13+ Different Types Of Curtain Rods

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Curtain rods are standard additions to the entire curtain and drapery system. Rods come in an array of types and designs. This includes the standard pole, or they could come in loops, pockets, carriers, rings, and other decorative styles. It is important to know which curtain rod to choose because it must look cohesive with the room’s look. 

If you are wondering about what curtain rod types are there for you to narrow down your choice, this post features some of the most popular types of curtain rods out there. If you are looking for these right now, this post is for you, so read on.  

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13 Types of curtain rods

different types of curtain rods

So, what are the different types of rods? In this section, we will talk about 13 different types of curtain rods, their brief descriptions and how to use them best. 

1. Conventional

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They can come in single poles or in double parallel bars. Conventional curtain rod kits often come with curtain rings, finials, and wall mounting brackets. The most common ones would be the metal conventional rods which are identifiable for their hollowed pipes. There are also those made of wood and plastic. 

2. Traverse

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This is another common curtain rod, and it is used commonly for windows with large openings. They can be mounted by the wall or up in the ceiling. They are easy to install, stylish, and highly look like drapery holes. They are also most used for pinch-pleated curtains or sheer fabric drapes. They are identifiable for their metal track and carriers. 

3. Swing arm

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This one has certain functions that other curtain rods do not have. They are unique looking because they operate on a hinge and are only attached to one side of the window. This means that the rod’s arm slides towards the bracket that is mounted on the wall. 

4. Continental


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They are also called dauphine rods and they are identifiable for their flat-faced bars. They are specifically used for heavier curtains and drapes or valances that come with rod pockets. They can also be curved for bay windows. They are also loved because they are concealed beneath the curtains or drapes. 

5. Tension

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They are ideal for bathrooms with the shower curtain, but they can also be used in other parts of the home. It is sturdy, stable, easy to install and rust resistant. They got its name from being manufactured with consistent tension.

They come in all lengths and sizes and in a range of designs including contemporary and minimalist. They are the standard curtain rods as they can be mounted directly on the sill. 

6. Decorative

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Designer look homes should not fall short on designer curtain rods, and this is what decorative rods are for. From balls shaped ones, to golden leaves and more, decorative curtain rods bring creative ways to upscale any room in the home.

They can be pricey depending on the design but they are definitely worth the shot if your goal is to improve the aesthetic value of your home. 

7. Double curtain rods

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This one features two parallel rods that allow you to hang two curtains at the same time. The curtains are held together by a steel bracket. As such, it gives a 2D effect to the room as the layers of curtains give more depth but a lot of visual appeal to any space. It is also functional for better sunlight filtering. 

8. Wooden curtain rods

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If there are brass, steel, and aluminum curtain rods, of course there would also be wooden ones. If you have a farmhouse or barn-style home or would just want a rustic feel, wooden curtain rods are what you need.

They are derived from various types of wood including bamboo. Aside from their rustic and earthy vibe, they are also cost efficient and more environment friendly. 

9. Adjustable curtain rods

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There is something charming about adjustable curtain rods that one cannot just miss. If you have enough gap between the window and the wall, this rod is a smart choice. The best part is that they do not take much time to install and of course, are easy to adjust. They can also be customized for any room size.

10. PVC curtain rods

pvc curtain rod

As the term suggests, this curtain rod is made of extendable PVC. It is functional because you can fit a smaller curtain rod in it, so that it would fit a larger pole. The upside of PVC curtain rods is that it is lightweight and very manageable. It is also an inexpensive choice that does not require cutting. 

11. Acrylic

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This one is made of a glass-like material which makes the curtain rod transparent. As such, the curtain would seem to float. It is commendable for its durability and is the perfect match for elegant drapes. It also allows easier curtain movement so in general, it gives a stylish look but with full functionality. To top that, it is also inexpensive. 

12. Corner curtain rod

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As the name implies, they are made for compact, corner spaces like those of the bedroom. They help in creating a cozy and fancy space in the room and at the same time, makes the corner more standout a lot more airy. It also creates an illusion of space for very tiny rooms. 

13. Magnetic rods

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Aside from being decorative, they are also very easy to install. Compared to the spring rod, this one is attached using a magnet system. While sleek, they can only work on metal window sills. To make it work for other window sills, glued magnetic rods are also now available. They are also more expensive and require additional work. 

14. Electric curtain rods

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Technology has also infiltrated curtain rods. Electric curtain rods allow you to remotely control the movement of your curtain with just one tap. This one is efficient for conference rooms and large living rooms, among others. You can also find them in offices.  

How to choose a curtain rod

Choosing a curtain rod is as important as choosing your curtain or drape set and because of this, you must know what to look for in a curtain rod and how to choose the best one for your home. For this, you must be aware of the following buying guides for curtain rods. 

Measurements and dimensions

The first thing to do is to always get the measurements of your windows. The rule of thumb is always opting for a curtain rod with 3-6-inches extension on both sides of the window frame. This makes the window frame look larger and allows more light to seep into the room. Standard curtain rod sizes range from 24”-170”. 

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Curtain rod style

curtain rods

As we have listed, there are different types of curtain rods. You must narrow down the choice and if you are a newbie homeowner or to these types of things, you must know the most common curtain rod styles. The choice should also stand in consideration with the overall look of your home as well as the decors. 

Notwithstanding what we have already listed, the following would be considered as the most common curtain rod styles: 

  • Standard rods
  • Double rods
  • Wraparound robs
  • Cable rods
  • Tension or spring rods

Curtain rod material

The material of the curtain rod has an effect on the overall vibe of your home. The most popular curtain rod materials would be wood, metal, brass, steel, bronze, and aluminum. Again, with this range of curtain rod materials, you need to choose the one that best compliments your home design as well as the design of the curtain set itself. 

