65+ Beautiful Farmhouse Kitchen Cabinet Ideas and Designs (Photos)

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The farmhouse design is one that you can use in your house to create a more casual setting. It can be applied to any room in the house from your bedroom to the garage.

You can use everyday items and custom kitchen cabinets to add that extra allure to your overall design.

The farmhouse design is always a view to be reckoned with. It is very down to earth, organic and very homey, overall. It is never forced nor is it overwhelming.

Sometimes, one of the defining factors that make a farmhouse design is anchored on cabinets. In this post, we shall particularly turn to some notable farmhouse kitchen cabinet ideas which you can consider for your own farmhouse kitchen. 

From repurposed wood, to distressed look to modern farmhouse, we shall rundown some of the best ones there are. So, without much ado, check out these ideas by reading on. 

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What is a farmhouse style kitchen?

A farmhouse kitchen is one that does not have too many technological gizmos. It features simple gadgets and is still functional. You will find a lot of DIY and repurposed items used in the décor.

The paint job is simple, and so is the furniture. The design is meant to mimic retro living hence the name given to the decorative design.

What is the difference between rustic and farmhouse?

Rustic designs feature slightly more modern kitchen designs and furniture. Farmhouse kitchens are more hardcore. The furniture in them is meant to create the illusion of a rugged lifestyle and borrow heavily from the retro lifestyle.

Rustic kitchens may feature a kitchen island which is something very uncommon if farmhouse kitchens.

65+ Farmhouse Kitchen Cabinet Ideas and Designs

Without much ado, let us dive right into some of the most notable farmhouse kitchen cabinet ideas which you could take inspiration from for your own homes. They range from simple DIYs to more elaborate ones and here goes. 

1. Classic white cabinets

1 farmhouse kitchen cabinet ideas designs

If classic cozy is what you want for your home, these classic white farmhouse cabinets by the sink are the perfect choice for you. There is just something about white which makes the space larger, airier and brighter.

The narrow line of smaller drawers beneath the butcher’s block is also a good touch for this cabinet system. It is a simple design but gives all the right vibes. 

2. Gray wooden cabinets

2 farmhouse kitchen cabinet ideas designs

If you want to incorporate a flair of modernism or an industrial design scheme into your farmhouse kitchen, using gray cabinets would suffice.

Accompanied with open shelving, ambient light and an ample arrangement of cabinets by the countertop and of course the kitchen island, this one gives off the cozy feels of any farmhouse kitchen. 

If you want more of the seamless blend of farmhouse designs but anchored on a combo of gray and white, these light gray cabinets should be the highlight of your kitchen. The design follows the typical closed block arrangement of homes but still, it looks fresh and very rustic so might as well give it a go. 

3 farmhouse kitchen cabinet ideas designs

4. Vintage cottage cabinets

4 farmhouse kitchen cabinet ideas designs

The old-world charm is truly something to pine over when it comes to farmhouse kitchen cabinets and these vintage cottage cabinets are one of the reasons why.

The warm colored wood stains emphasize the organic grains of the wood finish cabinets, accompanied with that oversized porcelain sink. A blue section of cabinets in the middle and the rack overhead give visual depth to the entire look. 

5. Accented white cabinets

5 farmhouse kitchen cabinet ideas designs

There are thousand ways to accentuate white cabinets but if you are a fan of the contemporary or modern design scheme, contrasting the traditional white cabinets with a minimal touch of black, be it on the cabinet handles, drawer buttons, or the sink countertop, and you are good to go.

Let us just allow this simple farmhouse cabinet idea and its effect on this small kitchen to speak for themselves. 

6. Full 70s twist

6 farmhouse kitchen cabinet ideas designs

The combo of hanging cabinets and a row of sink cabinets underneath is a design tradition attributed to the 70s and this kitchen here, gives off that vibe.

The khaki painting of the cabinets and the thoughtful use of metal handles make it all the more retro. If you want a throwback look but with lots of storage space, you should go for this full-deck farmhouse cabinetry for your kitchen. 

7. Unfinished farmhouse cabinets

7 farmhouse kitchen cabinet ideas designs

If you are more into the industrial, unfinished farmhouse vibe, you should capitalize on repurposed wood and incorporate a distressed style farmhouse cabinet. The farmhouse authenticity is strong on this kitchen look.

The jagged painting and the mix and match of the wooden cabinets give this an interesting and rugged look. Paired with the right distressed farmhouse decorative elements, everything in this one is cohesive. 

