The Most Wonderful Ski Resorts in Switzerland you Should Visit This Winter

Last Updated on November 30, 2022 by Jason Nguyen

Winter is probably one of the best seasons of the year as everything looks more beautiful. The falling snow creates a soft frosting on the hills and the rooftops, every street glams up with wondrous Christmas decorations, and everyone smiles more.

Needless to say that winter is a perfect time for traveling around the world and visiting new European destinations. There are many places around the world that are perfect for a winter getaway. Of course, Europe is one of the most popular destinations worldwide as it’s the homeland of many beautiful countries.

Therefore, if you are looking for a European destination to organize your ski break and your Christmas getaway, Switzerland might be the right place for you. Read below and let’s discover the most wonderful and Christmasy ski resorts around Switzerland.

1. Zermatt

zermatt town

The first and most famous ski resort in Switzerland is Zermatt. This place is actually located at a higher spot in the Alps, and the altitudes are between 2,500 and 3,900 meters.

The amazing view of the Matterhorn behind the town makes the whole experience even more special for a skier.

When it comes to ski opportunities, there are many pistes and wide zones as well as off-piste opportunities for every level of skiing. Also, there are many apres-ski activities that someone would be able to enjoy around the main town, such as amazing restaurants, shops, and bars.

2. St. Moritz

Moreover, another very beautiful place you should visit in Switzerland for your ski break is St. Moritz. This place is probably one of the most famous ski resorts in Europe as it’s the place that hosted twice the Winter Olympics, decades ago.

The good news is that St. Moritz is not only a great destination for Olympians and professional skiers, but offers many terrains and pistes for intermediates and beginners.

Furthermore, the town center is a very charming place, yet expensive and luxurious. In case you are interested to visit this place this year, with your friends or family, you can take a look at Erna Low to find the most convenient accommodation option according to your needs and budget.

3. Verbier

Last but not least, if you are a professional skier who needs a place to show off his skills and become even better, Verbier it’s the right destination for you. Why? The big runs for long-distance skiing and the terrain makes the place one of the world’s best resorts for off-piste skiing.

Of course, there are many terrains for intermediate skiers, as these places are less crowded than the other pistes. It’s worth mentioning that in 2018, Verbier was awarded the best ski resort in Switzerland.

Another very interesting fact about this place is that it offers the visitors many amazing apres-ski options, such as nice restaurants, bars, shops, and spas in order to relax after a long day hitting the slopes.