20+ Best DIY Mason Jar Fairy Ideas

Last Updated on June 4, 2022 by Kimberly Crawford

Who amongst us isn’t a fan of fairy tales and enchanted stories? All of us love these mystical creatures especially the fairies. And some still believe that fairies live in fairyland, don’t you? Glowing fairy jars look enchanting. We can use some common items to make beautiful fairy jars without endangering the fairies.

What light to use in a fairy light Jar?

Traditionally candles were used to light the fairy jars. However, multiple options are now available to light up these beautiful jars. You can use glow sticks if you want to make a fairy jar for an evening party. Battery-powered tiny LEDs are another option. You can also use a rechargeable battery or a solar-powered jar lid to light up the fairies at night.

How to make Mason jar fairy lights?

Mason jars are most commonly used for building fairy light jars. Building it requires a clear jar, few paintbrushes, paint, glitter, and some tiny lights. It is really easy to paint the inside of the jar with colorful paints, attach some fairy silhouettes made of paper and put in the lights. These adorable fairy jars can really beautify a living room, bedroom or even a lawn for evening parties.

Here are 20 fairy jar ideas you may consider:

1. Winter Fairy

1 fairy jar ideas

With snow just around the corner, this simple and easy to make fairy jar highlights the warm fire glow using orange lights and snow using white glitter. Rose flower bow only enhances its beauty.


2. Moonlight

2 fairy jar ideas

This fairy jar uses a single orange light with frosted glass to highlight the fairy and the moon. It is an excellent choice for decorations and gifts.

3. Autumn Awesomeness

3 fairy jar ideas

This set of fairy is really easy to make and can describe a complete fairy village. Where different fairies are enjoying the autumn sun. it can fill up an entire shelf in your living room.

4. Hobbit Home

4 fairy jar ideas

Mason jars can also be used for decorations during the day time. For those of us who like LoTR, here is an example of a small hobbit home built inside a jar.


5. Fairy Lights

5 fairy jar ideas

This fairy jar is the simplest to make. Just cut a glow stick, pour its contents into a jar and shake it. The lights depict hundreds of fairies moving around in a tiny space.

6. Purple Magic

6 fairy jar ideas

you may also use your pickle jar to build this simple fairy jar. Just use the colors correctly and tiny LEDs to light up this beautiful jar.

7. Santa’s Reindeers

7 fairy jar ideas

If charismas is around the corner, you can use these jar to depict the North pole with the silhouette of Santa’s reindeer.

8. Magical Forest

8 fairy jar ideas

This magical jar can be easily made by making small paint dots and white LEDs at the bottom of the jar.

9. Cartoon House

9 fairy jar ideas

This simple jar is yet another example of how mason jars can be used to decorations during the daylight. If your kids are still into cartoons, you can make them a jar with their favorite cartoon character.


10. Garden

10 fairy jar ideas

This mason jar delightfully depicts and small fairy garden. You can even hang in some tiny white lights to use it during the day and night both.


11. Butterflies and Fairies

11 fairy jar ideas

Butterflies and fairies are best friends. This fairy jar depicts this friendship they are flying around and playing with each other.

12. Mermaids

12 fairy jar ideas

Who says fairy jars can’t be about mermaids. This jar with blue lights and green seaweed depicts mermaids playing around.

13. Wood House

13 fairy jar ideas

This particular fairy jar depicts a dollhouse and can be used during the day and night both.


14. Dolphins

14 fairy jar ideas

If your child likes dolphins so be it. You can easily create a dolphin swimming in crystal beads with sea-green lights. It also has plenty of space for other sea creatures if you like them.

15. Magic House

15 fairy jar ideas

This mason jar is unique as it is all covered in plaster and masterfully crafted. If you have time and you want to test your paint skills. You may create this masterpiece for decoration.

16. Fairy Swing

16 fairy jar ideas

All you need to create this jar is a carefully selected twig, few strings, and a fairy doll. This jar can also be used during the night and day both.

17. Glamourous Tinker Bell

17 fairy jar ideas

All you need is a few beads and a paper flower to add a little glamour to your fairy jar. The frosted glass and tinker bell silhouette will create the perfect magic for your kids to cherish.


18. Dragons and Knights

18 fairy jar ideas

Mason jars are not all about girls and fairies, you can even use different magical creatures like dragons and knights to give your living room a mysterious feel.


19. Jurassic Park

19 fairy jar ideas

Even the dinosaurs will do the trick. This simple and beautiful mason jar can be easily made using green and white lights and dinosaur silhouettes.


20. Classic White

20 fairy jar ideas

Why restrict yourself to mason jars? This beautiful and classic fairy jar uses a wine bottle filled with light and s small fairy silhouette, carefully placed inside using a bamboo stick. The rest of the decorations and frosting can be on the outside. It is simple, chic and beautiful.

Fairy jars are simple to make your bedroom, living room or evening parties all the more mysterious and enchanting. You can even create a healthy activity for your kids but involving them in building these cute little jars for themselves and their friends.