20+ Beautiful Farmhouse Furniture Decor Ideas

Often touted to bring a warm, comfortable, and charming aura in its wake, farmhouse design combines ancient tradition and class to the living area. One can use farmhouse themed design elements and farmhouse furniture to bring forth this look.

diy farmhouse furniture ideas

What is farmhouse furniture?

These furniture pieces follow a warm combination of design and utility. Material such as timber, metal, steel, wrought iron, and hard cardboards can be used with vintage finishing.

The general shape and form are also streamlined. Adding them into your living room and study area creates a rustic design aesthetic to the space.

20 best Farmhouse Furniture Decor Ideas

#1. Board at the Entrance

1 farmhouse furniture decor ideas

Multiple photo frames and name-boards constitute this design element. Chalkboards can be included as well.


#2. Cup holder via pallets

2 farmhouse furniture decor ideas

This design element is made of wooden pallets and can be used to hang coffee mugs. It also adds to the farmhouse style aesthetic. This coffee holder can be hung in your kitchen or can be used as an accessory in your living room.


#3. Clipboard with Farmhouse aesthetic

3 farmhouse furniture decor ideas

This design element constitutes a wooden message board. Recipes, to-do lists, and messages for the young folk can be attached to this clipboard. This design element adds to the farmhouse design element.


#4. Wooden wall frame with flower pots and plates

4 farmhouse furniture decor ideas

In this design approach, rectangle and oval-shaped wall-boards can be placed strategically on the dining walls. White and dark blue backgrounds are preferred.

Flower pots and kitchen plates can be fixed against these frames. This rustic themed design element adds to the farmhouse charm.


#5. Vintage-styled kitchen shelves

5 farmhouse furniture decor ideas

A suitable-styled wooden shelf, placed in the kitchen can be used for keeping tea jugs, plates, and spice holders. Based on the availability of space, the number of tiers can be selected. The color of the shelf can be colored brown.


#6. Centerpiece crate

6 farmhouse furniture decor ideas

A wooden crate can be used for keeping lavender flowers as the centerpiece. This gives a rustic look to the overall design aesthetic. The wood used can be old, withered wood.


#7. Curtains that are laced with wooden beam

7 farmhouse furniture decor ideas

This design element consists of a wooden beam and laced curtains. The color of the curtain can be white. Couple it with a brown side-stand to complement the look.


#8. Wooden farmhouse style frame

8 farmhouse furniture decor ideas

In this design, the normal steel or synthetic frame of your bedroom mirror can be replaced with natural wood or faux-wood material. Match this element with a coir based cloth basket to accentuate the design.


#9. Classic Wooden Table

9 farmhouse furniture decor ideas

This is a traditional design element. It includes a wooden table that can be used as the dining table in the kitchen. Couple it with an elongated wooden bench and wooden or steel chairs.


#10. Rustic pendant light

10 farmhouse furniture decor ideas

In this design, a pendant light is used. The rustic look for the pendant can be brought forth by using grey colored steel casing. The light with its fixture can be hung from a cantilever beam made of wood.


#11. Farmhouse style cabinet

11 farmhouse furniture decor ideas

This is DIY-design. You can make use of your existing wooden boxes by painting them white. While painting the cabinet, remember that the goal is to achieve a withered and used look.

The front portion of the cabinet can be of netted style. This design element can be placed against a white wall in your store-room or kitchen.


#12. Paint the wall!

12 farmhouse furniture decor ideas

It is a good idea to paint the staircase wall with interesting ideas such as periodic tables, traditional drawings, and other cool themes.

Apart from painting the walls, a showcase board can also be attached to the wall, on top of which photo frames and flowerpots can be placed.


#13. Farmhouse themed pillows

13 farmhouse furniture decor ideas

pillows can be placed on your living room sofa, bedrooms, and staircase landing area. “>

A beautiful addition to the overall farmhouse theme is a sack pillow. One or more pillows can be placed on your living room sofa, bedrooms, and staircase landing area.


#14. Block table and candle stands

14 farmhouse furniture decor ideas

A wooden block table, commonly used by the butchers, is the central theme in this design element. One can use a farmhouse styled tray on which a white flower pot can be kept. The overall look of the setup can be enhanced using white-colored wooden candle stands.


#15. Water jar and cotton

15 farmhouse furniture decor ideas

In this design element, exposed cotton seeds, along with their stems, can be placed in a steel plant-pot. Couple it with a netted bird box. Besides, an inspirational message or quote can be written on a plain white card and kept next to these elements.


#16. Multi-tier wire tray

16 farmhouse furniture decor ideas

This is a multi-tiered tray made of iron or steel wires. The center stem can be made of wrought iron. On each level, elements such as colored dry vegetables, flowerpots, and paintbrushes can be placed.


#17. Wood and steel ‘gaveth’ the light!

17 farmhouse furniture decor ideas

In this design element, both wood, as well as old steel casings, can be used. The light fixtures can be repurposed from old steel casings. Sizes need not be uniform here. You can hang them from a wooden plank fixed on the ceiling.


#18. Mirror and wreath

18 farmhouse furniture decor ideas

You can create this look by attaching a green leaf based farmhouse wreath against a mirror wood frame item. The stark contrast in color can be brought forth by painting the frame white or brown.


#19. Wood, wood, and wood for the lantern!

19 farmhouse furniture decor ideas

The overall theme of the lantern resembles the old Victorian era. The color selected for the frames is black. Hang these lanterns from a hook that is attached to a wooden plank, placed vertically on the wall.


#20. Put that crate to good use

20 farmhouse furniture decor ideas

This design element can be brought to life using your old soda or milk crate and painting them brown. Also, you can keep bread rollers, tea jugs, wooden spatulas, and other kitchen equipment in the crate for utility purpose.


The future of farmhouse home décor is accentuated with the advancement in technology. Virtual reality and artificial intelligence can be combined to create energy-efficient farmhouse design elements and furniture.

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