8. Minty kitchen cabinets

8 farmhouse kitchen cabinet ideas designs

To evoke that French countryside look, go for some unorthodox colors for your farmhouse kitchen cabinet like this one here. The use of mint green is a traditional color among French farmhouses or cottages. 

This one is very simple, only incorporating minimal copper accents by the handles. The depth of the oversized sink also makes it a French classic. Overall, this could work in compact farmhouse kitchens. 

9. Paneled cabinet

9 farmhouse kitchen cabinet ideas designs

If you want a versatile material that would give off a chic, suburban and contemporary look all at once, the use of beadboard cabinets on a panel style arrangement is a fine choice. Just look at the intricate paneling in these rows of kitchen cabinets. 

The hanging ones are carefully infused with an open shelving either for condiments or recipe books. All in all, this offers a dainty yet unique touch on farmhouse kitchens. 

10. Open face paneled kitchen cabinet

10 farmhouse kitchen cabinet ideas designs

If you are into massive cabinetry in the kitchen, you might want to consider this open face paneled kitchen cabinet system right here. Everything here speaks of traditional storage including the beadboard backsplash.

The separation in this look is balanced, with that glass cabinet for delicate items at the top and the block cabinet enclosure at the bottom. 

11. White and gold

11 farmhouse kitchen cabinet ideas designs

Sometimes, all it takes for a farmhouse appeal can be marked by the type of hardware used.

For instance, in this look, the warmth of the holidays in this farmhouse kitchen is given emphasis by the combination of traditional white cabinets and its gold handles and hardware in general. It did not take much for this farmhouse kitchen to be warm and holidays-y with this one. 

12. Rustic blue with top open face cabinets

12 farmhouse kitchen cabinet ideas designs
Source: houzz.com

As have been earlier mentioned, there is just something about blue which gives off a rustic, down to earth, farmhouse appeal and this cabinet system here in this farmhouse kitchen is imbibing that.

The top open face cabinets complemented with block cabinet arrangement beneath the sink offer a cohesive look. 

We appreciate the wooden accents of this kitchen, especially the customized handles. Overall, it looks like a seaside cottage kitchen and farmhouse kitchen crossover. 

13. Tan and olive green

13 farmhouse kitchen cabinet ideas designs

At first glance, this farmhouse style kitchen might seem bland and ordinary with those tan cabinetry on one side. But as you enter in, more layers are revealed, especially that olive green cabinetry on the other side.

It immediately spruces up the space and the use of metal hardware that glistens under natural light is also a fine touch. This one here truly offers a visual balance in the cabinetry which one cannot miss. 

14. Dark oak unfinished cabinets

14 farmhouse kitchen cabinet ideas designs

If you are into hardwood cabinetry, oak is always a fine and durable choice. The farmhouse appeal of this kitchen is very strong with the handmade look of these dark oak cabinets.

It has that unfinished appeal, and it complements well the dark colored countertops and the white porcelain sink. The burnt effect of the rich, warm toned wood flooring overall gives it a warm and cozy vibe. It is very rugged, but a very homey farmhouse kitchen.

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15. Raw wood

15 farmhouse kitchen cabinet ideas designs

If you live in a home without kids and pets, perhaps, you could use the rustic charm of raw wood cabinets for your farmhouse kitchen like this one here.

This kitchen owes the tonal balance of the space with the darker colored wood cabinet and the bright colored backsplash and countertops. Aside from the raw wood cabinet, the addition of the open face, glass, corner cabinets add a delicate touch in this kitchen.  

16. Solid cabinetry

16 farmhouse kitchen cabinet ideas designs

Speaking of wood, this rich toned, tailor-fit, mahogany cabinet system is truly something sleek and stands out in this opulent farmhouse kitchen. The upscale vibe and modern look in this kitchen are hard to miss. 

The combination of the polished hardwood and the silver fixtures offer a luxe contrast. The granite countertops also complement the wood cabinets very well. And the customized cabinet system on the other side, incorporating the ovens, is a sight to behold. 

Here is another beautiful, low-key and very organic hardwood show in a modern farmhouse kitchen which you would surely consider at any given day. The entire cabinet system is made of cypress.

17 farmhouse kitchen cabinet ideas designs

It is raw and unstained so you would really see the delicate patterns of the grainy cypress wood. It might be lighter than the previous one but it does not fall short on warmth and coziness. 

18. High ceiling farmhouse kitchen cabinet

18 farmhouse kitchen cabinet ideas designs

The use of all-white is still one of the best choices when it comes to high ceiling kitchens and this idea here proves to you just why.

