A Centerpiece: Beautiful Methods For Decorating Around Antler Chandeliers

Last Updated on July 19, 2022 by Kimberly Crawford

You’re the bold type. You like to make a statement with the things you cultivate, and your home is no exception. You’ve been looking for a centerpiece, something that brings life and style into your space.

After searching high and low you’ve found beautiful, intricate antler chandeliers to serve as a focal point in your home. They’ve been selected, installed, and admired, but now, a new task remains; decorating around them.

Choosing pieces that suit the conspicuous choice of an antler chandelier can be overwhelming. There are so many styles and aesthetics to choose from, so many pieces that can make or break the look. You need a roadmap, a guide, something that narrows down the selection pool and gives you a chance to really examine the piece before you commit.

What Decor Matches Antler Chandeliers?

Antler Chandelier

The first question to ask is what style of decor will go best with an antler chandelier. If you have a rustic or traditional home, pieces like antler chandeliers may not be the best choice. Instead, a more minimalistic approach may work better.

If your home is on the modern side, go for pieces like metal and glass lanterns. They’re sleek and chic, perfect for highlighting any feature in your room.

Considering Couches, Sofas, Chairs, And Sectionals

When purchasing furniture for your home, it is important to consider the layout of your living space. This includes figuring out what type of furniture will best fit the area and what type of style you are looking for.

If you have a large open space with a few couches and no chairs, it might be a good idea to buy couches instead. If you have a smaller living room with limited storage and space, buying chairs may be a better option.

When styling these pieces around an antler chandelier, you’ll want to consider color, material, and upholstery.

Your seating selections should complement your chandelier. Select colors and fabrics that will look good together. A light, airy fabric like voile should go well with a delicate chandelier. A dark fabric like brocade would be too heavy for the space and clash with the delicate antler shape.

If you’re buying furniture that will be placed near your antler chandelier, make sure to consider protection. Antlers can get dirty and stained over time, so be sure to buy furniture that is easy to clean.

When it comes to upholstery, think about comfort. Make sure all of your furniture is flexible enough to move around if need be. Choose pieces that are comfortable both sitting and standing up. Leather can be a good option if you want something that is both stylish and comfortable. Upholstered pieces can provide maximum comfort, especially if your living space is a high-traffic area.

The seating you choose should be functional as well. There are plenty of pieces that come with additional storage and drawers. This is a great option if you have a lot of clutter and don’t want to pack up your entire home every time you go on vacation.

Choosing Tables And Ottomans

Try to match these pieces with your antler chandelier. Choose a bare, natural material like wood or metal if your chandelier is made of ivory. If your chandelier is made of brass or bronze, choose a different type of table to match.

If you have an antler chandelier in your living room and you want to add some extra seating, look for an ottoman that matches the style of the rest of your furniture. Choose a fabric and color that coordinates well with your existing decor.

Avoid pieces that are larger or tall so they don’t overwhelm the space.  A small ottoman or side table can be perfect for adding a bit of extra seating in a small space.

Contrast can be fun as well. Warm, dark colors that aren’t an exact match to your other furniture can be paired well with the rest of your decor. If you have a light-colored wall, choose a dark table to anchor the space. Alternatively, choose a bright color that pairs well with your chandelier and use it as the main focal point of the room.

Adding Accessories

Staying on theme is essential. Select ceramics, ornaments, and accessories that are made out of natural materials. Avoid using too many metallic pieces or accessories that are too bright. You want to create a cohesive look that is both modern and rustic.

There are many different ways you can decorate around an antler chandelier. By following these tips, you’ll be able to achieve a look that is both unique and stylish.

Where should I hang my antler chandelier?

This is a difficult question to answer without knowing more about the specific chandelier and the room in which it will be hung. Generally speaking, however, antler chandeliers should be hung relatively high up on the wall in order to show off their unique shape and design.

Additionally, because they are often quite large and bulky, hanging them too low can make a room appear cramped and cluttered. If you are unsure about the best placement for your chandelier, it is always a good idea to consult with a professional designer or lighting specialist.

What do you hang on deer antlers?

There are many things that people hang on deer antlers, including:

-Hunting trophies

-Decorative items such as wreaths or garlands


-Craft projects

Some people also collect deer antlers for their unique shape and appearance. Whatever the reason, there are many things that can be hung on deer antlers!

Why do people decorate with antlers?

One reason people might decorate with antlers is because they are symbols of strength and power. In many cultures, deer are seen as noble animals and their antlers are seen as a sign of virility. Decorating with antlers can also be seen as a way to bring some of that natural strength and power into your home.

Another reason people might choose to decorate with antlers is because they are simply beautiful. Antlers come in a wide range of shapes and sizes, and can be used to create stunning pieces of art. Many people see them as a way to add a natural touch to their home décor.

Whatever the reason, decorating with antlers is a popular trend that is here to stay. If you’re looking for a unique way to spruce up your home, consider adding some antlers to your décor.

How do you attach antlers to a chandelier?

There are a few different ways that you can attach antlers to a chandelier. One way is to use hot glue. You can also use wire or fishing line to secure the antlers to the chandelier. Another option is to use velcro strips. Whichever method you choose, make sure that the antlers are securely attached so that they don’t fall off and break.