30 Best One-Year Anniversary Gifts For Girlfriend

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Celebrating love, affection, and relationship milestones is universal. Your first trip around the relationship orbit is something to be cherished and for this reason, we shall have a rundown of some of the most notable one-year anniversary gifts for your girlfriend in this post. By now, you should already know what excites her, or what items she appreciates very much. 

If you are curious or slightly wondering about the range of gifts you could give to your girlfriend on your first anniversary, here goes. 

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best one year anniversary gifts for girlfriend online

30 One-year Anniversary Gifts For Girlfriend

Without much ado, let us dive right away into these one-year anniversary gifts for your girlfriend. From popular gift choices to customized ones, there is no limit to what you can give to her. 

1. Framed picture collage

Women are keen to details and they truly appreciate sweet, customized gestures of love. As such, start your gift list with a framed picture collage.

String in all the sweetest photos during the year and arrange them in the shape of ‘one’. Cheap and thoughtful, this is something that you can work on DIY. 

2. Customized key chain

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If you want a gift that she could see every day at a very affordable price, get her a customized key chain.

Engraving it with ‘one down, forever to go’ shall make it all the more endearing and fuels the honeymoon phase with so much commitment. This is perfect for one-year anniversary gifts, indeed. 

3. Date night box

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This is another DIY arrangement that you can do. Do it in the form of a care package where all her favorites are there.

You could also pack the date night box with a leather wine carrier, two mug flasks for the both of you, three scented candles, and a spoon with an engraving of happy anniversary.

4. Happy anniversary mug

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This is always a go-to memorable gift for any occasion. If your girlfriend happens to be a coffee or tea lover, it would be thoughtful to give her a happy anniversary mug.

You could literally have the greeting printed in the mug for an annual memento or you can also print exclusive jokes or love affirmations for her. 

5. Customized chocolate block

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Giving chocolates to your girlfriend is quite a default gesture since sweets are associated with love and romance. But giving her a chocolate block with customized wrapping saying happy anniversary is something that she would not forget (she might not even eat the chocolate right away). 

6. Customized photo magnet

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If your girlfriend is one who keeps on filling the refrigerator with magnets of places and views, maybe it is about time to have your treasured pics in that favorite space too.

Hence, for a change, give your girlfriend a customized photo magnet for your first anniversary. 

7. Multipurpose vase

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Ever seen a ceramic vase which can be used as a cellphone holder too? Well, they are a growing trend in the fancy gifts lane and your girlfriend would really appreciate it if she had one.

She can bring it to the office to have facetime with you conveniently during breaks or just a vase where she could put her favorite cut flowers and just think of you.

8. Adventure book

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Keeping a journal is one thing, filling your photo album is another, but having an adventure book where pictures and beautiful captions are curated is something melting to the heart.

Since women are usually the ones who do this stuff, receiving one for a change shall make her swoon over you even more. 

9. Our song plaque

You can always go for lyric art but there is something unique about your photo and the title of your favorite song both engraved in a crystal plaque resembling that of the famed YouTube plaque given to influencers.

One glance of this item in the living room and you can be transported to that first moment when you saw each other immediately. 

10. Digital love notes

We know the message pills but there is something elating about this gadget which dispenses digital love notes.

All you have to do is install an application in your phone and like a pager, you can easily beep your girlfriend with sweet notes at any time of the day. It is a tad away from just sending it over text. This gift is such a keeper. 

11. Customized star map

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Have your anniversary date become immortalized with this customized star map. There are stores that frame the constellation and the sky pattern on a specific date.

This one is very unique and straightforward, leaving her not just teary-eyed on your anniversary but also starry-eyed, as they say. 

12. Robe

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Yes, you read that right. Giving your girlfriend the most beautiful and comfortable robe on your first anniversary is a simple way of expressing care and intimacy.

She can use it for spa nights, on casual days, and during the colder seasons when everything is just about sweaters, pajamas and robes all day. 

13. Funny mug

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If laughing is one of your favorite things to do together, you should totally give your girlfriend a funny mug.

In this case, this cute baby Yoda is making sweet hints with this ‘Yoda best girlfriend’ print. Cheap and witty, your girlfriend shall definitely smile when you give this to her on your anniversary. 

14. Initial necklace

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This one just never goes out of style. Be it the more high-end ones like gold or silver initial pendants or the fancy, cheaper ones, your girlfriend would still be elated to see your initials side-by-side in her favorite accessory.

Spelling a sense of ownership and commitment, this is a good first year anniversary gift for your girlfriend. 

15. Makeup bag

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Tote bags shall always be popular among the females. For sure, your girlfriend has her own go-to beauty items that she always keeps in her bag.

To minimize the hassle of her finding these one by one in her bag, a nice makeup bag from her favorite bag brand would be a stunning anniversary gift to give to her. 

