35+ Best Mailbox Landscaping Ideas

Best Mailbox Landscaping Ideas

Checking our mailboxes can sometimes be dreadful, especially when we are waiting for a result from an entrance exam in college that we just applied at or it could just be simply something like a regular bill that we are not expecting.

But whatever it is that we are looking forward to receiving in the mail, it will turn out to be a relaxing moment once you decide to carefully design a landscape around your mailbox.

TIP: Think carefully about the landscape design that you want to do. You need to make sure that your mailman is safe and that it is easy for him/her to see the mailbox and place your mails. See to it that you don’t use plants that:
a. attract many bees or stinging insects
b. have thorns
c. block the view of cars or any children on bikes getting out from the driveway
By ensuring those things, you are considering the safety and comfort of your mail personnel.

Additional things you need to consider while landscaping around your mailbox.

Bed Size and Shape

Depending on your area, mailbox gardens vary from very small to super large. Make sure that it complements the available space in your area.

Material for Edging

Your edging material can be formal or informal, depending on your landscape theme. You can choose from timber, brick or rock and remember that the edging you use will set the tone of the bed.

Choosing your Plant

As already mentioned, use plants that do not have any thorns and plants must not attract stinging insects or bees. Furthermore, consider plants that will look great in any season. Most people use a mixture of annuals, perennials, and bulbs. You can also think of installing a trellis behind the mailbox for a flowering vine.

Now that we have tackled the basics of landscaping your mailbox, I will give you a list of 35 Amazing Mailbox Landscaping Ideas.

1. Lightweight plastic mailbox

Lightweight plastic mailbox | Best Mailbox Landscaping IdeasSource

2. Before and after mailbox

Before and after mailbox | Best Mailbox Landscaping IdeasSource

3. Cottage mailbox

Cottage mailbox | Best Mailbox Landscaping IdeasSource

To make your mailbox more approachable and friendly, surround it with flowers. Mix easy-growing varieties like anise, sedum, hyssop, aster, shrub rose and phlox.

4. Mailbox with annual flowers

Mailbox with annual flowers | Best Mailbox Landscaping IdeasSource

5. Mailbox with landscaping, creeping phlox and clematis

Mailbox with landscaping, creeping phlox and clematis | Best Mailbox Landscaping IdeasSource


6-7. Flower beds around mailbox

Flower beds around mailbox | Best Mailbox Landscaping IdeasFlower beds around mailbox | Best Mailbox Landscaping Ideas



8. Mailbox from horse shoes

Mailbox from horse shoes | Best Mailbox Landscaping IdeasSource

9. Mailbox in flower pot

Mailbox in flower pot | Best Mailbox Landscaping IdeasSource

10. Informal mailbox garden

Informal mailbox garden | Best Mailbox Landscaping IdeasSource

11. Reindeer Mailbox

Reindeer Mailbox | Best Mailbox Landscaping Ideas

Christmas is coming! Why not show the spirit of Christmas by changing your mailbox design into a reindeer!

12. Easy mailbox with flower beds

Easy mailbox with flower beds | Best Mailbox Landscaping Ideas

13. Mailbox around by bottle raised bed

Mailbox around by bottle raised bed | Best Mailbox Landscaping IdeasSource

14. Mailbox trellis

Mailbox trellis | Best Mailbox Landscaping IdeasSource

15. Rustic mailbox with cedar door

Rustic mailbox with cedar door | Best Mailbox Landscaping Ideas

16. Rustic stone mailbox

Rustic stone mailbox | Best Mailbox Landscaping IdeasSource

17. Iron mailbox

Iron mailbox | Best Mailbox Landscaping Ideas

18. Brick mailbox

Brick mailbox | Best Mailbox Landscaping IdeasBrick mailbox | Best Mailbox Landscaping Ideas

19. Old mailbox

Old mailbox | Best Mailbox Landscaping IdeasSource

20-21. Other stone mailboxes

stone mailboxes | Best Mailbox Landscaping Ideasstone mailboxes | Best Mailbox Landscaping Ideas

22. Brick mailbox with lantern

Brick mailbox with lanternSource

23. Simple mailbox with flower bed

Simple mailbox with flower bed | Best Mailbox Landscaping Ideas

24. Beach themed mailbox

Beach themed mailbox | Best Mailbox Landscaping IdeasSource

Who says you can’t have seashells for your mailbox? You can decorate your mailbox with shells and color the post with green paint to make it look like it’s in the ocean!

