49+ Beautiful Olive Branch Tattoos

They say that tattoos are artistic expressions of a person’s lifeworld and personal story. This simply means a tattoo is not inked in someone’s skin without reasons. There are a lot of symbolism within one tattoo design and one of the most symbolic tattoo designs would be the olive branch tattoo.

There was a time in art trends when tattoo designs became fixated on leaf designs. But then and now, the olive branch tattoo is still a mainstay as a tattoo design because it is a great metaphor for many things. In this article, we will break that down.

What do olive branches symbolize?

If olive branch tattoos are one of the most famous ink designs, it must have a rich symbolism in it. So the question is, what do olive branches symbolize?

For starters, the olive branch is very significant in almost all the five major religions in the world like Judaism, Christianity, Islam and Buddhism. According to the Symbols Project, the olive branch symbolizes peace, harmony and hope.

In the Greek mythology, the olive branch symbolizes victory after she won the right to Athens against Poseidon. The olive branch as a sign of peace and victory are also very much present in classic stories of Homer, as well as Greek and medieval writers.

As a matter of fact, it was worn side by side with laurel wreaths during the first Olympic games in ancient Greece and a banner of wisdom as has been made evident by tombstones of intellectuals such as Thonhauser, the Stosics Family and Mark Twain, among others.

What does the olive branch symbolize in Christianity?

Of all the major religions in the world, Judaism and Christianity alluded to the olive branch as a symbol of peace and hope the most.

It’s moment of glory can be seen in the Noah’s Ark story when the dove came to Noah after the flood with an olive branch in its beak.

It gave Noah and his family a surge of happiness, hope and peace of a new beginning because it meant that there is already a rebirth after the flood. According to My Olive Tree, it is also a symbol of restoration and the binding relationship between God and his people as olive trees thrive even in the most barren of lands.

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Olive branch tattoo meaning

In the world of ink meanings, the olive branch may connote other deep meanings. For example, the Beauty Logic Blog mentions that olive branches tattoo also means clarity, positivity and allowing peace in one’s life.

When it is inked as matching tattoos, it means deep love reminiscent of the bond between the Supreme Being and his people according to Subtle Tattoos.

For Tattoos From the Heart, olive branches tattoo with specifically green leaves means love for life and the wish for longevity. Of course, we should not limit olive branch tattoo meanings to these alone because as we have previously mentioned, everything might mean more than what meets the eye because tattoos envelope in them personal anecdotes.

10 best olive branch tattoos

Inspired of what the olive branch tattoo means? If yes, here are some of the best olive branch tattoo designs that you could consider if you are thinking of having it inked in.

#1. The rib-cage olive branch tattoo symbolizing life and longevity.

#2. The shoulder olive branch tattoo symbolizing peace and dignity.

#3. The arm olive branch tattoo symbolizing victory.

#4. The wrist olive branch tattoo.

#5. The fore-arm olive branch tattoo.

#6. The ankle olive branch tattoo.

#7. The matching olive branch tattoo.

#8. The small olive branch tattoo.

#9. The statement olive branch tattoo.

#10. The nape olive branch tattoo.


To conclude, we have established here that the olive branch tattoo is more than just an ink design. It connotes a lot of meanings and symbolisms ranging from religious metaphors, symbols of hope, peace, prosperity, thriving and victory.

Most importantly, it infuses in personal stories that only the people who wanted it inked on them would understand. With all of these, the olive branch tattoo is a manifestation that indeed, tattoo or ink designs are personal and universal, all at the same time and that they are etched in a person’s body out of meaning and symbolism.


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