Buy Furniture Online: 6 Best Shops for furniture to Consider

Last Updated on February 2, 2024 by Kimberly Crawford

The best online furniture store is a great way to shop for luxurious and comfortable home furnishings. While you can find all these at Amazon, we recommend checking out one or all of these six companies first.

These are the best online furnishing stores that make it easy for anyone to buy excellent quality furniture. Continue reading if you are interested in shopping for top-notch furniture online.


1StopBedrooms is an American bed and bath retailer with over 7 million members. They offer many types of furniture, including bedroom sets, mattresses, living room furniture essentials, dining & kitchen sets, and many more, so if you want to learn more about what you can purchase in this category, head straight here.

They have many categories for those with allergies, including latex-free, allergy-friendly, and hypoallergenic mattresses and pillow covers. 

You may also want to check out the prices of their top-quality furniture and mattress accessories. If you’re trying to figure out which furniture will work out great for your home, they also have helpful articles showing what kind of furniture you should get.

One good thing is they have a section called “what we love about you.” This article is a great place to start if you want something specific regarding design or comfort.


Apt2B was founded by Matt and Robyn, two teachers who wanted to create the perfect sleep experience. Their team consists of people with the same mission, but instead of just making beds, they want to focus on sleeping and being comfortable.

This company offers some fantastic furniture and pillows that are incredibly comfortable and have many options for sleeping and sitting surfaces. They offer a wide range of products, including sofas, sectionals, sleeper sofas, chairs and ottomans, tables, storage furniture, living room decor, and home and office furniture.

For those that need a little help finding some of the available models, there are lots of videos and descriptions to help give you some ideas. Depending on your needs, some options are unique, and others look similar. Just be sure to ask them several questions before buying anything. You’ll likely get excellent information from Apt2B.

Blu Dot

Blu Dot was established in 2015 and has quickly become known for its fantastic selection of furniture, mattresses, pillows, sheets, and more. We know you got tired of seeing generic and lower-quality goods at every price point.

Well, that’s precisely why Blu Dot wants to change that. Unlike many online retailers who only seem to offer new items, they offer everything. They are going over and above, and they have thousands of options for each type of item. 

Regarding pricing, you can expect the lowest prices directly through them, while others offer special bundles that often go above $200. Also, you can save up to 25% with promo codes at checkout compared to other sites that charge fees.

So what about us, though? Are we missing a few things? Not at all! When we bought our furniture for the second time, Blu Dot allowed us to exchange our existing one online and replace ours with theirs. No matter how much difference it makes, this site seems legit. Plus, their shipping is free. Get online and order at no additional cost.

Industry West

If you are searching for comfortable yet affordable furniture, industrial mattresses, or even a couch that sits between the living room and dining table, then Industry West might be perfect.

They offer a wide range of furniture products, from traditional products such as beds, chairs, and sofas to modern products like stools, storage almirahs, and many other accessories. Moreover, they offer high-waisted sheets and top-of-the-line mattresses to pillows, duvets, and loungewear. Because they specialize in many items, their service level is low, and does cater to customers. 

A few points to remember when shopping here is; if you’re unhappy with the price, take out a loan. Even better, contact customer service for advice as to whether or not your options are covered under warranty or not.


Kardiel was created in 2010 by Michael Hesse and Dan Kordie. They provide furniture, mattresses, and bedding and sell electronics and appliances. Although we loved it because of its incredible prices, they have many exciting things to choose from.

They are the best website to check out if you are looking for affordable furniture and mattresses for springtime. All of their selections come with warranties and returns, so pick wisely. Their best-selling products include sofas, chairs, bedroom furniture, storage cases, tables, dining sets, and bathroom furniture accessories.

Another cool feature offered by Kardiel is the ability to add custom images to their designs which adds style and personality without needing any extra accessories. With various styles ranging from kid’s nightstands to luxury couches, you don’t need to spend too long browsing through their selections. Plus, their sizes are manageable to fit anyone that isn’t quite tall enough to reach.


Burrow is a Canadian-based e-commerce platform specializing in selling consumer goods. They aim to make buying furniture more accessible than ever. While browsing its homepage, you will see how much it has grown over the past few years. With hundreds of thousands of shoppers visiting their site monthly, they are already doing a good job building a connection with customers. 

With their friendly customer service team, all your queries regarding your products and services will be answered directly in your inbox. Moreover, they also guide clients throughout their furniture-buying journey, primarily through phone calls, emails, and live chats.

One significant benefit of choosing Burrow as your primary destination for furniture shopping is that they offer high-quality furniture – no matter what kind – at prices ranging from $18 to $200+ to fit the buyer’s needs.

Burrow provides fast delivery times of 5 working days for orders above $20 and 2 working days for orders below $20 plus extra fees. Burrow offers to create exclusive designs for specific categories and add customization capabilities to existing ones! Additionally, they are constantly innovating and testing many new features to keep things fresh and exciting.

Bottom Line

Unlike traditional shops, websites offer different solutions for every customer’s needs. There are options to shop for your favorite brand and compare prices for various products. So you can save a lot of money and get instant satisfaction. You can find the perfect match for your requirements using various tools and apps.

When you have decided which type of sofa you want, it becomes easy to choose the color and texture you require. Once the order is done, the only thing left is to deliver it to your doorstep. You can shop easily from the websites mentioned above via your mobile phone or laptop and browse a vast range of offers with a single click. After choosing the size, you can check out the comfort of the couch and find out whether this option will suit you.