15 Best Indoor Beaded Curtains For Doorways

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If you need an indoor curtain that can function as a divider, for doorways, for privacy, or for decorative purposes, you should consider hanging indoor beaded curtains. But like other curtain types, beaded curtains come in different styles and types so you should choose the most appropriate one for your driveway most especially. 

In this regard, what indoor beaded curtain do you need for your driveway? First, consider air circulation. Tasseled beaded curtains would fit in this need. Second, also consider one that can cover storage areas in driveways. Third, make sure that the one you choose is appropriate for your garage’s dimensions and style. So, without much ado, here is a rundown of the best indoor beaded curtains for doorways.

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best indoor beaded curtains for doorways

What are beaded curtains for?

Notwithstanding that it can be used in driveways, the following would be the main reasons as to why beaded curtains are quite essential to some home scenarios. 

  • Privacy: Beaded curtains are good in setting privacy and to act as a divider to separate, for instance, a shared room. It is also a low-cost privacy curtain for closets, storage areas, and an enclosure for the driveway. 
  • Decorative purposes: This type of curtain comes in beaded crystals and tassel type, among others. Since it is not the solid fabric type, it does not only come in full aesthetic but also allows more ventilation for a room. A beaded crystal curtain for instance, also allows more bright light in because of the reflection of light against the crystal beads. 
  • Feng shui: This might not be a discussion for ‘function’, but feng shui traditions believe that bead curtains offer a ‘colorful transition’ from a hallway to a room. It is said that colors offer a lot of positive energy to a room, changing the aura of the space and the people inside it. 

On the other hand, you should consider some downsides of beaded curtains. For one, it is not a sound blocking curtain. Second, it can be easily destroyed especially for high traffic areas. Third, small items can be entangled in it, causing it to be destroyed. 

Where did bead curtains come from?

You have seen beaded curtains from Indiana Jones, fiction about witches and fortune tellers or gypsies, historical documentaries, and Bedouins. But beyond the history and exoticism, you would be surprised to know that bead curtains came from Asia and became popular during the 1960s. 

During that time, the beads were hung from a wire or metal rod and were commonly used as home dividers. In that period, bead curtains were made from wood pieces, colored beads, and gemstones which give a flashy, spectacular effect. 

15 Best indoor beaded curtains for doorways

So, what beaded curtains for the doorways can you have? Here, we list some of the best beaded curtain designs that would look beautiful in any doorway. As such, let us dive right into this roundup. 

1. Teardrop beaded curtain

This is one of the classic designs of beaded curtain. This design specifically made use of classic, and delicate looking, small acrylic beads. It comes with eyelets for you to easily hang it on doorways. It is perfect for doorways, closet doors and can be brought out during intimate receptions at home.

2. Wooden boho style beaded curtain

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This 6ft high and 3ft wide boho style beaded curtain made of natural bamboo wood offers an earthy feel to any doorway. It is perfect for monochrome interior painting, for farmhouse and coastal style homes.

It is a ready to hang beaded curtain. It does not come with eyelets or hooks, so you must buy a set for this beaded curtain. 

3. Black string beaded curtain

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This one features a 45-string beaded curtain made from polyester material. The strings have larger gaps compared to most beaded curtains so you can count on it for good airflow and ventilation especially in small doorways that lead to small nooks in the home.

And since it is black, it can easily match any home aesthetic. Each box of this contains one half-panel so you must buy two for a whole doorway. 

4. Disco door beaded curtain

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In here, we are talking about shining, shimmering, tiny disco discs on nylon strings. If you love the modern and contemporary flair, this 15-string disco style beaded curtain is the perfect choice.

It is functional in brightening up the space through light refraction. It comes with two eyelets, and you can also opt for the golden discs for a more sophisticated vibe. 

5. Multicolored beaded curtain strands

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If you want layers of color in your doorway, you should consider these black, white, and purple beaded curtain strands for your home. It offers an illusion of separation and texture as it is made of acrylic beads.

It is also lightweight and easily swayed by air and movement, giving a dreamy feel to the doorway every time someone enters or exits the room. 

6. Self-adhesive fringe beaded curtain

You would love this coffee colored, fringe beaded curtain for your driveway. It is easy to hang because it comes in a self-adhesive rod, eliminating the need for hooks and eyelets.

It sports thin, fringed, polyester strings and in between is divided by buckle shaped beads. It is beautiful for doorways for study rooms, for a home office, for the balcony doorway, and in laundry rooms. 

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7. ‘The Eye’ bamboo beaded curtain

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For a more eye-catching, unique and mystical look for your doorway, you can opt for this bamboo beaded curtain whose strings, when unmoved, form into an image of an eye. It is a 90-string beaded curtain made of natural bamboo tubes.

It is more of a decorative beaded curtain as it falls short in the privacy function. Nonetheless, it is still a fine choice for hallways, doorways, and closet partitions. 

