10 Chic Outdoor Courtyard Ideas To Try in Your Backyard

Last Updated on December 5, 2023 by Kimberly Crawford

After the cozy winters, we all wait for the season to shift to spring and the temperature to get a little warmer. With it comes and urges to spend our time relaxing in our outdoors.

It doesn’t matter if you have a small cozy balcony or an expensive garden, we here will show you 10 creative ideas to design your courtyard more spring friendly. These courtyard ideas can be your perfect outdoor lounge spot with a garden landscape.

best outdoor courtyard ideas

1. The colorful patched courtyard

1 outdoor courtyard ideas

This idea is designed by an architect of a21studio, a Vietnam based designer who changed the outlook of a minuscule beautifully. Using colorful patched tiles on your floor you can turn your courtyard more artistic and aspiring.

The image below shows the house of a journalist who is known for working in architectural magazines while building designs on a tight budget. The colorful tiles help in connecting the indoor and outdoor landscape of the hours.


2. An old concrete patio Design

2 outdoor courtyard ideas

The below-mentioned picture is of a modern-looking patio that has some edgy limestone pavers along with gravels. The mixture of modern limestone touch and a softer touch by using gravels and plants give it a beautiful old-style outlook.

The below the house was not able to gain ample direct sunlight, therefore it is important to select plants accordingly. The designer has used the neighbor’s magnolia tree, which was hanging down this courtyard. So thus it is essential to smartly utilize the alternates available while designing any landscape.


3. Airy bamboo hedge courtyard

3 outdoor courtyard ideas

In the picture below you can observe an airy courtyard with bamboo hedges right close to the garden area of the courtyard. The flooring is kept white so that it can gauge the attention and highlight the modern aspect of the design.

The spacious white limestone acts as a canvas when the spring sun shines over it. The rays reflect the shades of bamboo and garden plants give a more aesthetic touch.


4. Luxurious Brooklyn courtyard

4 outdoor courtyard ideas

The below-mentioned image is of a luxurious Brooklyn style courtyard. It is designed with mixtures of luxurious hints and boxwood balls to give it a more European styled courtyard.


5. Modern Courtyard

5 outdoor courtyard ideas

This modern courtyard is the most common designed backyard in the city of New York. A 20 ft. by 36 ft. wide rectangular space is tricky to convert into a mesmerizing garden.

This below-mentioned image is a recreation of a young Manhattan family who was eager to have a lush private outdoor space in their house. Space is a perfect inspiration for kids and adults. The idea was brought to life by New York’s landscape architecture, Robin key.


6. English Courtyard garden

6 outdoor courtyard ideas

The image below highlights a spacious English style courtyard with a simple garden. The key feature of large English courtyards is to provide a large outdoor space apart from the house to provide shelter. This house is situated in the best streets of London, Mapledene conservation area. The three-bedroom house comes with a terrace along with connecting doors to the courtyard.


7. Belgium Courtyard Garden

7 outdoor courtyard ideas

The image below shows a beautiful garden of a townhouse located in Antwerp. The courtyard was designed by Archi-Verde for Francophiles, who had a dream of recreating the Mediterranean climate around their house.

The touch of lavender and grapevines were at the top of their priority list. However, it was difficult to recreate the same impact due to a huge difference in the condition hence the designer, inspired by the Mediterranean style, created a courtyard with a lot of sunny aspects and some grapevines.


8. The red brick climbers Courtyard

8 outdoor courtyard ideas

This garden is located on the hills of London and it is the creation of Jinny Bloom, a designer based in the UK. The designer planned to lower the back wall of the courtyard to give more room to the trees behind. The idea behind her brick climbers is to combine the natural beauty forming a harmony beautifully.


9. Hudson Valley Manhattan courtyard

9 outdoor courtyard ideas

The image below is the artistic vision of Susan Wisniewski, an architect who designed this garden in the courtyard for a house located in Manhattan. This townhouse is having multiple layers of stone, greenery, and wood texture to give it a more spacious illusion.


10. A Sunny Manhattan Courtyard

10 outdoor courtyard ideas

The Below image is a classic example of the remodeling of a house based in Manhattan. Designed by Julian king, this townhouse courtyard is a perfect spot for sunny afternoons.



A courtyard garden is a perfect choice for a person who wishes to spend a noise-free evening in their private space. The courtyards are not high maintenance unlike lawns and thus they are priority.

It is ideal to first strategically plan your courtyard design according to the environment you are living in and the covered area. Using a garden according to these choices will give your outdoors a breezy and relaxing aspect.