is four garage door openers. However, there are slight modifications in the steps that you will follow in programming the universal remote with each of the garage doors. They are easy to execute though, so it should not be a problem. 


Programming a Genie garage door opener is not very different with how most garage door openers are programmed. But of course, you must understand that there might be slight differences on how the steps are executed so you still have to know the chronology of the steps. There are also troubleshooting tips that you should grow familiar with as they could happen more commonly than expected. 

Helpful visuals are around the net and Genie company itself provides a comprehensive guide on how things should be done so for everything Genie garage door opener concerns, you are covered.