How To Get Rid Of Millipedes

Last Updated on June 14, 2020 by Kimberly Crawford

As kids, we were made to believe that millipedes have a thousand legs so we would sit and watch just to prove it but they are so tiny we couldn’t get a good view.

Back then, they were just subjects of fascination but now that we have gardens and plants to tend, having them around could be a real nuisance especially that they make wood brittle and they compete with the nutrients of our prized plants. So how do you get rid of them?

ways to get rid of millipedes

Why do I have millipedes in my home?

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The crucial thing about millipedes like other bugs would be that you won’t know that your home is already infested until you dig up. So why exactly have they infested your home in the first place?

First off, they are scavengers and they love moist places like stock logs, leaves, mulch in the garden, and even compost.

If your home is surrounded by all of these, then that settles your question. But sometimes, they could be too invasive and lay eggs inside the home itself thanks to harsh outdoor temperatures like too much rain, drought, or too much cold.

Once they are inside the home, they would inhabit damp spaces such as the laundry area, the attic, the basement, all over. 

Are millipedes dangerous? 

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We all know that millipedes curl up when they are touched but that does not mean that they are harmless.

Aside from emitting a stinky smell when they die, the oozing fluid out of them should not be touched in any way.

Sensitive skinned people report having blisters after touching the fluid and if it is not enough of a warning statement, then think again. Aside from this, they crawl out in the night, and being the small creatures that they are, they could crawl in your ears without you even knowing it. 

How do I get rid of millipedes for good? 

get rid of millipedes

Like all other things, there are ways to get rid of millipedes for good, and here are some of the easiest ways for you to do that. 

1. Keep a dry surrounding

One natural way to get rid of millipedes is to dry up. This does not mean of course that you have to get rid of your garden and potted plants.

This only means that you have to dry up the spaces where they have niched especially inside the house like putting a thermostat or a humidifier. As for the garden, you can dry up the mulch after spreading them out. 

2. Make their habitat inhabitable

As scavengers, millipedes are drawn to food sources.

Constantly removing wood sticks, leaves, mulch, and decomposing organic trash would make your vicinity inhabitable for them leaving them no other choice but to just search for a new home. And to make sure that they do not really come back again, keep a bare and clean lawn or space in the home. A 12 to 18 inches away from home walls or foundations would be good too. 

3. Spraying millipede killers

There are two types of millipede killers: liquid and powder insecticides.

The liquid insecticides are mostly used in the soil, plant pots, and all potential outdoor habitats. On the other hand, the powder insecticides are used for foundation walls, window sills, and entry sites in damp areas in the house. 

Home remedies to rid millipedes that are definitely myths

In your pursuit to search for natural ways to get rid of millipedes for good, you might have wound up with some home remedy suggestions that surfaced the net. And before you could make the same mistakes as the others did, here are some home remedies to rid millipedes that are definitely myths. 

1. Pouring bleach in the soil

Well, you can go all ballistic and spray the entire lawn with bleach and practically kill all the millipedes but nothing easy ever came without a prize. If you do this, you will call all your plants too and eventually the soil. 

2. Baking soda

This is one of the biggest millipede scams ever because the baking soda won’t kill them, it will only eliminate the foul smell they excrete. Millipedes are not repelled and you won’t know they are still there because you just concealed their scent. 

3. Detergent

This is quite contestable since soapy water is a potent killer of anything that crawls. While detergent makes soapy water, it will not do anything with millipedes.

The right home remedy that you need is not detergent but dish soap. A 50-50 solution of dish soap and water would truly do the trick for the millipedes. 


ways to get rid of millipedes naturally

Like all other insects and bugs, millipedes could really be growing pain when not attended to immediately. In the desperation to get rid of them for good, you will find some home remedies that will look enticing but would not help in the end. The most solid recourse here is to follow legit tips and get rid of them in an instant.