16. Ring dish

Showering her with rings is one thing, but the challenge comes when they no longer fit in the jewelry box. Plus, there will always be that one favorite ring.

To keep everything at arm’s reach, why not give her a stylish ring dish which she can just place in the bedside table and get the next day. Choosing a heart shaped ring dish would make it extra pretty for your girlfriend. 

17. Retractable photo album

Photos are always winners when it comes to the sentimental, sweet and romantic division of gifts. Fortunately, you can give your girlfriend a miniature photo album, enclosed in a camera film.

She can just pull out the retractable film anytime she wants whenever she misses you. Depending on what length you choose, they can have 15 retractable photos and up. 

18. Customized blanket

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If you have moved past the establishing rapport and intimacy phase and are already thinking about moving in or frequently staying in each other’s place, it would be endearing to have a customized blanket where your initials are embroidered or other favorite things that you enjoy doing together. 

19. Monogrammed pouch

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Pouches are fashion essentials for women. Aside from that, they are also very functional for the small items that they cannot live without.

Having it monogrammed with her initials is an ingenious and sweet way to boost her confidence when going out either with you or with friends. The best boyfriend points are strong in this one. 

20. Matching bracelets

This is another simple but very thoughtful gift which you can give your girlfriend on your first anniversary.

Like the initial necklace, you can have your initials or your anniversary date engraved in the bracelets. As an everyday accessory, this is something that shall keep a part of you in her every day. 

21. Hoya heart plant

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If your girlfriend is a fan of indoor plants, especially rare succulents, giving her the Sill Hoya heart plant is a fine gesture. As the name suggests, it has the perfect heart shape.

And even if your girlfriend does not have a green thumb, it is low maintenance so she can easily take care of it. Putting the plant in a chic looking pot is another good touch to this already perfect gift. 

22. Gemstone water bottle


As you could already glean from the name, this is not your ordinary water bottle because at the bottom of it would be a gemstone of your choice. Gemstones are known to improve positive energy and ward off toxins.

Having them activated in the wellness routine of your girlfriend is something that she would truly appreciate as an anniversary gift. 

23. What I Love About You book

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You have the love journal, the adventure book, and the photo book but here comes this What I Love About You book which you can write on everyday to tell her well, what you love about her. It is very unique and personal and she would totally look forward to having you write on it every day. 

24. Reel viewer

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Forget about the video montage or photo albums or framed pictures. You can always opt for the old-fashioned reel viewer of our childhood where we view our favorite snapshots using small CDs.

It is literally for her eyes only, making the experience with this gift more intimate and very personal. 

25. Health and Fitness smartwatch

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And now to the more high-end, more techy side of gifts. If you and your girlfriend are health and fitness buffs or if you have been encouraging her all this time to get into the fitness world, it would be a good choice to give her a matching health and fitness smartwatch. This can be an Apple Watch, FitBit, or a Samsung Galaxy Watch with its fancy Galaxy Watch rubber bands to consider.

This way, you can both track your fitness progress and be on the way to a healthy body, and relationship (since you can use the exercise time as a bonding moment, yay!). 

26. Kobo Siam Poppy Candle

This one is not your ordinary scented candle. It is a thoughtful anniversary gift for your girlfriend not only because of its therapeutic scent but also because it comes in a biodegradable box made of poppy seeds.

It means that aside from having a relaxing time when it is lit up, she can also plant the seeds after if she wants to. 

27. Bubble bath soap

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For the working babe who loves having me time in a bubble bath, giving her an organic bubble bath soap could do a lot of wonders. Aside from being thoughtful, it is also one way of making her feel that you are sensitive to her stress and general well-being.

It might not be that fancy but it sure gives a sense of attentiveness which girlfriends universally love to feel. 

28. Bond touch bracelets

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This one is probably one of the best things they have ever invented in the range of gifts for loved ones. This is perfect for clingy girlfriends and those that are in a long-distance relationship.

When one taps the display, the other bond touch bracelet shall automatically light up. What a unique way to say you are there even if you are miles apart. 

29. Serotonin necklace

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No, it does not induce serotonin, the happy hormone, but it is shaped like one. This one basically conveys how happy you are that you are your girlfriend’s beau or how happy you are every day with her.

Since not everybody would know the shape of the serotonin, the exclusivity of the meaning on your part makes it more intimate and fitting as a first-year anniversary gift.

30. Wake up light alarm clock

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This is another fancy gift that you can give your girlfriend on your first-year anniversary. It is not your ordinary side lamp or alarm clock because this one has a sunrise simulation.

This means that the light it emits shall become brighter as the set alarm comes nearer. This way, her body could wake in a more natural pattern. This is perfect for the career woman girlfriend or those suffering from insomnia. 

