21+ Best Outdoor Christmas Planter Decor Ideas

Last Updated on June 4, 2022 by Kimberly Crawford

If you’re a big fan of gardening, then you’re aware that the winter time is a tough time for most plant life. However, the endless white needs to be offset with greens and bright colors too! This article will tackle the different ways you can add a splash of life to your snowy landscape.

best outdoor christmas planter ideas

What do you put in outdoor pots for winter?

If you’re trying to keep your home beautiful by preserving your plants from getting damaged by the relentless winter, here are a few steps to take:

  • Remove the soil, dead plants and flowers.
  • Protect your terracotta pots by storing them in a dry and sheltered area.
  • Protect glazed pots. These pots may not have been glazed all the way through and have a tendency to crack when exposed to moisture so keep them sheltered.
  • Protect interior and exterior glazed pots. If your pots aren’t empty, avoid watering them as the moisture can freeze and cause it to crack.
  • Consider your pot material. Make sure that pots you leave outdoors are made for the cold. Styrofoam, wood and plastic pots would do fine outdoors.
  • Protect pots left outdoors. Make sure you wrap fragile pots with bubble wrap, cover them with leaves then move them to a warmer area.
  • Store pots in the garage or crawl space if you can. These’ll make sure your pots are safe from the stresses of the extreme cold.

What do you put in a winter planter?

It is definitely possible to leave out plants for the winter! Here are a few plants you can grow during the snowy days.

  • Potted blue spruce
  • Heather
  • Winter aconites
  • Pansies
  • Cyclamen
  • Helleborus
  • Dogwood
  • Viburnum

Do you water Christmas planters?

The general suggestion is that you should water them once a week and keep them moist. But ultimately, it would depend on the plants in your planters.

How to decorate outside planters for Christmas

There are many ways to decorate your outdoor planters so you will definitely have to get creative! You can add in Christmas balls, a few ribbons, some hanging snowflakes and maybe some DIY Pot décor as well.

21 Best Outdoor Planter Ideas

1. DIY Ornament Outdoor Planter

This quick and easy DIY shows the holiday spirit by creating a mountain of ornamental Christmas balls resting on a nest of greenery. All you need are outdoor safe planters, a green garland and your choice of ornamental balls!

2. DIY Outdoor Planter Arrangement

2 outdoor christmas planter ideas

This DIY is absolutely stunning! The branch cuttings give it such a good height complexity that plays perfectly with the amount of décor at the base. Keep this on your porch for a splash of color and homey sophistication.


3. Evergreen Bough Christmas Planter

3 outdoor christmas planter ideas

These evergreen bough planters are just stunning. Add in a couple of large pinecones to truly fill the spaces with holiday spirit. Check out this quick and easy DIY!


4. Stunning Hanging Planter Arrangement with Lights

4 outdoor christmas planter ideas

What’s Christmas without those pretty fairy lights? Create a truly magical experience by hanging some of your favourite greens, pinecones and flowers on your porch. Complete the look by threading in some warm white lights.


5. Christmas Window Boxes

5 outdoor christmas planter ideas

Those plant boxes by the window don’t need to bare. In fact, they never have to be bare! Add in an oversized wreath to tie in all the elements you love and just go crazy with it!

6. Easy Window Box DIY

6 outdoor christmas planter ideas

This DIY teaches you an incredibly genius hack to make your window box arrangement in no time! Those gorgeous arrangements don’t need to take the whole day!


7. Gorgeous Winter Porch Pots

7 outdoor christmas planter ideas

The front porch has so much potential to draw in the eye when decorated correctly. Check out this link for an easy DIY on how to decorate your winter pots for the porch!


8. Lantern Porch Pot

8 outdoor christmas planter ideas

Make use of your candles and try your hand out at replicating this arrangement with a giant pinecone and a stunningly red lantern.


9. DIY Vertical Planter

9 outdoor christmas planter ideas

As mentioned above, wooden planters fare extremely well in the winter weather. Try your hand out at this DIY vertical planter and decorate it with some lights and ornaments to keep the holiday spirit.

10. DIY Gnome Mini Christmas Tree

10 outdoor christmas planter ideas

This adorable little addition to your planters ensure that your plants are always cared for (by the gnomes obviously.)

11. Christmas Planters

11 outdoor christmas planter ideas


12. Outdoor Arrangements

12 outdoor christmas planter ideas

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13. Winter greens

13 outdoor christmas planter ideas


14. Milk can planter

14 outdoor christmas planter ideas


15. Red and white urn planter

15 outdoor christmas planter ideas


16. White branches

16 outdoor christmas planter ideas


17. Christmas decor craftsman

17 outdoor christmas planter ideas


18. Spruce tip porch pot

18 outdoor christmas planter ideas


19. Old fashion milk can planter

19 outdoor christmas planter ideas

20. Pinecone display

20 outdoor christmas planter ideas

21. Evergreen planter with sign

21 outdoor christmas planter ideas



Ah the joys of plants and holiday decorations! Try out these 10 ideas and you’re definitely set for the best Christmas ever! Which one did you like best?