Nice Ideas to Arrange Your Recipes in Attractive Ways

Last Updated on February 25, 2022 by Kimberly Crawford

Are you tired of old-fashioned recipe cards cut from a magazine and pasted onto cardboard, too? Then create awesome designs with a recipe cards maker VistaCreate. This service gives you access to a number of editable templates for you to turn into your personal favorite recipe cards. It will take just several minutes to fill all in.

Craft an awesome recipe card that everyone will love

Preserved like the apple of an eye, culinary recipes are part of the culture of a family or even an entire community which are often passed down from generation to generation. Therefore, do not neglect to store your recipes. Try and turn them into unique pieces of art by creating a DIY recipe card in Vista Create.

The best thing here is that it is not as time-consuming as you might think. Just pick from awesome professional templates, rearrange and change some of the elements and characteristics, and here you go! – You have created an ideal recipe card, which is ready to print or share with your friends or family. With Vista’s layouts and intuitive tools, you can spend less time on your computer and more time in the kitchen doing your favorite things.

Creating a recipe card

Open VistaCreate. Sign in or create a new account using your Facebook, Google or Apple account. You will find many recipe cards designs on the home page. You can also create a project of your own from scratch or select a template.

Select the template

select template from vistacreate

Vista library provides various different ready-made, editable recipe card templates that suits your needs and desires. Pick the one you like and start creating.

If you need some other elements, just drag and drop them from the library. The library has tons of professionally-made graphics elements, but do not forget about the various effects and filters.

Personalize your creation

personalize creation

You can find different interesting features in the editor like adding your own photos or drawings which will definitely turn your card into something special. The customization options in VistaCreate are extensive, although the process is fairly straightforward. Here, you can change colors using the color wheel, select from over hundreds of fonts, and move design elements anywhere on your layout. Saving your card as PDF, JPEG or PNG will create an easy-to-read recipe.

Add photos of your culinary art

Having an image or photograph of a dish on your card will help you (or those who will use your recipe cards) to recognize the recipe. Once you have got your photos ready, upload them from your device. It’s completely free. The image will remain in the MyFiles folder and can be used in other projects as well. You can also find the images you want in Vista’s awesome library of amazing images that you can drag and drop onto your recipe card.

May your friends or the whole world enjoy your recipes

share template for friends

It is easy-peasy to share designs like recipe cards on VistaCreate. By clicking the Share button, you will see an option to email a copy of your design, or even post it on various social platforms. Would you like some advice or suggestion from your auntie who bakes a delicious charlotte? Then hit the Share button one more time, give your auntie access to edit your template, and send her a link — as simple as that. She will be able to add her comments to it from any computer or any portable device.

Print your recipes

If you want to enjoy your creations offline, you can always download PDF files of your project and print them on plain paper or cardboard. They can then be cut and pasted onto cards. If it is possible to print index cards on your printer, then you are one step closer to perfectly arranging tour recipes.

What size are recipe cards?

Recipe cards usually come in three sizes: 8 x 13 cm (old-fashioned style); 10 x 15 cm (standard style); and 13 x 18 cm for large cards. Be aware of the size of the box, file or folder in which you will store the cards in order to determine their size.

Arranging your recipe cards

There are various creative ways of how to organize your cards. A recipe binder in a form of a book or a vertical flip stand requires printing your cards and filling the book. You may even have your own filing system to ease the further search. Another way is to have a certain container to store your recipes, like a wooden recipe box or decorative tin.

There’s nothing as treasured as family recipes transferred from one generation to another. That’s why organizing them can make an easy to handle and incredibly beautiful gift to pass to your next generation.