25-29. Some other creative mailbox ideas…

Best Mailbox Landscaping IdeasBest Mailbox Landscaping IdeasBest Mailbox Landscaping IdeasBest Mailbox Landscaping IdeasBest Mailbox Landscaping Ideas

30. Customized mailbox

Customized mailbox | Best Mailbox Landscaping Ideas

31. Industrial style mailbox

Industrial style mailbox | Best Mailbox Landscaping IdeasSource

32. Pink flamingo mailbox

Pink flamingo mailbox | Best Mailbox Landscaping IdeasSource

33. Vintage mailbox

Vintage mailbox | Best Mailbox Landscaping IdeasSource

34. Grey mailbox

Grey mailbox | Best Mailbox Landscaping IdeasSource

35. UK style mailbox

UK style mailbox | Best Mailbox Landscaping Ideas

36. Low-Maintenance Mailbox Garden

36 mailbox landscaping ideas

All these plants surrounding the mailbox can be easily maintained.

37. Classic Charm

37 mailbox landscaping ideas

If you live in areas that have too much snow during winter and extreme heat during summer, then you need to find plants that will hold up to those seasons. Look for zinnias and lantanas to outline your mailbox. They’re easy to grow and very catchy with their bright colors.

38. Add Your Style

38 mailbox landscaping ideas

Do not be afraid to mix with the flowers and just play with it. It is important to add your personal touch to your mailbox landscape since it is part of your home. It won’t hurt to take care of flowers throughout the year. Just choose flowers that suit your climate. Don’t forget to spread a few inches of mulch on the ground to remove the weeds.

39. Recycle your Old Bicycle

39 mailbox landscaping ideas

This unique idea will surely put your visitors, neighbors, and mailman in awe as it makes your landscaping extraordinary. This badass old bicycle will not only function as a mailbox holder but also as a plant holder.

40. Combination of Grass and Beautiful Flowers

40 mailbox landscaping ideas

Make an interesting mailbox landscape with a combination of grass and flowers. In this sample, we have the perennials and feather reed grass.

41. Hang the Flowerpots

41 mailbox landscaping ideas

You can hang those flower pots on the post of your mailbox. Use hang pot hangers that are attached to the post to secure your flowerpot.

42. Go with the Annuals

42 mailbox landscaping ideas

Having annual flowers gives you the chance to change the look of your mailbox landscape every year, and most of them bloom during summer.

43. Go All Out

43 mailbox landscaping ideas

Be playful and do not be afraid to play with varieties of colorful flowers. It is also good to know that having a yard full of flowers takes less time to maintain.

44. Flower Bed around your Mailbox

44 mailbox landscaping ideas

You can easily make an eye-catching landscape mailbox by decorating the bed of it with a combination of flowers and stones.

45. Ombre Mailbox

45 mailbox landscaping ideas

Give your mailbox a makeover by painting it with ombre! This is very sleek and stylish, just choose the color that suits your style for your personal touch.

46. A mailbox with Masonry Base

46 mailbox landscaping ideas

Gather medium size stones and cement them all together to create this masonry look mailbox.

47. Create a Simple Mailbox Garden

47 mailbox landscaping ideas

If you don’t have much time to maintain and take care of your landscape mailbox, why not create a simple mini garden for your mailbox? In the photo, shows a collection of different grasses that includes Mexican feather grass and add four-season color to interest.

48. Colorful Mailbox design

48 mailbox landscaping ideas

Bring back the child in you with these colorful mailbox design ideas! You can paint the mailbox of the characters that you want and add vine for the extra aesthetic!


49. Clematis on your Mailbox

49 mailbox landscaping ideas

If you want to keep your mailbox uniquely interesting, you can grow clematis on it
Use a wrap of netting or wire trellis to ensure that your mailbox will be scrambled by clematis.

50. Create a Tropical Feel

50 mailbox landscaping ideas

For a tropical appeal, you can go for a lush or just simply grow a colorful bed of annuals to make your area catchier and more appealing.

51. Mailbox Surrounded by Charming Flowers

51 mailbox landscaping ideas

Just by surrounding your mailbox with big flowers can make it very inviting and give that close to nature feel. Other than this beautiful pink shrub, you can also add shrub rose and sedum to make a relaxed and lush look.

52. Use a Potted Climbing Plant

52 mailbox landscaping ideas

Use the post of your mailbox as a place to grow a beautiful flowering vine. You can also investigate having small vines such as clematis which can live long in your garden. Then for styling, you can add no-fuss perennials like salvia, lavender, yarrow, and ornamental grasses.

Now you have all the ideas to use to create your very own mailbox landscape. Use these ideas to make an interesting add to your household beautification. After all, what is life without beauty?

Best Mailbox Landscaping Ideas

35 best mail box landscaping ideas

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