For instance, a wooden curtain rod would fit well a rustic style home or that with wood furniture while brass, steel or bronze curtain rods would fit elegant dining and living rooms more. 

Pick the color and finish

This last pointer is for aesthetic purposes. For a warm feel, you can choose shades of brown while silver, gray and teal can evoke a cooler tone. Standard curtain rod colors would be white, black, silver, brass, and gold. As for the finish, you can choose simple finials, or have more decorative ones. 

Additional tip: Note that different rooms in the home may require different types of curtain rods because of the window dimensions, thickness of the sill and the amount of light that enters the room. But connected rooms such as the dining room and the kitchen or living room can have similar types of curtain rods. 

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FAQs on Curtain Rods

Aside from the types of curtain rods, there is also other information and tips that you should know about. Hence, here are some FAQs about curtain rods that can be useful before choosing and installing one in your home. 

What is the difference between a curtain rod and a drapery rod?

There is a lot of confusion surrounding the curtain rod and the drapery rod because of their uncanny resemblance when it comes to look. But what are their differences? 

In terms of style and finish, drapery rods are usually made of metal and are more durable because they are made for heavier weights. It is identifiable by their decorative knobs on each end. Their poles are always circular, but some are telescopic in style. They have accompanying hooks in contrast with curtain rods. 

On the other hand, curtain rods are made for lighter weight. They are also not that thick compared to drapery rods and have a more fixed thickness and length. They are mostly made of wood and metal and because curtains are threaded into it, they can tear sheer fabric curtains. 

In terms of similarities, both rods are made to hold fabric. Both can also have knobs at the end for decorative purposes and to hold the fabric in place. They come in various colors, designs and finishes. 

Are all curtain rods adjustable?

No. There are only certain types of adjustable curtain rods. The two main types would be the spring tension rods and telescopic rods. They can be adjusted because they are basically poles within a pole. The inner pole has a string underneath it which you can pull or rotate to extend the length of the rods. 

The benefits of adjustable curtain rods are, however, remarkable. This is the reason why they have become one of the most popular curtain rod choices in no time. Some of its benefits would be the following: 

  • They do not require brackets and screws for installation. 
  • They can be installed DIY and without hassle. 
  • They are relatively inexpensive. 

Are all curtain rods of the same size? 

As have been mentioned previously, prefab curtain rods come in available sizes that range from 24-170-inches. Most fit standard window sizes but of course, these could still be adjustable or customized depending on the design that you want and the specific dimensions of your window. This is again the reason why adjustable curtain rods are more preferred nowadays. 

How many clips do you need for a curtain rod? 

The rule of thumb for this one is one clip for every 10cm of the curtain rod. However, this one depends on the weight of the curtain or drape too. For instance, lighter curtains need fewer clips while thicker, denser ones might need a few extra clips. Aside from the clips, it is also recommended that you buy curtain rings to attach it too. This adds more support to the curtain especially if you prefer the baggier ones. 

Do curtain rods require a center support? 

According to basics, curtain rods would need a center support if the window is too long to be mounted straightly without falling off. As such, it is known that the longer the curtain rod, the more center support it would need. 

Is there a proper placement for curtain rods? 

Per rule of thumb, the best placement for curtain rods would be six inches at both sides of the window trim. But of course, this could be adjusted until the curtain looks full. The finials and knobs can extend beyond the six inches, but they are not part of the placement measurement. 

Can I hang a curtain rod without brackets? 

Fortunately, yes. The easiest ways to hang a curtain rod without the use of brackets would be installing coat hooks or command hooks or just installing a tension rod curtain rod. The main reason as to why brackets are not that wanted is because you need to put a hole in the wall. The hooks are more practical because they are only mounted using wall adhesives. This gives you more liberty to change the rods as often as you can or to change the curtain arrangement with ease. 

How much weight can curtain rods hold? 

At best, curtain rods can hold 20lbs which by the way is the common weight of a full curtain set. Tension rods for instance have evolved and now feature designs that can hold more than 30lbs using advanced rod features like the non-fall tension mechanism. 

How can curtain rods be covered? 

If you love concealed curtain rods in pursuit of more visual appeal, here are the five ways which you can do to cover exposed curtain rods. 

  • Use a cornice: This one is a wood or PVC molding which crowns entirely the curtain rod. Aside from being a go-to choice for the purpose of covering the curtain rod, it is also one of the most aesthetic choices for the home because of its formal and very sophisticated look. 
  • Use a pelmet: It is like a flatter cornice placed above the window. Its main function is to conceal all obstructive curtain features and that includes curtain rods. But its more upscale function is that it adds more insulation to the room. They can be made of plywood, cushioned, or painted an accessorized depending on the vibe of the room where it is installed. 
  • Use a valance: If you do not want to add another fixture like a cornice or a pelmet, the most cost-efficient way to cover a curtain rod would be putting in a valance. Aside from being decorative, it seamlessly complements the curtain because of the same fabric used. Most of all, it also helps in making the room look fuller and wider. 
  • Alternative choices: This is not the most popular choice but the use of wall adhesives or even Velcro tapes can make a difference in covering curtain rods. They are inexpensive and are directly used as they are to cover any curtain rods and other curtain set obstructions. 


Whatever your home design is, there is a curtain rod made for you. You just must be on the know of the different types of curtain rods and narrow down the best match for your home. Each rod has its own functional benefit.

They also differ in terms of aesthetic design and what they can do to a room. As such, like choosing your curtain and drape sets, you also have to make a good decision when it comes to curtain rods.