30+ Best Kitchen Vent Hood Ideas and Designs (With Photos)

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The kitchen area is the part of the home where everything must be neat and clean because it is where all our meals are prepared and served. As such, investing in home appliances and fixtures that would help us deliver that desired all-day hygiene by eliminating odors, grease and others is always worth the shot. 

One of these fixtures would be a kitchen hood. While they are very accessible in the market, they come at quite a price. Aside from that, the installation and look often look generic.

In this post, we shall look into some standout kitchen hood ideas which you can consider for your kitchen. If you are currently looking for one or if you are considering installing one in the future, read on.

cheap kitchen vent hood ideas designs

30 Kitchen Hood Ideas

Any homeowner would know that installing a kitchen hood offers a lot of benefits. As have been mentioned, they are specifically designed to exhaust smoke, odors, grease and other air pollutants lurking in the kitchen. Hence, without much ado, let us dive into some of the kitchen hood ideas which you can incorporate in your own kitchen. 

1. Shiny tube

1 kitchen hood ideas designs

This cylindrical shiny tube in this modern kitchen design looks good in it.

The kitchen hood in the color white always pops in any color combination and is very attractive that it looks like an addition to the open storage areas above the stove rather than a kitchen hood. This one is a very classy selection you might want to add to your homes. 

2. Metallic Panel

2 kitchen hood ideas designs

For those who want a kitchen that is small and stylish, try this metallic panel kitchen hood idea. It goes with the total design of this area plus it adds aesthetic value since it does not look like a hood but an accent of the wall. 

When you are choosing a kitchen hood, it is best if you keep them as modern as it can be because it gives extra beauty in the kitchen, not to mention its function and ergonomic style which boosts the cooking area.

3. Glass Layered

3 kitchen hood ideas designs

A kitchen hood made out of glass is a very interesting idea. From this kitchen, you can see that this glass layered kitchen hood seems like a chandelier that is lighting the whole area. However, being on top of the stove describes its function. 

The total look of this kitchen is very upscale, out of the ordinary and just stands out on its own. If you want to take your kitchen hood in a totally different level, this idea is one to take inspiration from. 

4. Simple Metallic Pyramid

4 kitchen hood ideas designs
Source: Houzz

This kitchen hood style is very much an old looking design but is timeless and does not go out of style. This total kitchen design layout is so perfect with this kitchen hood design idea.

It works well on modern homes but looks better in a rustic country or in a vintage themed house where you can keep reminding yourself of the roaring 60s because of this kitchen hood design. 

5. Wooden Pyramid

5 kitchen hood ideas designs
Source: Oceanside Abbey Carpet

Pairing colors is always a plus and this wooden flooring matched with a kitchen hood made out of wood works perfectly well together giving so much of a traditional vibe.

Woods are known to be prone to fire, water, and termites but it is still very much recommendable since they can still perform their function. If you want it plain and natural, this is the best choice for you. 

6. Classic Style

6 kitchen hood ideas designs

Looking a lot like vintage, this kitchen is very much of a classic style. While everyone goes for a modern kitchen hood idea, it is still so good to stick with the traditional designs like this another kitchen hood idea.

This one has a steel inside but encased in polished wood laminate. It is very classic and stylish at the same time. If going for a classic idea, this one is a great selection for you. 

7. Chimney shaped

7 kitchen hood ideas designs

If you want it long and marble, this kitchen hood idea is perfect for you. A marble material is very much a trend because it is strong and has a variety of colors you can choose from.

Marbles are expensive but can surely add beauty in the home plus it is very artistic to look at. You can also make custom shapes using marbles as a material this, this chimney shaped kitchen hood. 

8. Old palace style

8 kitchen hood ideas designs

It is not so wrong to go for grandeur like this old palace style kitchen hood. It is a picture-perfect design of gothic that looks very old but stylish.

The colors from the floor to the ceiling and the furniture present in the kitchen is very much in style. 

Focusing on the kitchen hood, the design is very unique and is very sturdy looking. However, anything that is made of wood is still very much prone to fire which is why it needs a high level of care. 

9. Square-covered hood

9 kitchen hood ideas designs

Although this kitchen has a modern design as a whole, it is accented with a wooden square covered hood that makes it look natural.

The color of the hood made it pop out in this design making it the focal point in this entire area. Pairing the wood with a wooden stoop makes it eco-friendly, clean and beautiful, all at the same time.

10. Bright scalloped hood

10 kitchen hood ideas designs
Source: HGTV

More than its function, this kitchen hood is giving so much beauty inside this kitchen. It is best for home owners to have a kitchen that looks good so as to alleviate their feelings on a tiring day from all the kitchen work.

If you are wanting a kitchen that is clean and beautiful to look at, this bright scalloped hood is a good choice for you. 

11. Robust wood-covered hood

11 kitchen hood ideas designs
Source: Marie Flanigan

Using wood as a material in a hood is very popular like this robust wood-covered hood.

