20+ Best Farmhouse Wreath Ideas

Last Updated on November 9, 2019 by Kimberly Crawford

Wreaths are a great decorative item in the home. Wreaths can be placed either indoors or outdoors, such as on the entrance or the door. You can use naturally occurring materials to make wreaths. Farmhouse wreaths made from tree branches or twigs give your house a euphoric scent of nature and freshness.

Artificial materials such as globes, strobe lights, can also give your home a more synthetic look. Although more decorative, they lack the scent of nature. Below are some ideas of farmhouse wreaths that could prove decorative for the home.

farmhouse wreath ideas

Farmhouse ribbon wreath

The farmhouse ribbon wreath has various designs, but none of which have that rustic farmhouse feel. They are more modern since they primarily use ribbons.

Choose a ribbon of your liking and tie it in different shapes. Tie the ribbon together to make a wreath, and don’t forget to attach a bow made of the same fabric atop the wreath.

Now you can give your house a decorative look by hanging the wreath on the entrance of your house with the ribbon bow hanging at the top.

Farmhouse magnolia wreath

This wreath brings along the fresh naturalistic look into your home. Bring the magnolia scent into your home with this magnolia wreath made primarily of magnolia.

The magnolia wreaths are folded together using tape into an oval like shape. Just wrap the floral tape on the magnolia leaves and attach other decorations as per your desires.

Modern farmhouse wreath

There are many ideas for the contemporary farmhouse wreath. You could choose old car parts as part of your modern wreath or even old denim shirts or trousers.

One great idea for a modern farmhouse wreath is one made of an old car tire, rope, and some decorative fabric. Wrap the fabric around the car tire carefully and avoid any exposure of the tire.

Use the rope to hold the fabric in place by firmly tying it around the tire using different designs. The final product is a modern farmhouse wreath that can be placed on your doorstep.

Farmhouse eucalyptus wreath

Eucalyptus leaves are ideal for the outdoor decorations but could also be used as indoor decors. The scent emanating from the fresh eucalyptus leaves is essential to the beauty of the wreath.

The mute green color of the eucalyptus leaves paired with floral tapes make pleasant wreaths for your house and give it a farmhouse look. All you need to do is attach eucalyptus leaves to grapevines, and you’ll have a beautiful wreath.

Farmhouse cotton wreath

Farmhouse cotton wreaths are ideal for giving your house a warm appeal. There are a lot of options when making the farmhouse cotton wreath, and no idea is too shabby or crazy. You can choose to use cotton balls attached to the grapevine wreath while exposing the grapevine to ensure a rustic look.

Moss farmhouse wreath

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Farmhouse wreaths made from natural materials such as eucalyptus or magnolia leaves are the best and offer a better naturalistic decorative look. However, they are not durable, and with time, wither according to the weather. On the other hand, they have exceptionally appealing scents that remind you of nature.