30+ DIY Valentine’s Day Crafts and Gifts Can make Under an Hour

February 14 is that time of the year where the expressions of love are clearly seen in decorations, dressing, and even gifts. Gifts are exchanged with family and that special someone.

We have some amazing crafts and gifts to show you that can be made in little time. Check them out.


diy valentine crafts gifts under an hour

1. Twigs with Love

Twigs with Love

This craft is done by making virtual leaves on this tree; cardboard paper is carved into a heart shape and beautiful love things are written on paper and placed on the twig trees. The twig tree is then placed at a central place where it would be appreciated.

2. Wear Heart on Shirt

Wear Heart on ShirtSource

Don’t have time to buy a gift for Valentine’s Day? Here is a quick one; carve out a heart on a paper, and embroider it on the shirt you want to gift to your loved one. Give it some finishing touches and you are good to go.

3. Glowing Heart

Glowing HeartSource

If you looking for some outside the box thinking here you have it, take a medium-sized mason jar and cover it some nicely colored decoration fabric. Cut out a heart shape on whichever side you want and put some led light inside the jar. Attach a bowtie and you have a craft for Valentine.

4. Simple Love Words

Simple Love WordsSource

Here is a really simple one, buy a card or make one and write in it your love words, then slot it in their bag, pocket or lunch box. Everyone loves some kind words.

5. You mean ‘the world to me’ Globe

You mean ‘the world to me’ GlobeSource

Gift that special someone with this globe. It can be used as your nightstand lamp. The love shapes on the globe just some elegance to it.

6. Felt Heart Mobile

Felt Heart MobileSource

This is a beautiful craft is made for a new mom or for decoration in your little baby’s room. It is simple to make, you need basically the skill of carving and blanket sewing.

7. DIY Heart Bath Bomb

DIY Heart Bath BombSource

This is another idea for your soaps, never knew something can be done to your soap right? Shape them into a heart and they could be given as a gift.

8. Votive Candle Holders

Votive Candle HoldersSource

Here is a simple craft for your Valentine’s Day dinner; get mason jars and color them with bright colors say red and pink, carve out whatever shapes you want like heart-shaped, orange, pear on the Mason jar. Put the candle in the jar and watch the magic.

9. Valentine’s Day Treat Bags

Valentine’s Day Treat BagsSource

Package your Valentine’s gifts with these homemade bags. What you need to do is to make a little design on the bags.

10. Personalized Photo Frame

Personalized Photo FrameSource

Gift your partner or family with a photo frame. You can make a unique pattern and put in a favorite photo of your family, partner or whoever you want to gift this to.

11. Artsy Heart

Artsy HeartSource

This is a beautiful Valentine’s craft that can be made and hung somewhere around the house, it is lovely.

12. Valentine Candy Corn Mason Jar

Valentine Candy Corn Mason JarSource

This is a great family gift. This is done by filling a mason jar with candy corn and attaching a little note on the side. It can then be packaged and sent out as a gift. The candy corn can be had as a midnight snack or at school. This is cute right?

13. Chalkboard DIY Mug Project

Chalkboard DIY Mug ProjectSource

If you have a lover of the mug as a friend or family, you might want to consider gifting them with this. Take a bare mug divide the mug into two with paper tape and paint the two sides with your chosen colors and there you go. Caution is to leave the paint to dry before handling.

14. Valentine’s Day Necklaces

Valentine’s Day NecklacesSource

We have a gift for your daughter, you can make her a colorful necklace in less than an hour. It is easy to make and fun to create.

15. Painted Mason Jars

Painted Mason JarsSource

Mason jars can be nicely and colorfully painted and then covered at the top with some freshly plucked flowers.

16. Heart Garlands

Heart GarlandsSource

Garlands can be made into different patterns for Valentine’s Day decoration. It can be made to be used in the house or even an office. It’s easy, cheap and can be finished in no time.

17. Rose Wreath

Rose WreathSource

You can’t go wrong with a rose wreath. Wreaths are always simple crafts to make that portray your intentions straight up. This can be hung anywhere; your door, mirrors, and even a dining table.

18. Conversations Heart Bouquet

Conversations Heart BouquetSource

Put some roses in a vase and attach a bowtie, fill it up with small pieces of candy such that the roses are well rooted in the vase.

19. Valentine’s Day Bird Feeders

Valentine’s Day Bird FeedersSource

This design is made by making bird seeds into a cookie and carving it into a heart shape. Then attach yarn to it and you are good to go.

20. DIY Valentine’s Day Wreath

DIY Valentine’s Day WreathSource

You can never go wrong with a wreath craft. It can be used to beautify your home or office.

21. Make garlands from paper cut-outs

Make garlands from paper cut-outsSource

22. DIY styrofoam hearts

DIY styrofoam heartsSource

23. Floral bouquet craft

Floral bouquet craftSource

24. Valentine Paper Heart Chain

Valentine Paper Heart Chain

25. DIY romantic wall decor

DIY romantic wall decorSource

26. Valentine Heart Attack Lawn Signs

Valentine Heart Attack Lawn SignsSource

27. Embellished wine bottles

Embellished wine bottlesSource

28. Love is in the air

Love is in the air

29. DIY floral mirror frames

DIY floral mirror frames

30. DIY Heart Willow Wreath

DIY Heart Willow WreathSource


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