5 Ideas For The Best Groomsmen Gifts

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As a soon-to-wed couple, all eyes are on you, and you’re indeed the stars of the upcoming event. However, that doesn’t mean you should forget about the other integral aspects of your big day, particularly the wedding party.

Just as you and your partner are doing your best to ensure everything’s perfect for the wedding, the entourage surely exerts the same effort. As such, make it a point not to forget the gifts you’re supposed to give them as your token of appreciation. 

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best groomsmen gifts

Your best men deserve only the best

groomsmen gifts

Weddings are best shared with people who matter the most to you, including family and friends. The presence of those special people can make the occasion feel more significant and memorable.

Brides have their bridesmaids to complete the wedding party, while grooms have their dashing groomsmen for a dapper entourage. Groomsmen are expected to attend to the needs of the groom, and more often than not, they’re composed of brothers or close family members from either the groom’s or bride’s side. (1) (2)

Your groomsmen would be occupied and busy, from planning the bachelor party, ushering guests to their seats, and giving speeches when asked. So it’s only fitting to put careful thought and planning as you choose the best gift for them.

After all, they’re doing their best to man up to the tasks expected of them. You can return the favor and make them feel appreciated for all their contributions by coming up with unique trinkets and souvenirs to give them. (3)

Finding the best gifts 

Gifts for bridesmaids are usually easy to find and not that hard to come up with. You hope it’s the same case with groomsmen gifts, but not always. Most of the time, couples find it tricky to look for a little something that their best men would appreciate.

If you’re still on the hunt for the best groomsmen gifts, you can check websites like groomshop.com or other online resources, where you can find a selection of items and products that are all wedding-related.

To help you on your search, here are some gift ideas you might find helpful:

1. Personalized liquor decanter set 

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Most men like to drink occasionally. If your groomsmen belong to this category, perhaps one of the best gifts you can give them is a personalized liquor decanter set. Whether they prefer drinking wine, whiskey, or other spirits, giving them something that can make them enjoy their favorite drinks even more is quite thoughtful.

To make the set especially for them, you can choose to have it monogrammed with your groomsmen’s initials for a more personal touch. They’d be more than delighted to see what’s inside the package and will be looking forward to their next drinking session, preferably with you and the rest of your groom party.

2. Engraved pocket knives

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Not everyone would think of something sharp or pointy when looking for gift ideas. But if your best men are into outdoor activities and adventures, they’ll surely dig your unique way of thinking.

To make the knives even more personalized, you can look for a supplier or maker that offers handmade knives that are well-crafted with high-quality materials. You can play with different fonts and colors for engraving. You can also add a short note or message to make it more delightful and fun for them to read.

Your best buds will absolutely love the gift, and you can expect them to bring their own pocket knives on your next camping or hunting trip. Alternatively, they can just keep it in their pockets every day, especially if the blades can be easily folded. That way, the boys will always have something with them as a reminder of a brotherhood that only comes once in a lifetime.

3. Customized cufflinks

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Maybe you want the kind of gift they can immediately use for the wedding day. If so, customized cufflinks might just be what you’re looking for. No matter what theme you and your partner choose for your main event, the boys will most likely need a pair of cufflinks to complete their dapper look.

If you plan on snatching this idea as your groomsmen’s gift, be sure to hand it to them before the wedding day so they won’t need to buy or bring their own cufflinks for the occasion. (4)

If you’re having a rustic or backyard wedding, one brilliant idea is to go for dark brown, black, or caramel-colored cufflinks made from full-grain leather. The backsides can be polished off with steel, and you can choose a monogram design that features the initials of your best men. What’s more, cufflinks are always needed when dressing up, so they’ll find your gift quite useful. 

4. Lighter and cigar set 

If your gang is mainly composed of cigar lovers, a lighter and cigar set is perfect for them. You can customize the lighter to give it a crisp touch. The material can be stainless steel or wooden, depending on the theme of your wedding. It can also depend on their personalities and what you think they’ll appreciate more.  

Nothing compares to the classy feel of an elegant box that contains something that’ll make your groomsmen feel over the moon to be among the group. Next thing you know, your guys will be showing off the lighter to anyone they know. The cigars will also add a distinctive appeal, especially if you know their favorite brands.

5. A box of everything

groomsmen box gifts

With all the gifts ideas to choose from, you might find it hard to pick a winner. If so, why not pick them all? You can fill a box with a little bit of everything, which might cost extra, but the joy and surprise on your groomsmen’s faces are undoubtedly priceless.

Craft a special box filled with a personalized flask, some cigars, a lighter, cufflinks, a bow tie for the big event, and maybe a can opener too. You can throw in anything that comes to your mind.  

Parting words

A wedding party is never complete without the presence of your best buddies. As such, you should take extra time and consideration when choosing gifts for them, especially when you know how significant of a role they’ve contributed to your life.

Apart from special wedding favors, don’t forget to give your groomsmen a little something that’ll symbolize your appreciation for the contribution they’ve made on your journey to happily ever after. Make them feel glad to be among your social group and surprise them with a groomsman gift that they’ll treasure for as long as they live. (5)


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