35+ Creative Furniture Projects With Live Edge Wood

Are you looking to beautify your home with live edge furniture? Do you want ideas for your next live edge furniture? We have got you. Let’s check out some designs you might like to try.

best live edge wood ideas

1. Live Wood Edge in the Kitchen

Live Wood Edge in the KitchenSource

This is something you definitely want for your kitchen if you are looking to add some glamor to your kitchen. This polished wood combines beautifully with the natural edge of this piece.

2. Floating Shelves

Floating Shelves

Source: above, below

Imagine this beauty hanging around the house, this is a perfect design for shelves; it can serve as a spot in the house to share a drink or can be used in the bathroom or for whatever purpose you choose.

3. Make a Hide

Make a HideSource

See what can be made out of a live edge wood; a stash pot. It’s simple to make and cost little or nothing. It can be used to store keys.

4. Walnut Bench

Walnut BenchSource

This bench is good for wherever in your home you choose to put it; as a suggestion, you could use it in your sitting room, lobby and even your bedroom. These live edge benches are well polished giving it a glossy look.

5. Live Wood Edge Desk

Live Wood Edge DeskSource

If you work from home and you need a desk, or you just want a desk in your home, this is what you need. Live edge desks longevity, it is easy to make and it is also a fabulous decoration for your home.

6. Live Edge Table for Dining Room

Live Edge Table for Dining Room

Live edge furniture is classy and this dining set is no different. You might want to try this for your dining room. This live edge furniture is raw in appearance yet brings a lot of coziness.

7. Coffee Table

Coffee TableSourceCoffee tables

are an integral part of a home’s overall because everyone probably goes there every day. If you need a design for your coffee table you should go for it. It is comfortable, big enough for your coffee session and also a good decoration for your home.

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8. Counter DIY

Counter DIYSource

A counter is almost the first thing you see when you come into an apartment and as such, it deserves to be treated rightly. This idea is perfect for homes and apartments; it completely adds glamour to your home. You should definitely try this out.

9. Live Edge Wall Art

Live Edge Wall ArtSource

Wall arts are beautiful designs that are hung on the wall to brighten the look of your home, what other way to add spice to the appearance of your home than live edge art. They are natural, raw and last for a long time.

10. Faux Live Edge Patio Table with Built-in Ice Bucket

Faux Live Edge Patio Table with Built-in Ice BucketSource

A lot of memories are shared at the dining table and what better way to color those times than to have a live edge with a built-in bucket for dining. This idea features longevity, convenience, and coziness

11. Live Wood Edge with an Industrial Feel

Live Wood Edge with an Industrial Feel

If you work in an industry or you are interested in such and you want to bring some of that feeling to your home, here is an idea for you. You can never go wrong with live edge furniture.

12. Live Edge Bench

Live Edge BenchSource

If you need a bench to sit, relax, whether, in your home or wherever you need it, you need to go for a live edge bench. It is comfortable to sit and also pleasing to look at.

13. Live Edge Kitchen Countertop

Live Edge Kitchen CountertopSource

If you are looking to give your kitchen a complete makeover or you want to give your kitchen an elegant feel, then this idea is for you. Live edge rises to any occasion you want it to. Go ahead and try this.

14. Live Edge Shelf

Live Edge ShelfSource

Are you looking for a better way to hang your things around the house say a picture, flower, and arts? Say no more. This live edge would do just that.
You can never be wrong with a live edge material.

15. Wood Side Slab Table

Wood Side Slab Table

Here is a lovely side slab for your home. Some may think of a live edge as a vintage design but with this side slab, you can say that this has a modern charm. This is absolutely great for your living space. You should try this out.

16. Stylish Serving Board

Stylish Serving BoardSource

This is a great slab for a serving tray for whatever you desire. It is simple, convenient and would last for a long time.

17. Kitchen Pot Rack

Kitchen Pot RackSource

Are you looking for an easy and more convenient way to hang your kitchen utensils? Are you having trouble properly arranging your kitchen supplies? Here is live edge furniture that fixes that.

18. Live Edge Office Desk

Live Edge Office DeskSource

Here is a complete office desk that would absolutely give your workspace an elegant look. It has drawers to keep whatever you want there ranging from office files to keys and the likes.

19. Rustic Italian Themed Wedding

Rustic Italian Themed WeddingSource

Looking for perfect outdoor furniture to entertain guests? Here is a design to try out. You can’t go wrong with live edge furniture.

20. Live Edge Center Table

Live Edge Center Table

Here is a great design for your living room. Give your living space that elegant feel with this center table.

21. Sliding barn door

Sliding barn door

Source: urbanhardwoods, remodelista

22. TV stand

TV stand

Source: liveedgedesign, houseofturquoise

23. Live edge wine rack

Live edge wine rackSource

24. Live edge headboard

Live edge headboard

Source: liveedgedesign, designerpages

25. Console table

Console tableSource

26. Live edge bathroom vanity

Live edge bathroom vanitySource

27. Live Edge Wood Slab River Mirror

Live Edge Wood Slab River Mirror

Source: etsy, instagram

28. Bathroom or kitchen countertops

Bathroom or kitchen countertops

29. Live edge chandelier

Live edge chandelier

30. Hanging table

Hanging tableSource

31. Live edge wall mounted console

Live edge wall mounted consoleSource

32. Entryway bench

Entryway benchSource

33. Window ledge

Window ledgeSource

34. Live edge wood desk

Live edge wood deskSource

35. Kitchen island

Kitchen islandSource

36. Live edge kitchen desk

Live edge kitchen desk



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