35+ Best Kitchen Island Lighting Ideas and Designs (Photos)

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Lighting plays a very important role in interior designs. Kitchen islands in particular are almost always arranged with lighting, specifically pendant lights.

There are different types of ambient lighting for the kitchen. Having the perfect kitchen island lighting fixture can create different moods and elevate dining vibes. 

If you are looking for some kitchen island lighting ideas, you have come to the right post. A rundown of some notable arrangements is listed here for your reference and perusal so read on. 

best kitchen island lighting ideas designs

35 Kitchen Island Lighting Ideas 

When you are still wondering of the perfect lighting ideas to place in your kitchen island, here are your guides to a perfect lighting inside your homes. 

1. Large Industrial pendants

1 kitchen island lighting ideas

A large kitchen needs complementary lights, thus, these large Industrial pendant lights for the kitchen island is a good choice.

In this kitchen, the lights are placed in the center of the dining table where most lights are focused. It mainly serves its function, to give light plus its classy decorative look used inside of the kitchen. 

2. Billiard Style Pendant

2 kitchen island lighting ideas

A simple but classy light likened to a billiard style. The color complements the insides of the kitchen and it brings a stylish aura as the lights design comes in a different, chic look. More than its main function, it also added beauty in the kitchen’s look. 

3. Yellow Pendant

3 kitchen island lighting ideas

It is always a good idea to go with vibrant colors like this one put above a breakfast table. It keeps up the positive vibe in a home plus it adds to the overall aesthetic of the dining area.

This is also a good pendant light for small kitchen islands to make the compact kitchen cozier than ever. 

4. Pink pendant lampshade

4 kitchen island lighting ideas

If you want a more feminine look for your kitchen island, a flaring, feisty, pink lampshade is a good fit. This one is in between the kitchen island and the corner dining.

It seamlessly connects the divisions of this dining area. The choice of colors are also on point so overall, this look does not disappoint. 

5. Custom glass pendant

5 kitchen island lighting ideas

Glass as a furniture inside the home is always nice and elegant. In this kitchen area the emerald color matches the transparent glassy light and all the elements that have been going around in this kitchen set.

The glass pendant has some special work to do not just on the lighting side but on the decorative side, especially that there is one hanging by the dining table and the adjacent island. 

6. Diamond-motif pendants

6 kitchen island lighting ideas

Always go for a lighting that can add sophistication to your kitchen island just like this diamond motif pendant. The color white is always classy plus the diamond pattern put above a dining area is perfect for kitchen lighting.

This small spaced kitchen island with these two pendant lights is so perfect. The look certainly gives justice to itself. 

7. Light on top and below

7 kitchen island lighting ideas

For new interior designs, this light on top and below lighting in a kitchen sounds fun and interesting.

Having this type inside your homes provides just the right amount of light needed plus the design and style which makes it different from all that is listed here.

Now, this one here is an unorthodox kitchen in a postmodern, subterranean kitchen. But the idea here would work well in any kitchen. 

8. Brass fixtures with clear bulb

8 kitchen island lighting ideas

This one does not go out of style. The color, shape and placement of this lighting plus the warm light it produces is a total light must have. Sometimes, a kitchen island just needs something posh, canned, and not cascading. The brass fixtures are just opulent. 

9. Orb pendants

9 kitchen island lighting ideas

In this kind of kitchen space, a number of orb pendants are arranged to give this kitchen a layered look. While there is no island in this look, it would work well with one. The clean look of the white orb can match any kitchen design. 

10. White saucer pendant

10 kitchen island lighting ideas

This light looks big but still classy hanging from exposed beams, lending shapes and texture to the plain white backdrop.

It is always a good thing to have lighting that is suitable for your ceiling and the insides of the dining area. Just an added bonus if it produces light that gives a dramatic aura which makes it more of a home.

11. Neutral ceramic pendant

11 kitchen island lighting ideas

The three pendants which are hung in line with each other is another lighting design which pulls off a well-balanced neutral palette in this kitchen island.

The whole kitchen is combined with all the neutral colors accented with these lights plus the different colors of utensils at the insides of the glass drawer. Organic and natural looking, this one is indeed one for the books.  

12. Exposed wire pendants

12 kitchen island lighting ideas

This one offers a fresh and modern interior for the kitchen. The industrial style pendant lights also complement well with the kitchen island.

The arrangement is unique and stylish making it the focal point of this seaside home. The cascading wires and connecting pendant lights in different heights also add a layer to this kitchen, overall.

13. Polished cage lights

13 kitchen island lighting ideas

The overall look of this kitchen with island is very homey and posh at the same time. Everything complements each other. That rose gold cage light is very eye-catching.

The depth that it brings and the texture that it offers to the kitchen is stunning. Plus, the suburban style feel of the kitchen island is something to pine after. 