8. Faux crystal beaded curtain

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If you want an iridescent beaded curtain to act as room divider, for doorways or for girls’ rooms, this faux crystal beaded curtain should be on your top list. It is made of acrylic, iridescent crystals which add a funky theme to the room as well as more light.

Even when only the dimmers are opened, this beaded curtain still illuminates. It is a 34-strand, 6ftx3ft beaded curtain with readily attached rod and hooks so all you really need to set up would be the nails where it would hang on.  

9. Arched crystal beaded curtain

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For an upscale looking doorway, you can never go wrong with this crystal beaded curtain with an arched design. It is made of sparkly, crystal glass (not plastic or acrylic in material), consisting of 25 strings of combined teardrop, buckle shape and small pearl beads.

The longer strings are 23-inches in length while the shorter ones are at 12-inches. It is ready to hang with its self-adhesive hook. It is perfect for kitchen doorways and bedrooms. 

10. ‘Tree of Life’ beaded curtain

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Again, if you want a bold statement using beaded curtains, go for hand painted ones like this tree of life design here. It is made for large doorways with its 125-strand feature.

Overall, this was made of 4000 natural bamboo tubes, attached to a wooden rod. The amazing thing about this is that the tree of life image can be viewed at either side. As such, it can also be flexibly used as wall art or a door art. 

11. Nassa shell beaded curtain

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Seashells are also popular material for beaded curtains and if you are eyeing for that boho, coastal look, this one should also be a part of your list.  

It is made of fringe strings and natural nassa shells. Its beige color is perfect for spa doorways, health and wellness clinics, as well as in hippie design bedrooms. It comes with hooks so it should not be a hassle to install it. 

12. Crystal beaded tassel curtain

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When crystal beads are incorporated in dense tassel strings, it just invokes a classy look. Here, large diamond beads were used to divide the tassel strings. With its lilac color and reflective crystal beads, it makes a good choice for feminine bedrooms and game rooms, for the den or home office as well as in the laundry area. 

It does not come with hooks and a rod but it can fit standard size rods so it should not be a problem. 

13. Ball chain beaded curtain

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If you want the vibe of a high-end club and a VIP room, this metal ball chain beaded curtain is the thing for you. It is a 44-strand beaded curtain composed of 6mm ball chains. It comes with metal eyelets for quick installation. It is the best choice for outdoor doorways as it is weatherproof. 

14.Glass beaded curtain

For a fascinating, upscale looking doorway curtain or backdrop trim, this 10-meter ball shape, glass beaded curtain is a beautiful choice. It is just composed of 5-strings (each string is at 2-meters) draping on a steel wire, so this is more of a decorative beaded curtain. 

Where to buy beaded curtains?

Locally, you can buy beaded curtains in novelty shops or in curtain stores and depots with a wide range of curtain type displays. But looking for and buying beaded curtains online would be a more convenient way to get one because they do not fall short of styles and designs to choose from. For online stores to buy beaded curtains from, you should check out the following: 

  • Amazon
  • Etsy
  • Overstock
  • Shop Wild Things
  • The Bohemian Girls
  • Urban Outfitters
  • Wayfair


Of course, there are other things about bead curtains that you should know of. Hence, here are some FAQs to this curtain type that you must be aware of. 

Do beaded curtains keep flies out?

Interestingly, yes. Particularly, bead curtains that reflect light and where they can see their reflection are the best bead curtains to keep them out. This theory was patterned from the Amish tradition of hanging small glasses of water by the kitchen window or door to keep flies out because they are afraid of their own reflection. 

What are beaded curtains made of?

The most important component in making a beaded curtain would be the rod where the nylon strings would hang from and of course the materials that would cascade from the string to make the ‘bead’ materials. Usually, the beads are wood pieces or bamboo strips, marbles, ball chains, gemstones, sparkly stones, raindrop crystals, and literally colorful beads. 

How do you hang beaded curtains?

If you think that beaded curtains are for you, it would be handy to know how to hang them DIY style. With this, here are the steps in hanging beaded curtains. 

  1. Measure the doorway or window’s width and match it with the curtain’s width. If by chance the curtain is wider than the window or doorway, cut one strand at a time until everything is a perfect fit. 
  2. Hold up the curtains and level them against the top of the window or doorway. Using a level, check if the whole thing is straight and even. Adjust the position until the curtain finally centers up. 
  3. As soon as the bead curtain is centered, mark the two horizontal ends of the curtain. This is for the nails or hooks for the curtain rod to rest on. Note that the rod should be 1-1.5 inches above the window or doorway. 
  4. For the final touches, attach the hooks and then gently put each string of the beaded curtain into the curtain rod. Hang it on the hooks and that is it. 

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If you want your doorway or window to look extraordinary, beaded curtains make a fine choice. They are artsy and decorative but at the same time, prove that they can offer so much more as the many good dividers for privacy and in camouflaging small spaces and storage areas. You can choose from a range of designs and materials when it comes to beaded curtains. With all of these, it is safe to argue that beaded curtains are worth every penny.