Is Moving From Toronto To Calgary a Good Idea?

Last Updated on July 26, 2022 by Kimberly Crawford

The number of people moving to Calgary has grown over the years. According to a recent report, 141,539 Canadians relocated to Calgary between 2016 and 2020. These are significantly high numbers considering these are purely interprovincial migrations. 

Among those that relocated, 11,246 arrived from Toronto. 

If you live in Toronto but are an aspiring Calgarian, I am sure you have a gazillion questions. First, does the city boast opportunities that are seemingly hard to pass? And the most prominent being, Is moving from Toronto to Calgary a good idea?

This article focuses on Calgary, looking into what motivates Canadians to move to Alberta’s largest city and whether taking the bold step and relocation is a good idea.

What Does Calgary Have To Offer?


If you are considering to move from Toronto to Calgary, know that:

Calgarians Enjoy a Lower Cost of Living

With the cost of living at an all-time high, it’s only wise to be wary of your spending. 

According to Numbeo, a Calgary resident with approximately 6,204C$ can sustain the same lifestyle as a person in Toronto with 7,000C$. However small, this difference in cost of living makes a huge difference in the long run. A mindful spender will be able to accumulate money more easily, making Calgary one of the most preferred Canadian cities in terms of affordability.

Furthermore, Calgary residents are not subjected to provincial taxes. So, by moving from Toronto, you can say goodbye to the 8% provincial tax, allowing you to save even more.

Calgary Offers Excellent Living And Working Conditions

According to, Calgary is among the three best Canadian cities in terms of livability and working conditions

Toronto came in the 13th position.

Being at the top showcases Calgary as one of Canada’s economic powerhouses. The city attracts a large number of skilled personnel, and these statistics are only proof that people who relocate to Calgary have a higher chance of achieving economic success compared to if they stayed in Toronto. 

Calgary Is A Fast-Growing Business Center

Toronto has a pretty stable economy and has thriving industries including but not limited to real estate, fintech, wholesale, and trade. 

However, Calgary has numerous industries spearheading the country’s economic growth. Some of the most booming industries include aerospace & logistics, energy, agribusiness, fintech, and technology, continuously facilitating the city’s growth. 

Calgary Has a High Millionaire Population

Well, a large number of millionaires in Canada live in Toronto. However, according to wealthawesome, Calgary boasts a larger number of millionaires per capita. And considering the wealthy create jobs and drive a city’s prosperity, you can expect great economic opportunities, among other perks.

So, is moving from Toronto to Calgary a good idea? But of course! It’s actually an excellent idea as a moving from Calgary to Toronto

Calgary is a fast-rising business hub, thus, creating the perfect environment for people looking to explore job opportunities or entrepreneurship. Furthermore, with a lower cost of living, you can easily improve your quality of life.

moving from calgary to toronto

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