14. Dandelion Chandeliers

14 kitchen island lighting ideas

As the name suggests, the chandelier is a big light shaped in a dandelion. So much like a dandelion that you might just want to wish and blow it in the air but this one is hard and lights up the whole kitchen so generously.

Given that it is unique and somewhat customized, it might cost a lot. Nonetheless, it provided elegance inside the kitchen.

15. Sleek steel features

15 kitchen island lighting ideas

Nowadays, the more unique the light, the higher the chance of it being bought in modern houses. Just like this sleek steel lighting. It is so long but exudes class and uniqueness. When placed where most people are during occasions, this one is a total head turner. 

16. Opal glass and vintage brass

16 kitchen island lighting ideas

There is so much going on with this kind of lighting but still a good catch. A cylindrical long light that keeps the kitchen bright plus the color goes along with the kitchen’s motif. This is primarily beautiful with this half kitchen island and extending dining table. 

17. Globular plaster pendant

17 kitchen island lighting ideas

This black and white kitchen is so unique and modern that you would just want to stay and eat along with your friends because it is so classic to look at and the organization is so perf plus a stylish lighting that completes this look.

Such a beautiful kitchen one would take two or three more looks because it is just so good and clean to see. Adding this to a kitchen island is very sleek, and modern looking. 

18. Mix of old and new

18 kitchen island lighting ideas

You will never go wrong choosing the old but coming up with the idea of mixing it with the new ones makes a masterpiece.

In this idea, you can see the whole galaxy wrapped around in the kitchen of a home. The lights served as the planet while other elements gave in support to this theme. 

19. Industrial bulb

19 kitchen island lighting ideas

Simplicity is always top of the choice. In here, using an industrial bulb to light up this small kitchen is a perfect idea to keep the place subtle, clean, and a little privy. This kitchen, as simple as it looks, will never go wrong in so many people’s eyes.

20. Refined rustic

20 kitchen island lighting ideas

Sometimes, when you have nothing else authentic to think of, the best turn is always to go rustic. The vibe and simplicity it brings is always top of the line. Also, the lights bring out so much rusticity and this simple transparent vibe is a better choice for this kind of kitchen. 

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21. Black lamp

21 kitchen island lighting ideas

Black mixes with all the colors. It emphasizes the color along with it and makes it appear glamorous and sexy. They say anything that is paired with black is perfect and no one could disagree with that. This black lamp in the kitchen is classic! 

22. Rose gold ball

22 kitchen island lighting ideas

There is just something very calm and alluring about rose gold. It is feminine but very versatile at the same time.

In this kitchen island lighting, the effect of rose gold ball lights is just phenomenal.  It is artsy and glam at the same time making this kitchen a very cozy nook with a bit of a playful look. 

23. Cut outs

23 kitchen island lighting ideas

This one is simple in nature but is very unique when lit up. Just looking at the cut out of this lamp, it will surely turn the kitchen into something that one would not imagine looking at.  This is a killer idea. So simple and artsy.

24. Small pendant

24 kitchen island lighting ideas

A small pendant light with a long drop which is making a statement in this kitchen area. The long drop creates so much drama which makes this place more of a safe place than a kitchen alone. A place meant for eating and bonding. 

25. Multi colored glass

25 kitchen island lighting ideas

A multi colored glass light is also up in style with this traditional kitchen hub. More than the light itself is the added color it gives to the kitchen area plus the different size of pendants that creates a dramatic effect when lit. 

26. Circular pendant lights

26 kitchen island lighting ideas

As simple as a circular pendant light makes up this whole new classic modern kitchen.

A big, black, circular covering of the bulb hung up above the table in contrast with the colors of the elements around the kitchen. This one is so simple but still is making a statement in this area.

27. Polished Nickel Pentagon

27 kitchen island lighting ideas

This one has a short drop with a stylish cage pendant in pentagon shape which is seemingly protecting the small bulb inside. It complements the silverfish white motif of the home plus it looks so beautiful hanging above the table. 

28. Multiple Edison Bulbs

28 kitchen island lighting ideas

A custom made Edison bulb lined together in a transparent squared glass cage. It matches well the wall cabinets, counters, and backsplash.

The ceiling which is made up of bamboo where the Edison bulbs are near and serves as the main lighting of this area. 

29. Vintage Ceramic

29 kitchen island lighting ideas

With this custom-made cabinetry which has marble counters, a vintage ceramic lighting is best paired off. This displays both cozy and comfortable aura given this small kitchen area.

The low ceiling where the lights are placed is still proportional with the floor surface, thus, the light is still in perfect size for this type of kitchen area. 

30. Rolleiflex pendants

30 kitchen island lighting ideas

This Rolleiflex pendants exerts the most beautiful glow. They give in a unique style and put up with the kitchen’s interior. It is simple but has its own take away.

Also, with this vintage light design, you can have the opulence and hominess that you want, no matter how spacious or compact your kitchen would be. 

