57+ Cool Infinity Tattoo Ideas and Designs

Tattoos have endless meanings to people who want to get inked. One of the most universal symbols would be the infinity symbol. Some conjure it as the number eight, some look at it as a loop but for sure, the majority looks at it as more than just a number or a math symbol. There are many reasons as to why you would want an infinity tattoo and if you want fresh ideas to combine and make it unique, here are some for you.

best infinity tattoos

What does the infinity symbol mean in tattoos?

The infinity symbol has become increasingly famous not only for jewelers but also in modern tattoo ideas. It can be modified with added elements or infused in a larger tattoo idea but the infinity symbol with the traditional loop or number eight symbol remains vivid. A lot of people are particularly drawn to the symbol because it means continuity, an eternal connection, an unsevered bond and even vitality. Thus, through the years, we have seen variations in the infinity symbol as we have seen double infinity designs, infinity cross, infinity heart, the infinity symbol as extended images of other tattoo designs and many more.  Related

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Best infinity tattoo ideas

Animal infinity tattoos

Whether linked serpents or a picture of your favorite pet who just died with the infinite symbol etched in it, animal infinity tattoos are unique to look at and are really intriguing. 1 anfinity tattoo ideas2 anfinity tattoo ideas3 anfinity tattoo ideas4 anfinity tattoo ideas5 anfinity tattoo ideas6 anfinity tattoo ideas

Infinity cross tattoo

This has become a trend over the years and it means many things from being in a deep relationship with God to commitment to eternal love. Modifications have been done over the years but the symbolic meaning stays true. Look at these ideas.7 anfinity tattoo ideas8 anfinity tattoo ideas9 anfinity tattoo ideas10 anfinity tattoo ideas scaled11 anfinity tattoo ideas12 anfinity tattoo ideas13 anfinity tattoo ideas14 anfinity tattoo ideas

Infinity tattoo with tribal accent

Talk about the combination of symbolic meaning with swag and that is what you get with an infinity tattoo with tribal accent. They are gothic, chic and are really a standout when inked in visible areas like in the stretch of the arm, legs, collar bone, etc. Take a look at these designs15 anfinity tattoo ideas16 anfinity tattoo ideas17 anfinity tattoo ideas18 anfinity tattoo ideas


Double infinity tattoo

There are many designs using the double infinity tattoo. Most often than not, they look like the Boston Celtics logo so you might want to add a few modifications to it. In general, double infinity tattoos are commanding but also beautiful to look at especially if it has other additions in each end like an anchor and a heart or names of the people we love. Check these ideas.20 anfinity tattoo ideas21 anfinity tattoo ideas22 anfinity tattoo ideas scaled23 anfinity tattoo ideas24 anfinity tattoo ideas25 anfinity tattoo ideas26 anfinity tattoo ideas27 anfinity tattoo ideas

Infinity tattoo with names

This infinity tattoo idea will never go out of style. While very personal, it is also intriguing because it could be anyone from your parents, to you and your partner’s name, your children, your pets, anyone. Plus, it truly speaks of eternal love so what better statement of that commitment is there than getting inked with it right? Here are some ideas:28 anfinity tattoo ideas29 anfinity tattoo ideas30 anfinity tattoo ideas31 anfinity tattoo ideas32 anfinity tattoo ideas33 anfinity tattoo ideas34 anfinity tattoo ideas35 anfinity tattoo ideas

Infinity feather tattoo

Feather means peace, freedom, limitless possibilities and wisdom. The feather simply is full of positive associations and you can explore what the feather symbol will mean personally to you if you ever get inspired to get inked. Adding an infinity symbol with the feather makes it more symbolic if you ask me and here are some ideas from PinterestBlack Poison Tattoosthat will prove that to you36 anfinity tattoo ideas37 anfinity tattoo ideas38 anfinity tattoo ideas39 anfinity tattoo ideas40 anfinity tattoo ideas41 anfinity tattoo ideas42 anfinity tattoo ideas43 anfinity tattoo ideas

Infinity geometric tattoo

Geometric tattoos are really awesome to look at. It is modern, minimalistic and complex all at the same time. The infinity symbol is now being infused in geometric tattoos making it all the cooler to look at. Here are some ideas44 anfinity tattoo ideas45 anfinity tattoo ideas

Heavy black ink infinity tattoo

There’s the delicate designs and then there’s the heavy black ink designs. Aside from looking bulky and very emphasized, choosing heavy black ink ensures that your infinity symbol is seen from afar regardless of how small. It is good for people who really intend to send the message of their tattoos or for showing off. It looks awesome though. Look at these ideas46 anfinity tattoo ideas47 anfinity tattoo ideas48 anfinity tattoo ideas

Flower infinity tattoo

It can be flowers meeting at the convergence point or an infinity tattoo made entirely of flowers but flower infinity tattoos are beautiful because they are so delicate and elegant to look at. It is emotive, may even look like your personal coat of arms and stuff, but you can never go wrong with flower infinity tattoos like these ones.50 anfinity tattoo ideas55 anfinity tattoo ideas54 anfinity tattoo ideas52 anfinity tattoo ideas49 anfinity tattoo ideas51 anfinity tattoo ideas

Innovative infinity tattoo

This type of infinity tattoos are truly out of the box and are highly customized. To make you feel like it is only you who has the tattoo, you can go for this type of tattoo because there is no limit to what you could do to the infinity symbol. Take a look at these designs.56 anfinity tattoo ideas57 anfinity tattoo ideas


The infinity symbol will always be both universal (as a symbol) and personal as a tattoo piece. Whatever the reason is behind every infinity tattoo idea, it will always revolve around messages of bond, connection, eternal commitment, flourishing and continuity. With these, it is safe to say that the infinity tattoo is more than just a loop or a number but more of a narrative which some people would want to be inked with because it represents more than just a tattoo idea.


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