Lawn Tractor Attachments Improve Garden Work

Lawn Tractor Attachments Improve Garden Work

Last Updated on October 2, 2020 by Kimberly Crawford

Lawn and garden tractor attachments add utility to a machine that is already very functional, but think about needs and capabilities before purchasing.

Add utility to a lawn and garden tractor by selecting appropriate attachments to use at home. Everyone may not need a large tractor, but home owners may still need some of the functions the larger tractors provide.

Many garden tractor attachments are available, from pull behind carts, to plows. Evaluate the needs for a tractor before purchasing one, since all lawn tractors are not able to handle every attachment that is available.

Evaluate The Lawn Tractor

There is a difference between a lawn tractor and a garden tractor.

There is a difference between a lawn tractor and a garden tractor.

Lawn tractors are usually lower horsepower than a garden tractor, and lawn tractors can not add a sleeve hitch so they can only use certain attachments, like pull carts which are very handy for doing yard work such as hauling soil or moving larger items from place to place.

Garden tractors are smaller than compact farm tractors which use 3-point hitches and are usually for hobby farms under 5 acres.

Mower decks are removed when using garden tractor attachments such as a plow or disc. Hard to remove mower decks are a hindrance to frequent use of attachments for some people.

What is a Sleeve Hitch

garden tractor sleeve hitch

A sleeve hitch attaches to the back of a garden tractor. Garden tractor attachments like a plow are hooked to the hitch.

The attachment is raised or lowered by using either the mowing deck lowering arm, or by using an electric sleeve hitch.

Plowing with a Garden Tractor

Garden tractors can prepare small gardens fairly well. Plows are available for the smaller tractors as well as disc attachments.

The soil determines what additional accessories you may need, such as ag tires or wheel weights. Some soils are very heavy can make lifting a plow at the end of a row to turn around and start the next very hard to do.

Use a disc attachment after plowing to level out the garden and make a very nice looking garden bed with even rows ready for planting.

Research Lawn Tractor Attachment Needs

Lawn Tractor Attachment Needs

Lawn and garden tractor attachments are an investment. Plan the garden, and if the tractor is not up to doing the volume of work needed, another larger tractor might be the best answer.

Visit a home improvement center, tractor supply store or look online for all available options. Lawn tractor attachments can greatly speed up yard and garden work leaving more time for other fun activities, so choose equipment wisely and enjoy life!

Lawn Tractor Attachments Improve Garden Work