31. Concrete Trio

31 kitchen island lighting ideas

This one goes better with this brown and white kitchen island infused with the wooden feature on the ceiling. A concrete trio light is best combined here. The modern design of this kitchen island makes it a whole new story when it is lit. 

32. Soft Sloping Pendants

32 kitchen island lighting ideas

The mint green color of this two pendant lighting placed above the table of this kitchen gives a sense of freshness and creativity.

The mint color represents health, tranquility and good luck and so does what they mean in this kitchen especially when lit up. These two lights complement the colors of the window and the tiles on the sink. This one is a great combination.

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33. Golden Pendants

33 kitchen island lighting ideas

This kitchen has so many elements going on and the three, gold pendants hanging aligned together above the kitchen table is something to look out for.

This light with the golden color complements the wooden table and the color of the flooring. It is as if it is antique infused with modern plus the golden pendants makes it so stylish as a whole. 

34. Simple Retro

34 kitchen island lighting ideas

Having a small room for a kitchen area is a bit challenging but putting together furniture and all the important elements is another thing. Also, choosing the best lighting for your kitchen island, where to perfectly put them and how to place them are also a big factor.

Thus, this silverish pendant simple retro lighting put above the table is a perfect combination with all the silvers, whites and other colors going on in this kitchen. 

35. Organic 20th-Century Design

35 kitchen island lighting ideas

In this kitchen island, you see simplicity, class and cleanliness. There is no other color infused in this room other than the neutral tones.

The flooring up to the ceiling sounds so calm and peaceful that these two pendants are so free that they are hanged solo above the dining table and above the sink. The effect when lit up in this room makes a different story. 


How many lights should be on a kitchen island?

To create balance, always opt to the rule of three. Three lights or pendants in a kitchen island looks more proportionate than that of two or four. Hence, it will always be the rule of three elements.

How do you light a kitchen island with pendants?

When putting on lights with pendants on a kitchen island, always take into account the size of the space, the height of the ceiling and the dimensions of the island.

These things will make your pendant work in the right size and shape. So, when planning to have one that could make them beautiful to look at, make a perfect measurement for a perfect light to use and see. 

How low should the light be over the kitchen island?

Good proportions are always the name of the game. For the kitchen lights, take into consideration the height of the owners as well as the table in the kitchen.

It is always best to take into consideration the other variables present before coming up with how low or how high the lights in your kitchen island can be. 

Where should island pendants hang?

Pendant light is commonly seen above your kitchen islands but now, they can be seen on your breakfast bar master bedrooms, dining room, side tables which may be hung in multiples, trios, a pair, or hang solely by themselves. So today, they are not only meant above the kitchen islands but can be seen elsewhere light is needed. 

Pendant or Chandelier?

While chandeliers are very effective in terms of design and elegance, pendant also holds a stylish feature that it never goes away from style. Both can light up a home or a space but if you are choosing one from the other, always keep in mind the one that is needed in your space, the one that is easily installed, and the one that will keep you on budget. 

Chandeliers are used for ambient light, or a primary light source, while pendants are traditionally used for accent and task lighting, or a more focused light source.

How to light your kitchen islands?

These are a few things to consider talking about the brightness of island light. 

  1. Measure your space: Measuring accurately the size and dimension of the space of your light from the flooring to your workspace is so important when lighting up your kitchen islands.

NOTE: Make sure to test if the space given is the right distance before installing to make sure that you get the proper light. 

  1. Size and Scale: After taking the right measure, it is best if you decide on how many pieces of lights you want to hang and this depends on how big the area of your kitchen island is. Choose the ones that suit your space and of course the attractive one to boost the aura of the place.
  1. Shade Styles: Lights come in many shades. The shade determines the light it can provide to the space, thus, it is a must to choose the right shade styles. If you cannot decide what to put on, you can order one of each type and try what is best.
  1. Plan your space: While selecting the best light in your space, make sure that you put into consideration the area and the size, thus, the need to plan out the space before installing. You need to take all the elements and put the visible ones into consideration as this may affect the lighting of your kitchen islands. 
  1. Check your lumens: The last thing you need to check to determine how much light you need in your kitchen islands is the lumens or the amount of light emitted by the bulb which may affect your way of choosing the light and where to put them. The best light has 35 to 50 lumens per square foot of island. The higher or lower end of that range depends on the size of your space, other lighting in the room, and the ambiance you’re looking for.

Are island pendant lights going out of style?

While others see them old, others see them as something very functional. While different lights have different functions island pendant lights also hold something that many people are still choosing them over chandeliers and other modern lightings. 


The effect of lighting in kitchens is very important in evoking the right mood for the right occasions. They are very indispensable in any interior design. Although they may rust, damage or burn out, even then, they can be recycled.

However, it is important that one must choose the right design of light to be put in a kitchen island. They can make or break the feel of the kitchen so you have to opt for the best fit.