38+ Patio and Garden Floor Decorating Ideas With Patterns

Last Updated on March 21, 2022 by Kimberly Crawford

Do you know that the outlook of your house is just as important has the indoor? Are you looking to renovate your floor or you are adding a floor to your home?

Then come along let’s show you some 20 patio designs that would give you just the kingly outlook you deserve.

patio garden decor ideas with patterns

1. The Versatility of Concrete

1 patio floor pattern ideas

This is the design of a concrete patio. A concrete patio is the most customary choice for a patio design. Its durability and its cost-effectiveness make it a standout for usage. It’s also very charming and sparkling.

2. Painted Patio Floor

2 patio floor pattern ideas

If you are thinking of the concrete floor for your patio design, consider painting the floor. Also, if you are thinking a long time you can never go wrong with painting. This idea is also pocket-friendly.

3. Multi-Level Patio with Water Feature

3 patio floor pattern ideas

This patio floor idea uniquely fits the backyard; the color, the placement of the stones. If you have a similar backyard, you should definitely try this out.

4. Pebble Mosaic Patio

4 patio floor pattern ideas

This idea is a brilliant work of art. Although pebble designs take a longer time to complete its overall look is always amazing. If you have a garden, and you need a pathway patio floor idea this is what you should go for.

5. Indian Canyons

5 patio floor pattern ideas

Check out this beautiful concrete patio. It’s best with places with miniature rainfall and a lot of suns shines. It also structures a cool typical broom swept varnish. You could also try this out in various colors.

6. DIY Stone Paver Patio

6 patio floor pattern ideas

Stone patios are readily used because of their availability and ease of fixing. This is the perfect stone paver idea you should check out for your backyard. It features easy cleaning, durability, and pocket-friendly.

7. Stone Pavers with Pea Gravel

7 patio floor pattern ideas

This perfect blend of stone paver and pea gravel is perfect for driveways and routes. This combination doesn’t cost much and can be used for various patterns. It features lasting effect and ease of carving into form and shape.

8. Poolside Patio with Pergola

8 patio floor pattern ideas

If you own a pool, and you are looking to floor the poolside with something beautiful and yet long-lasting here you go. Apart from the perfect mix with the view of the pool, the design doesn’t mind water spillage. It can be easily cleaned and it stands a great chance against water.

9. Water-Wise Design

9 patio floor pattern ideas

This yard design is made of a concrete patio and pavers connecting to the house. Notice also that the concrete patio is painted and well-positioned flaunting its beauty to the amazement of everyone who sees it.

10. Patio Kitchen with Pergola

10 patio floor pattern ideas

Here is a love design for your Kitchen. From matching walls to match floors, this idea is giving you both beauty and comfort. Keep your cook motivated with such an amazing look.

11. Stamps Concrete Pattern Floor

11 patio floor pattern ideas

Vintage, unique, stylish and glossy are the words to describe this patio floor.
Do you think this is what your home needs? Go for it right away

12. Close up a concrete stamp

12 patio floor pattern ideas

This concrete patio idea is artistic in its design. If you have got a large yard, then you should be thinking about this. Also, it is at a glance.

13. Asian Inspired Patio

13 patio floor pattern ideas

Even if you are not Asian, you would appreciate this. It has this official outlook that can play host to official meetings. It can be used as a sitting area for a little get together; this design just rises up to the occasion.

14. Brick Pavers and large Stepping Stones

14 patio floor pattern ideas

This is just perfect for you and your spouse’s time. It is also great for a honeymoon vacation condo. It’s simple design yet speaks volumes.

15. Classics Look Brick Patio

15 patio floor pattern ideas

This is a vintage idea that dates back to a long time ago. Although old it is still relevant at this time. It’s simple, inexpensive and cool. It is another outdoor patio you can’t just write off.

16. Mid Century Roots

16 patio floor pattern ideas

Although this design is new, the idea stems from the mid centuries. The water splashes from the pool don’t disrupt the beauty of the patio floor. The patio floor is clean and horizontally lined.

17. Poured in Place

17 patio floor pattern ideas

This is definitely a perfect design for your summer home. Look at the color blend of the patio floor and the environment. You should try this for your home. It is made of concrete slabs and carefully cleaned with acid

18. Multi-level Patio Designs with Bricks Fire Pit

18 patio floor pattern ideas

This fire patio pit was built perfectly to match this yard. The patio floor is made in such a way that all the patterns are properly lined.

19. Patio with Modern Landscaping

19 patio floor pattern ideas

You know how with modern culture comes modern invention. See this modern landscaping and how the patio floor blends rightly. This idea is for people who have small yards and are looking to add a little spice to it.

20. Bricks

20 patio floor pattern ideas

People think that the use of bricks is old-fashioned and out of style but here is an idea that outs rightly disproves that. This idea is stylish, inexpensive and elegant; the bricks are of the same size and of the same shapes.

21. Flower beds with golf balls

21 patio floor pattern ideas

22. Painted patio tile

22 patio floor pattern ideas

23. Pebble Mosaic

23 patio floor pattern ideas

24. Mosaic stone patio

24 patio floor pattern ideas

25. Zen pattern

25 patio floor pattern ideas

26. DIY stone concrete

26 patio floor pattern ideas

27. Stone or brick spiral border

27 patio floor pattern ideas

28. Circle Pavers

28 patio floor pattern ideas

29. Stone and glass gateway

29 patio floor pattern ideas

30. Bricks and pebbles for pathway

30 patio floor pattern ideas

31-37. More patio decorating ideas with patterns

31 patio floor pattern ideas

38 patio floor pattern ideas

37 patio floor pattern ideas

36 patio floor pattern ideas

35 patio floor pattern ideas

34 patio floor pattern ideas

33 patio floor pattern ideas

32 patio floor pattern ideas


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