In this design, the kitchen looks bigger because aside from the white color which creates an illusion to make an area look big, the kitchen hood is attached to the wall plus the wood covering above the stove making it so large, neat and simple. 

12. Stainless steel pyramid

12 kitchen hood ideas designs

Though the design is very much traditional, the material used is so much modern with a stainless steel. It is of much quality and durable that it stands for years.

This kitchen hood is in old style but blending in this beautiful kitchen layout makes it a whole new looking.

13. Short stainless pyramid

13 kitchen hood ideas designs
Source: MainStreet Design Build

Looking a lot like the latter but smaller in size. This one is perfect for small kitchen areas like this kitchen. The size of the kitchen hood always depends on how big your stove is to serve its function.

In this case, a smaller stove means a smaller kitchen hood. It still is very much useful and stylish plus the metallic color allows you to blend with just any color like this one. 

14. Curved stainless steel pyramid

14 kitchen hood ideas designs

A kitchen that has unique elements make it also unique as a whole. Not looking like the basics or the traditional ones, this kitchen hood is very unlikely but looks good in this kitchen design.

It is always good to have one that is long lasting while serving its function very well. Just like the other metallic kitchen hood, it matches well with just any color. 

15. Fresh style hood

15 kitchen hood ideas designs

When you are looking for a kitchen hood that does not take so much space and is looking like just a part of the cabinetry, you may opt for this design. As you can see, a room that is full of white is very clean and fresh to look at and be at.

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15. Gothic style hood

A dark color kitchen brings out an elegant vibe that is why going dark is okay. In this gothic kitchen design, the outer surface of this kitchen hood is made as a decorative area where a picture frame is placed, which is why it does not look so much like a hood.

The style goes a lot like the elements beside that is why this one is also a good choice.

17. Victorian style hood

17 kitchen hood ideas designs

This one speaks so much of the Renaissance which is looking oh so fine and elegant. This hood is very stylish with all the many cabinetries and with the gold accent color. When you want it classy and gothic, you might want to have this kitchen hood idea. 

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18. Plain and simple hood

18 kitchen hood ideas designs

Incorporating the stove and range within the cabinet halls scream modern design. The recessed appliances and kitchen fixtures even include the hood.

There are no other things aside from the color brown and black but it is very attractive that you might want to look twice when visiting this kitchen. Having it plain and simple is a good idea. 

19. Light yet effective hood

19 kitchen hood ideas designs

Although not looking the same this idea is the best alternative to the fresh style hood design. It provides enough ventilation and still makes the kitchen look clean and cool. If you want it small but useful, go for this kitchen hood design. 

20. Warm and suburban

20 kitchen hood ideas designs
Source: Braam’s Custom Cabinets

This hood has a strong ventilation system and is a better alternative to the gothic style. Looking modern and elegant, this kitchen hood can remove smoke and heat from the kitchen more effectively.

When you are looking more at its function and use rather than how it looks in the kitchen, this one is a good choice.

21. Sleek and Simple Hood

This one is in harmony with the kitchen design. Also, this kitchen hood is recommended and preferred by many because it is so easy to clean.

The metallic material in this kitchen hood keeps in style and is just the right size for this kitchen area. If you want it simple, just large enough and metallic, go for this one. 

22. Professional grade vent hood

22 kitchen hood ideas designs
Source: A360 a r c h i t e c t s

If you want it modern and in style, choose this kind of kitchen hood. Aside from it looks good and has a metallic material, it is also one that does not get out of style easily. It also adapts to any kitchen design that is why it is also a perfect choice. 

This style is so classy and professional given that it is put in a kitchen island where everyone at home or even your guests could see. That is why it is a must that you have it clean and beautiful. 

23. Contemporary vent hood

23 kitchen hood ideas designs

This is another metallic vent hood blended with the natural colors of the kitchen. It is quite large and creates an impact because it is very seen and highlighted inside the kitchen.

The silver tones of this hood is versatile to any type of kitchen interior and its cascading down to the kitchen island makes it homier and cozier. 

24. Modern Looking Vent Hood

24 kitchen hood ideas designs

Who does not want it modern and trendy, right? This kitchen has a very shiny metallic kitchen hood that is very modern and very stylish.

The long square shape with silverish color is one that is timeless and makes the view good looking. The shape is in harmony with all the furniture present inside that is why this whole kitchen idea is superb recommendable for homeowners.

25. Mini stainless-steel pyramid-shaped vent hood

25 kitchen hood ideas designs

In a small spaced kitchen area, it is best to have a kitchen hood like this one. Traditional as it may seem and has a super small kitchen hood unlike all the others mentioned above.

Because of this small sized stove, it is viewed as the size of the cabinetry plus it is metallic in color that is why it is very much beautiful to look at. 

26. Mini modern looking vent hood

26 kitchen hood ideas designs

This one is pretty cool, simple and classy to look at. The light coming from the kitchen hood adds to the overall look of the kitchen plus all the other elements present of course.