The careful arrangement of the hanging cabinets along with the floor to ceiling ones, the glass panels at the top which adds visual layer to an all-white backdrop, and the block arrangement of the bottom cabinets, give this one a neat, crisp look.

When it comes to farmhouse kitchen revamping, you can never go wrong with an all-white ensemble. 

19. Dark accents

19 farmhouse kitchen cabinet ideas designs

It is easy to surmise that the focal point in this farmhouse kitchen would be the raw wood hanging cabinet in the middle of the kitchen. It is accompanied by this wooden library ladder which allows access to upper cabinets in general.

The dark wood cabinet is complemented by an all-white cabinet system with black metal hardware. Everything is in place in this modern farmhouse kitchen, including the cascading island lighting. 

20. Matte black and white

20 farmhouse kitchen cabinet ideas designs

Who would dare say that black is not a farmhouse color? In this compact farmhouse kitchen, the visual effect of matte black is glaring on this traditionally arranged cabinetry.

With the flurry of open face, white top cabinets, and a complementing floor cabinet on the side, you get a classic black and white kitchen combo with these cabinets. The tonal balance does not disappoint. 

21. Cream galley kitchen

21 farmhouse kitchen cabinet ideas designs

This Connecticut, rustic design kitchen proves that symmetry is not just a visual design but also one way of maximizing a compact space. To add a visual layer to this kitchen, the homeowner opted for cream-colored cabinets instead of bright white. 

The open face cabinets on one side did not go for the usual area coverage size of the cabinets which make it look standout. The mug hanging station on the other hand, and the open face sink cabinet also complemented the overall look of this one. 

22. White shaker cabinet

22 farmhouse kitchen cabinet ideas designs
Source: Bauscher Construction & Remodeling, Inc.

If you want a dated design for your farmhouse kitchen, opting for the classic white shaker cabinet is still one of the best choices. It is very effortless to look at and the bright color just adds a different dimension to the area. 

This one here specifically transports you back to the 50s, with its visual consistency, light and airy look, a curved accent, and dark toned hardware. The wood beams and the island also make everything in place. 

Here is another shaker cabinet design but in a smaller, more compact farmhouse kitchen. The whole point of this arrangement proves that bigger is not always better or more astonishing.

Everything one needs is already here, thanks to the strategic arrangement of the cabinets in the kitchen area. The square footage of this small kitchen also gives it a very functional and easy access vibe. 

23 farmhouse kitchen cabinet ideas designs

24. Midnight blue cabinets

The good thing about contemporary designing is that, even the most outlandish color would work. This U-shaped kitchen strikes a very sleek and modern look thanks to the use of midnight blue cabinets. 

It is brooding and eclectic at the same time. With open shelving and an oversized window, the cabinets are emphasized with natural illumination. It is such a standout kitchen space especially with those metallic accents. 

24 farmhouse kitchen cabinet ideas designs
Source: Houzz

Speaking of blue and non-traditional farmhouse kitchen designs, this navy-blue cabinet system in this coastal farmhouse design kitchen is something standout too. The use of subdued tones to complement it along with the metallic hardware really give it an unmatched warm touch. 

The partitioned look of this farmhouse kitchen is also emphasized with this moody navy-blue tone for the cabinets. The exposed beams and unfinished edges of this kitchen give it that signature farmhouse aura. 

25 farmhouse kitchen cabinet ideas designs
Source: Becca Interiors

26. Layered wood

If you think we will ever be done with wood, think again because cabinets are essentially made of wood. To add more visual sense to a farmhouse kitchen however, you can work around asymmetrical cabinet arrangements like this one here. 

The top cabinets are arranged in different heights; a detail that you might miss at first glance but provides all the difference in this should have been traditional looking farmhouse kitchen. 

26 farmhouse kitchen cabinet ideas designs

27. Oriental minimalism

27 farmhouse kitchen cabinet ideas designs

A fine trend in interior design would be oriental minimalism. Fusing the neat, clean lines of minimalism with that of oriental decluttered style and you get this very organic looking, modern farmhouse kitchen. 

Far from the ornate carvings and popping colors of traditional farmhouse designs, this one here is anchored on the natural colors of wood slab cabinets on a contrast of white. In effect, you have a bright, light, and airy looking farmhouse kitchen. 

28. All black

28 farmhouse kitchen cabinet ideas designs

Yet again proving the less is more, this all-black cabinet system for a farmhouse kitchen just gives all the right reasons why considering black cabinets is a plus.

