10+ Best Laundry Room Lighting Ideas & Designs

Last Updated on February 5, 2022 by Kimberly Crawford

Laundry rooms are also required lighting up as the other rooms need. Laundry rooms are mostly used for washing clothes, and all the clothes to be cleaned are kept there.

All the sections discuss the tips and requirements and modern technology to lighting up your laundry room using laundry lighting ideas.

best laundry room lighting ideas

Laundry room requirements

The laundry room is very much crucial for a house for proper management of cloths and maintenance of the beauty of the home.

At least the Laundry room should contain washing machine to wash clothes efficiently, clothes dryer for drying the wet clothes and iron for finalizing the cleanliness of the clothes. But it is crucial to have the best light management in the laundry room.

If a laundry room has a single light, then, multiple shadows create, and the room reflects a dull environment. It is also the same for the bright only light. So, it is a significant necessity to have the best laundry room light management.

Laundry room lighting tips

The laundry room should be lighted in a way so that no shadow should create. If all the wall has at least one light or two light, then the working experience of laundry room will be best.

What is the best lighting for a laundry room?

Overhead long ceiling light is the best lighting choice, as seen in the case of every one. It might vary in different situations and decor. This light fixture is most common in all laundry rooms. You may use the industrial lighting system for your laundry room, and it also provides excellent light fixtures.

#1. Modern laundry room lighting

1 modern laundry lighting

Nowadays, every laundry room is fixtured with a modern lighting system, and it would contain the industrial light fixturing system, drop ceiling panel lighting, and track lighting.

You may use customizations in this lighting system too. It would be better to choose a light system according to the placement of everything and the size of the room.


#2. Laundry closet lighting

2 laundry closet lighting

Another idea that can be used in closet lighting in the laundry room; the lighting of the closet depends on the type of closet you have.

Generally, it has been found that most of the people use to install at least a light per box of the closet so that they can get a clear view of the dresses. But I would recommend installing at least two light to avoid the shadows in the closet.

#3. Farmhouse laundry room lighting

3 farmhouse laundry lighting

Farmhouse laundry room lighting may contain one of the conventional lighting ideas, i.e. to use a light awesome light holder with beautiful design, and it should be hanged at the center of the laundry room.


#4. Rustic laundry room lighting

4 rustic laundry room lighting

In this case, also, a light holder can be used with several other lights as these types of light holders scatter the light to all the direction which will prevent darkness in the laundry room.

Source: notinggrace

#5. Laundry room light fixture

5 rustic laundry room lighting

In the laundry room, one type of fixture should be used, which scatter the light tremendously extend so that there will be no shadows in the laundry room.

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#6. Chandelier in laundry room

6 rustic laundry room lighting

The chandelier should be used at the centre of the laundry room as it will provide an impressive beauty to the room as well as it will give a dim light from the centre of the room to everywhere, then there will be a very low probability of darkness in the room.

#7. Ceiling light fixtures in the laundry room

7 farmhouse laundry lighting

As discussed earlier that the ceiling light fixtures is one the conventional and best way used for lighting the laundry room. In this technique, a fixture type, which depends on your laundry room and its size, is used for lighting the room.

#8. Industrial laundry lighting

8 industrial laundry lighting

This technique generally used by the industries. All the light are inserted to the pre-build small places on the ceiling. And these also provide the best lighting experience in the room.

#9. DIY Farmhouse Light With Chicken Wire

9 laundry room lighting


#10. Open shelving

10 laundry room lighting

#11. Ceiling Pipe with Light lightbulbs

11 laundry room lighting


Laundry room lighting is the way to keep your laundry room bright and beautiful one. Before setup of all the things improperly, you have to consider all the aspects of the laundry room lighting, and on that basis, the most appropriate way of lighting should be chosen.