30+ Beautiful Farmhouse Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

The farmhouse design is one that you can use in your house to create a more casual setting. It can be applied to any room in the house from your bedroom to the garage.

You can use everyday items and custom kitchen cabinets to add that extra allure to your overall design. In this article, we shall look at some farmhouse kitchen cabinet ideas that you can employ.

What is a farmhouse style kitchen?

A farmhouse kitchen is one that does not have too many technological gizmos. It features simple gadgets and is still functional. You will find a lot of DIY and repurposed items used in the décor.

The paint job is simple, and so is the furniture. The design is meant to mimic retro living hence the name given to the decorative design.

What is the difference between rustic and farmhouse?

Rustic designs feature slightly more modern kitchen designs and furniture. Farmhouse kitchens are more hardcore. The furniture in them is meant to create the illusion of a rugged lifestyle and borrow heavily from the retro lifestyle.

Rustic kitchens may feature a kitchen island which is something very uncommon if farmhouse kitchens.

30+ farmhouse kitchen cabinet ideas

#1. French Farmhouse Kitchen Cabinets


#2. Reclaimed Painted Cabinets


#3. White cabinets


#4. Kitchen wire cabinets


#5. Raw wood


#6. Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Manhattan Style with Reclaimed Barnwood Cabinets


#7. Urban Farmhouse Kitchen With White Cabinets


#8. Oak Cabinets


#9. Grayscale Cabinets

#10. Glass cabinets


#11. Traditional Kitchen With White Cabinets


#12. Clean white cabinets

#13. Rustic kitchen with grey green cabinets


#14. White cabinets with black countertops

#15. White raised-panel cabinets with marble countertops


#16. White recessed-panel cabinets


#17. Blue glass-front cabinets


#18. Vintage-style kitchen cabinet


#19. Green cabinets


#20. Red open cabinets


#21. Country kitchen with blue cabinets and wood countertops


#22. Vintage farmhouse cabinets


#23. Classic kitchen with green cabinets


#24. Modern farmhouse kitchen with white cabinets and granite countertops


#25. English-style kitchen cabinets


#26. Victorian kitchen with distressed cabinets


#27. Rustic cabinets

#28. Raw wood cabinets

#29. Blue cabinets

#30. Industrial kitchen


Other farmhouse kitchen cabinets

1. One way to go is to have Victorian kitchen cabinets as part of your décor.

These cabinets are made from mahogany and feature no paint only varnish.

2. You can also redesign old wood crates to make cabinets.

This a DIY project that involves joining multiple wooden crates together and inserting shelves within them for the dish racks.

3. You can also make your farmhouse kitchen cabinets from single planks of oak.

Use a plane on one side of the oak plank to even the surface. Cure the oak to make it last longer by applying varnish on either side. Mount the planks on the walls around your kitchen and arrange your cookware on them. The cabinets are simple but make for spectacular viewing.

4. You can also stain the paint on your already existing kitchen cabinets to give them that worn-out look.

Use turpentine and cloth to thin the paint on the outside surface of the cabinets. Rub the surfaces to a fade that appeals to you. The unfinished look is one to admire for ages.

5. Mismatching the paint is also another way that you can make your kitchen cabinets stand out.

The hurried-up look is great in creating a break from the norm.

6. Metal crates also make for impeccable farmhouse kitchen cabinets.

These can be mounted on top of the sink to enable you to drain your dishes. The unusual look will leave your visitors mouth ajar every time they are around.

7. Clay cookery items are also a fun way to bring out the farmhouse look.

Place these in different cabinets around the kitchen to create the illusion that you have not discovered metal yet.

8. Replace the doors on your kitchen cabinets with quilts.

Quilts are reminiscent of the good old days and also work well as decorative items for farmhouse kitchens.

9. You can use worn out logs to create countertops for your kitchen cabinets.

To further accentuate the look, have a food basket on top of it to symbolize a farm harvest.

10. Mason jars also make for useful decorative items.

You can store flour, sugar, baking soda, among other ingredients and place them for display in your kitchen cabinets.


There are many ways in which you can transform your kitchen into the farmhouse look. Think of the items that you saw at your grandmother’s house. You will be inspired and come up with a fantastic look for your kitchen


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