The use of different cabinet types in this one plus the dark black tone just envelopes the kitchen into a compelling view. The combo of glass and open face cabinets are also the royal flush in this sleek, farmhouse kitchen. 

29. Cabinets everywhere

29 farmhouse kitchen cabinet ideas designs

If you have the space, and if you really are a fan of storage or thinking proactively and already incorporating ways to expand storage, infusing cabinets in every nook and cranny should be the theme of your farmhouse cabinet design. 

To complement the floating shelves, the designer here took time to incorporate cabinets on the kitchen island, the breakfast nook, in the kitchen couch, and under the sink. Foregoing hanging cabinets made the look more airy, spacious, and just super neat to look at. 

30. Go big or go home

30 farmhouse kitchen cabinet ideas designs

If you really want to make a standout, statement kitchen, you have to always think big. In this kitchen arrangement, the modern farmhouse kitchen look is spruced up by the use of teal cabinets.

A mix and match of floor to ceiling, top cabinets, and a corner glass cabinet are well-fit with the wooden flooring and other wood accents of this kitchen. We also love the effect of marble counters and the bright subway tiles which perfectly highlight the darker teal color of the cabinets. 

31. Cool gray

31 farmhouse kitchen cabinet ideas designs

When it comes to cool tones, gray is still an unmatched color. Making an all-gray farmhouse kitchen is everything you need to give your space the revamp it needs.

This one here made sure that all the spaces are filled with storage. Everything is maximized and the white and yellow undertones are just perfect in adding in natural light. Let us just allow the overall look of this one to speak for itself. 

32. Scandinavian look

32 farmhouse kitchen cabinet ideas designs

The Scandi design has gained popularity through the years because of its homage to minimalism and its crisp, clean tones. You can also incorporate the Scandi design in your farmhouse kitchen by giving it the monotone charm.

For one, the edgy yet bright and inviting tone of this modern farmhouse kitchen is owed to this open hanging shelving and the horizontal cabinetry by the sink. 

33. Open shelving and square station

33 farmhouse kitchen cabinet ideas designs

Open shelving has always been one of the signature styles in farmhouse design. In this compact galley kitchen, the cabinetry is minimal but it sure takes up all the right spaces as they should be.

This one features an open shelving instead of the usual top cabinets. It was a finer choice to complement with the cabinets because the area just looks chill and homey and not heavy and bulky. 

34. Cottage and craft look

34 farmhouse kitchen cabinet ideas designs

If you want a striking balance between modern and vintage, here is something to take inspiration from. This cottage style, farmhouse kitchen is anything but ordinary. Featuring a large, weathered gray cabinet on one side for heirloom pieces and glassware, you get the old-world, vintage charm. 

Contrasting it with the usual line of bottom cabinets and a top cabinet with lattice front, granite kitchen island with carved legs, and exposed beams by the ceiling, you get a beautiful farmhouse kitchen appeal. 

35. Contemporary farmhouse

35 farmhouse kitchen cabinet ideas designs

This one has a contemporary, rustic charm, thanks to the fine use of color combos. The cabinets are pistachio green and the use of ornate, gold handles and hardware make it a signature farmhouse design. The tonal balance of brown, black and green make it very earthy, organic and homey. 

The kitchen island is also infused with rows of smaller cabinets and drawers for a more functional look. This one is a model of an ergonomic kitchen station and we love the contemporary farmhouse vibe of it, overall. 

36. French Farmhouse Kitchen Cabinets

1 farmhouse kitchen cabinet ideas


37. Reclaimed Painted Cabinets

2 farmhouse kitchen cabinet ideas


38. White cabinets

3 farmhouse kitchen cabinet ideas


39. Kitchen wire cabinets

4 farmhouse kitchen cabinet ideas


40. Raw wood

5 farmhouse kitchen cabinet ideas


41. Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Manhattan Style with Reclaimed Barnwood Cabinets

