21+ Clever Under Stair Storage Ideas and Designs

Last Updated on January 24, 2020 by Kimberly Crawford

In many households today is space management could be a problem. Household items are accumulated daily and there is little or no space to store them.

There are a few good reasons why you would want to utilize that space under your stairs. Lots of people do not even know that they can turn their under-stair space into something beautiful. So in this article, we are going to be exploring ways you can utilize the space below your stairs. Alright, let’s get down to it.

best under stair storage ideas

1. Pet house

1 under stair storage ideas

Not only do a lot of people not want their pet to sleep outside, but they also don’t want their pets walking around their home without a home of its own. This is not unusual.

If you are considering all these contingencies, you will find that under your stairs could make a perfect home for your pet especially if underneath your stairs is just the right size to fit your pet. Stretching your creativity, you could just make the perfect home for your pet!


2. Wet bar

2 under stair storage ideas

Imagine needing to have that ‘me’ time and yet be comfortable in your zone. Imagine walking literally under your stairs and pulling out a bottle of wine.

Ah! A makeshift wet bar can be built under the stairs. It gives the space a classic look and if underneath your stairs is big enough; it could even look like an actual bar. When you do this, you will not only have managed space, but you will have a classy corner to show off!


3. Powder room

3 under stair storage ideas

You might be wondering why you should have a powder room under your stairs. Well, if you’re not kidding yourself, you’d need a guest’s restroom. If there are no restrooms downstairs, you’d have to create one and underneath the stairs is just enough space to make a simple yet chic restroom!


4. Library

4 under stair storage ideas

A lot of people get clueless when their shelves get full and they still have a lot of books to put in it but here’s an idea, if you could install adjustable shelving units underneath the stairs, you could just place books in them.

They pretty much will help to make your books be in a more organized way and trust me, it is quite satisfying.


5. Study Space

5 under stair storage ideas

Most people like to have a spot. A particular go-to spot that they could think, relax or maybe even read a book. I believe the best place to read a book you want to enjoy is somewhere cozy and warm, probably small too.

Under the stairs sure is the best fit for this idea. While studying for an exam or making research for a book, you would want the world around you to be small and not filled with too much distraction so you could delve into that beautiful fictional world and source out an amazing idea on how to solve that problem that seemed too difficult. Don’t you think if you work under the stairs, you could achieve that?

6. Office/ Personal Workspace

6 under stair storage ideas

Do you want a small accessible workspace/office where you could just start up your computer, get to work and achieve a lot without having to leave the comfort of your home? Confusing?

No! With that portable space under the stairs, it could be transformed from being just a space into an amazing position to situate an office. Usually, most people don’t notice underneath your stairs and that just makes it a perfect place to make a workspace/office because you’d get the maximum concentration you need and stress less. It is easy to accomplish.


7. Storage of Kitchen Utensils

7 under stair storage ideas

In most houses, if not all there are clutters of things that can be thrown away because they are useful. Sometimes there may be too many plates or cutleries without a place to store them but they suddenly become important and useful especially when the need for a feast arises.

Usually, things are a mess if they are just cluttered around without a storage space but you could creatively use the space under the stairs, make some cabinets in it and de-clutter the kitchen by putting in some of these utensils or even spices in the cabinets. So it makes for more space in the kitchen, efficient storage and allows easy access to such utensils as well. Amazing!


8. Creating Storage Drawers under the Steps!

8 under stair storage ideas

This is creativity on a different level!! Imagine how exciting it is to use the space under your stairs for something as creative as shelving items regardless of how small the area is.

Awesome! If you don’t have enough space to shelve generic items in your house or you don’t have a shoe rack, this neat idea makes use of the space inside the staircase itself. You don’t have to stress!


9. Mudroom storage

9 under stair storage ideas


10. Playroom

10 under stair storage ideas


11. Drawers

11 under stair storage ideas


12. Pegboard

12 under stair storage ideas

13. Reading nook

13 under stair storage ideas


14. Hanging the bikes

14 under stair storage ideas

15. Hanging shelf

15 under stair storage ideas


16. Bookshelf

16 under stair storage ideas


17. Kitchen organizer

17 under stair storage ideas

18. Toy storage

18 under stair storage ideas


19. Relaxing area

19 under stair storage ideas

20. Shoe storage

20 under stair storage ideas

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21. Laundry room

21 under stair storage ideas



Making use of every space in a home fills it with life but of course when it is managed and used in an organized but beautiful way. De-cluttering things to put them together again in a separate area is quite a bit of time and work but it is most definitely worth the try. Cheers!