The combination of white and silver also blends well that is why it is so beautiful to look at even in a small sized room. 

27. White brick Vent hood

27 kitchen hood ideas designs
Designer:Craig Parkes, Parliament Interiors

Black, white and wood color always work well together. They look expensive together and look so classy. This style is perfect for home owners who want it a little simple but comes out so beautifully.

The white brick squared vent hood is also giving something the whole design. The hood seems small but surely serves its function. 

28. Contrasting vent hood (colors)

28 kitchen hood ideas designs

Speaking of contrasting colors, this one is very much looking good. The white color in contrast with any bold color is a sure highlight of an area. It helps in making the bold colors pop out just like this color combination.

All the dark browns are being seen and plus the vertical patterns that make it look long. When you have a small space area, you might take it as a basis to your kitchen hood. A very nice idea.

29. Patterned Vent Hood

29 kitchen hood ideas designs

It is always nice to go for the plains but more so if it has patterns that give it life and style. In this kitchen area, the kitchen hood looks very attractive and is basically the area’s focal point.

The design lives up to what is called modern and classy plus the size is just okay for the size of the kitchen. If you are fond of patterns, this is the idea that you would surely like.

30. Contemporary Cottage Kitchen

30 kitchen hood ideas designs
Photographer:Valerie Wilcox

In this kitchen design, the color black serves as an accent color of the white wall color. Also, the horizontal pattern of the kitchen hood is looking good in this kitchen design.

When you are not sure of the perfect kitchen hood idea for your kitchens, this is surely a hit homeowners would go for. 

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Aside from the kitchen hood ideas that we have covered so far, there is also notable information which you should be aware of when it comes to complementing kitchen hood and more. Hence, here are some FAQs about kitchen hoods for you. 

What are hoods for in the kitchen?

Kitchen hoods are primarily designed to keep odors, smoke, grease and other pollutants released into the air while cooking. These are basically owed to the motorized fan of the kitchen hood which sucks them all in a vent and then released out after. 

Are kitchen hoods necessary?

Kitchen hoods are necessary inside the kitchen because they keep your kitchen from chemicals and smoke which makes the kitchen clean and smell healthy.

Depending on the size of your kitchen and stove, kitchen hoods make so much contribution speaking of ventilation and more. If you have the budget, a kitchen hood is a good investment. 

How do you vent a kitchen without a hood?

For home owners who do not want a hood installed in their kitchens, make sure that if you are cooking, see to it that your windows are open or you have a ceiling fan inside to keep the area ventilated and prevent an unlikely smell to stay in the kitchen. 

Are there different types of hoods?  

Yes, and the most common ones would be the following: 

  • Wall Mount Range Hoods: This is the most common type of stove hood. This is attached securely to the wall. For best functioning, mount the hood in a range of 28’’ – 36’’ between the bottom of the hood and the cooking surface of the stove.
  • Under Cabinet Range Hoods: Unlike the others, these hoods are not attached to the wall but on the cabinets. They are looking like one with the cabinets which makes it a perfect design. This is commonly seen in modern design kitchens. This is a great choice for homeowners who have cupboards or cabinet storage above their cooktop. 
  • Island Range Hoods: As the name suggests, hoods are found in the kitchen island. Stoves in a kitchen island look very much modern and stylish and it looks like a stove and hood in a restaurant. This is very much likely for homeowners because they can use their kitchen island in going with a very beautiful and attractive kitchen hood.
  • Range Hood Inserts: Range Hood inserts are made with a customized kitchen hood. They are not seen on the outside and the design of the kitchen hood since they are placed on top of the stovetop or cooktop. This is recommendable if you want to have control of the look of your ventilation fan or if you have a customized cabinetry and you want them functioning. 
  • Professional Grade Range Hoods: These hoods are made for homeowners who want the most accurate and efficient hoods. They exert a professional range of kitchen hood not to mention the classy and professional looking of the kitchen hood design. If you are looking for an expensive yet very accurate functioning that has attractive designs, this is the most suited type for you. 
  • Downdraft Range Hoods or Ventilation: This type is mainly seen for its decorative function rather than its main function because of several reasons. One is that it isn’t able to cover a cooktop and capture all the steam, smoke and chemicals that other hoods can, which is not recommendable to homeowners. However, if you want one because of the style and design, this is a perfect choice for you.

Can you have a stove without a hood?

Majority of residential buildings do not require a hood inside their kitchens. However, it is much recommended to have one in your homes even if it is not legally required. Range hoods are designed to collect airborne grease, moisture and cooking odors, thus, very functional in homes. 


Kitchen hoods are a very nice investment for home owners. They give the kitchen a stylish vibe and at the same time functioning to keep the area ventilated and always smelling good at the same time.

When you are in a dilemma of placing a hood or not in your kitchen, its range of benefits is already sufficient to keep you convinced. It can be expensive depending on the size and design but the benefit it gives in a home is above the given price.