6 farmhouse kitchen cabinet ideas


42. Urban Farmhouse Kitchen With White Cabinets

7 farmhouse kitchen cabinet ideas


43. Oak Cabinets

8 farmhouse kitchen cabinet ideas


44. Grayscale Cabinets

9 farmhouse kitchen cabinet ideas

45. Glass cabinets

10 farmhouse kitchen cabinet ideas


46. Traditional Kitchen With White Cabinets

11 farmhouse kitchen cabinet ideas


47. Clean white cabinets

12 farmhouse kitchen cabinet ideas

48. Rustic kitchen with grey green cabinets

13 farmhouse kitchen cabinet ideas


49. White cabinets with black countertops

14 farmhouse kitchen cabinet ideas

50. White raised-panel cabinets with marble countertops

15 farmhouse kitchen cabinet ideas


51. White recessed-panel cabinets

16 farmhouse kitchen cabinet ideas


52. Blue glass-front cabinets

17 farmhouse kitchen cabinet ideas


53. Vintage-style kitchen cabinet

18 farmhouse kitchen cabinet ideas


54. Green cabinets

19 farmhouse kitchen cabinet ideas


55. Red open cabinets

20 farmhouse kitchen cabinet ideas


56. Country kitchen with blue cabinets and wood countertops

21 farmhouse kitchen cabinet ideas


57. Vintage farmhouse cabinets

22 farmhouse kitchen cabinet ideas


58. Classic kitchen with green cabinets

23 farmhouse kitchen cabinet ideas


59. Modern farmhouse kitchen with white cabinets and granite countertops

24 farmhouse kitchen cabinet ideas


60. English-style kitchen cabinets

25 farmhouse kitchen cabinet ideas


61. Victorian kitchen with distressed cabinets

26 farmhouse kitchen cabinet ideas


62. Rustic cabinets

27 farmhouse kitchen cabinet ideas

63. Raw wood cabinets

28 farmhouse kitchen cabinet ideas

64. Blue cabinets

29 farmhouse kitchen cabinet ideas

65. Industrial kitchen

30 farmhouse kitchen cabinet ideas



Aside from the farmhouse kitchen cabinet ideas that we have just covered, it is also important that you get to know some FAQs about decorating around and in choosing the best cabinet fit for your kitchen. 

Is white a default farmhouse kitchen style color? 

The versatility of white makes it the go-to color for any type of interior design. Many associate white with farmhouse kitchen styles but any color would do. Just make sure that they are contrasted well with the kitchen island, the hardware, countertops and others. 

Are shaker cabinets expensive? 

No, and that is the reason why they are almost always chosen for cabinet systems, not just in a farmhouse kitchen. Aside from being an affordable choice, they are also beautiful to look at, versatile for any kitchen design and are very easy to install. 

What are the most popular cabinet colors for 2021?

You should know that when it comes to cabinet color trends, the most popular ones for this year would be white, blue, green, black, and two-toned cabinets.

Other farmhouse kitchen cabinets

1. One way to go is to have Victorian kitchen cabinets as part of your décor.

These cabinets are made from mahogany and feature no paint only varnish.

2. You can also redesign old wood crates to make cabinets.

This a DIY project that involves joining multiple wooden crates together and inserting shelves within them for the dish racks.

3. You can also make your farmhouse kitchen cabinets from single planks of oak.

Use a plane on one side of the oak plank to even the surface. Cure the oak to make it last longer by applying varnish on either side. Mount the planks on the walls around your kitchen and arrange your cookware on them. The cabinets are simple but make for spectacular viewing.

4. You can also stain the paint on your already existing kitchen cabinets to give them that worn-out look.

Use turpentine and cloth to thin the paint on the outside surface of the cabinets. Rub the surfaces to a fade that appeals to you. The unfinished look is one to admire for ages.

5. Mismatching the paint is also another way that you can make your kitchen cabinets stand out.

The hurried-up look is great in creating a break from the norm.

6. Metal crates also make for impeccable farmhouse kitchen cabinets.

These can be mounted on top of the sink to enable you to drain your dishes. The unusual look will leave your visitors mouth ajar every time they are around.

7. Clay cookery items are also a fun way to bring out the farmhouse look.

Place these in different cabinets around the kitchen to create the illusion that you have not discovered metal yet.

8. Replace the doors on your kitchen cabinets with quilts.

Quilts are reminiscent of the good old days and also work well as decorative items for farmhouse kitchens.

9. You can use worn out logs to create countertops for your kitchen cabinets.

To further accentuate the look, have a food basket on top of it to symbolize a farm harvest.

10. Mason jars also make for useful decorative items.

You can store flour, sugar, baking soda, among other ingredients and place them for display in your kitchen cabinets.


When it comes to farmhouse kitchen cabinets, simplicity is indeed, the name of the game. The seamless blending, the balance, and the overall neatness of the kitchen is truly what makes it a farmhouse style no matter what the design of the kitchen cabinet might be. 

Perhaps, the only factors to consider would be the dimensions of the kitchen, the complementing colors to use, and of course, the number of cabinets to be installed, relative to your needs and the size of your farmhouse kitchen.

With all things considered, however, we think that through this list, you already have sufficient idea in mind as to what type of farmhouse kitchen cabinets to go for.