How to choose one-year anniversary gifts for girlfriend

Choosing one-year anniversary gifts for your girlfriend is not that complicated. As a matter of fact, it is only dependent on three major factors and it would be the following: 

1. Symbolic

First of all, the gift must be symbolic. Since it is your first year, they have to mark all the milestones in your relationship as a new couple.

By this time, the strengths and weaknesses of the relationship have surfaced and the anniversary gift should be able to represent how these extremes were huddled together by your partnership. 

2. Personalized

The degree of personalizing gifts reveals the level of intimacy, knowledge, and love that you have for your girlfriend. Personalizing gifts screams, “I know you”, “I love you and I intend to show it everyday through this gift”.

Fortunately, there are a thousand personalized gifts which you can choose from. Some, you can even make using your own craftiness and creativity. 

3. Romance and intimacy factor

When it comes to anniversary gifts, the expectation is to become as mushy as you can be. Gadgets are fine, vacations are a splurge, but is it something that she can carry for everyday for her to be reminded of you? Will she be titillated to just see that item because she knows it came from you?

It takes a lot of guts for a man to go out of his way to be mushy. If you have that chance through anniversary gifts, grab it. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Aside from the gifts that we have covered, there are also other things that you should consider before deciding on what type of first-year anniversary gift you should give to your girlfriend. For that, here are some FAQs about anniversary gift giving and more which you should put into mind. 

What is the 1st anniversary symbol?

Traditionally, the first-year anniversary symbol is paper. It is so because it is believed that the first year of a relationship is like a blank paper and it is up to you to supply it with memories and milestones.

The modern first-year anniversary symbol would be clocks. They represent the time you have spent together and the degree of wanting to know each other everyday since you met. 

What should I give my girlfriend on our first anniversary?

Given the range of gifts that we have covered here, you should already know which one to give. But if you are still on a limbo, the following are considered as the top gifts given to girlfriends on first-year anniversaries:

  • Classy watch
  • Shot glass/mug/tumbler
  • Wallet/purse
  • Perfume
  • Bracelets/necklace/earrings/bangles
  • Recreate your first date
  • Outdoor movie
  • Vacation
  • Cooking together for anniversary date night

How can I make my girlfriend feel special?

Anniversary or not, you should always make your girlfriend feel special every day. While the first year is considered as the honeymoon phase, there are still some inhibitions in between. As such, here are some tips to make your girlfriend feel special everyday: 

  • Do not miss out on the good morning and good night texts or calls. 
  • Always remember important dates. 
  • Offer a massage. 
  • Send flowers. 
  • Offer support. 
  • Be a good listener. 
  • Hold her hand in public. 
  • Kiss her forehead. 
  • Give her me time and girls’ night. 
  • Wash her car. 
  • Plan creative and fun dates. 
  • Compliment her. 
  • Always make sure that you make an effort and do not forget the three words when you get the chance. 

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What texts or verbal compliments can I use for my girlfriend to feel more special? 

Action and expression should go together when it comes to sustaining a relationship. If you are one of those people who are not really mushy but would want to break the barriers for this relationship, here are some texts and verbal compliments which you can use for your girlfriend to feel more special.

  • “Hey beautiful.”
  • “You are wonderful.”
  • “God, your laugh is incredible.”
  • “You are everything to me.”
  • “I am counting down the minutes until I get to see you.”
  • “You are my favorite human being.”
  • “You make me so happy.”
  • “I love the person you are.”
  • “I am beyond lucky to know you.”
  • “You make me feel so understood.”
  • “You are that one thing in life that makes perfect sense.”

What gifts should not be given to a girlfriend on the first-year anniversary?

Sure, we have covered the most notable gifts that should be given to a girlfriend on your first-year anniversary. But it is also equally important to know which ones you should not give. To help you with that, here are some no-nos when it comes to girlfriend anniversary gifts:

  • Underwear
  • Household basics
  • CDs and DVDs
  • Clothing
  • Souvenirs
  • Pets
  • Cards

Does giving perfume break relationships? 

In Indian tradition, there is a superstitious belief that giving perfume to a loved one as a gift brings bad luck. This is based on the premise that since the scent of the perfume fades, so will the love as time runs its course.

However, there is no scientific basis for this and it is not constricted in the modern gift list. Nonetheless, this is still a thoughtful way to show your love to your girlfriend because there is a specific scent that is really signature to her. 


First-year anniversaries are almost always grand but insofar as what we have covered, it may not always be that way. There are ingenious, crafty, and personalized ways to give the perfect anniversary gift to your girlfriend. You just have to tap into that romantic side of yours, coupled with the attentiveness of what her preferences are and what would make her happy. 

If you know this basic information about her, it would also be easier for you to come up with the right anniversary gift. At the end of the day, cliché as it may seem, indeed, it is the thought and the gesture that count.