How We Test and Review Hot Tubs

how to test hot tubs

After long days tending the farm, there’s nothing quite like soaking sore muscles in a steaming hot tub. But with so many models on the market, how can you know which tubs live up to their therapeutic hype?

Our hot tub testing protocols immerse top models in rigorous lab trials and real-world conditions assessments across key criteria before making soak-worthy recommendations.

Key Testing Categories:

1. Water Temperature Accuracy

Confirm heating systems can maintain set temperatures within 1°F tolerance based on high-accuracy thermometer readings.

2. Energy Efficiency

Calculate electricity and gas consumption under regular usage based on documented rural owner hot tub routines.

3. Heat Retention

Record cool down rates over 6 hours with and without insulating covers after raising tub water to maximum temperature.

4. Jet Strength & Coverage

Evaluate force and customizability of hydro jet pressure using calibrated sensors and test dummy.

5. Noise Levels

Use a decibel reader to quantify pump sound at various jet settings from user head positions.

6. Water Care Features

Review UV, ozone, and filtration offerings for assessing Bather load and keeping water sparkling.

What We Didn’t Consider

1. Installation Requirements

Our reviews focus solely on hot tub performance rather than electrical, drainage, pad preparation requirements for professional installation. We try to provide dimensions to aid planning.

2. WiFi/Smart Features

While noting connected model functionality differences, our evaluations emphasize hydro massage therapy performance and electricity costs rather than companion app convenience.

3. Accessories

We test hot tub base models as standalone units rather than compatible accessories like steps, lighting, entertainment systems which vary widely based on personal preferences.

4. Insulation Variances

Our heat retention comparisons utilize standard insulation offerings rather than testing aftermarket insulation wrapping or kits which can minimize heat loss even further.

5. Regional Variations

While our test protocols aim to simulate four-season rural ownership, we do not formally compare performance variances based on regional winter climate severity or ambient conditions.

How we rank and select the top hot tubs

1. Establish Category Weightings

Based on rural owner surveys, hydrotherapy jet strength & coverage, heat consistency, and energy efficiency receive heavier emphasis, while connectivity features receive minimal score impact.

2. Score Individual Models

Every hot tub model is graded on a 100-point scale per weighted testing category, reflecting measured metrics and usage test observations.

3. Calculate Total Scores

Weighted category scores are aggregated to yield overall scores for comparative purposes on meeting farm relaxation and budget needs.

4. Consider Owner Feedback

We compile qualitative reviewer feedback on ergonomics, convenience, and other subjective experiences during evening soak trials.

5. Finalize Rankings

Accounting for overall scores and real-world insights, we rank models offering the strongest blend of therapeutic relief, frugality, and longevity.

By focusing evaluations on the performance metrics most directly tied to home hot tub benefits and ownership costs, our reviews identify models providing the most tension-melting therapeutic value for your investment. Let us handle the research heavy lifting so you can simply sink in and unwind!