17+ Coastal Kitchen Designs and Ideas

Last Updated on December 2, 2021 by Kimberly Crawford

Everyone loves summer and with summer, comes pleasant visits to the beach. The ocean stirs the heart, inspires the imagination and brings eternal joy to the soul. Robert Wyland would not have said that if it were not so. Sometimes we want that beach feeling even when we aren’t on the beach.

You can get that beachy feeling by bringing the beach to your kitchen! You can remodel your kitchen and turn it into a coastal kitchen. How classy! You can also choose because there is the beach style, contemporary-modern style, rustic style, and traditional style.

The primary quality of coastal kitchens is colors. The colors used to remodel coastal kitchen are usually warm and gentle colors. This includes colors like light green, light blue, pastel pink and turquoise. Usually, white and cream colors are the basic background colors that set the picture for a colorful scene that is altogether cozy, cool, bright, and soothing.

Also, the furniture used in a coastal kitchen is usually sturdy and simple and they are made from traditional hardwood such as mahogany, maple, oak, and balsa. Here are a few ideas you can add up to remodel or model your kitchen space into a fascinating coastal kitchen:

best coastal kitchen ideas

1. Aqua appliances

1 coastal kitchen ideas

Who said appliances couldn’t have a beautiful look? Blue is a warm and soothing color, easy on the eyes. Appliances that have a colorful vintage look can be an important idea to consider while setting up your coastal kitchen.

Preferably, to give the kitchen a feel of the ocean, colors such as aqua and light green on your appliances can be used to achieve that.


2. Painted floors

2 coastal kitchen ideas

This is another awesome idea to consider while remodeling your kitchen to give it that bright and lively aura. This could be the bravest choice when it comes to designs because there are so many patterns and colors to choose from.

Of course, walls can be painted and repainted on a whim but painting floors is a more permanent process. A painted floor can give your kitchen a fresh lovely beach look!


3. Pendant lamp/lights (Wicker shade)

3 coastal kitchen ideas

Pendant lights or lamps are no doubt the best in a coastal kitchen setting. Classic and modern touches are combined in pendant light and suitable for any room.

This wicker shade lamp perfectly complements the white background of this coastal kitchen giving it a clean fresh look. Pendant lamps also soften the light from a single bulb. So for the best halo, you can choose pendants that have a filter so that the light at the bottom can be diffused.


4. Bicolor stools

4 coastal kitchen ideas

A burst of colors could never go wrong in a coastal kitchen. Think of bright colors or even something as simple as black and monochrome.

If you don’t want to go on with navy and white which is not only a classic but also a more subdued color combination, you could go with brighter colors like red or even yellow. After all, the beach is usually colorful so enjoy the color play with a nice and catchy bicolor stool!


5. Bistro stools

5 coastal kitchen ideas

Bistro stools are incredibly cool. They spew chic as an addition in setting up your exceptional coastal kitchen. You could never go wrong with bistro stools and they are so comfortable.

Pull up to your island with a classic white, navy or turquoise bistro stools and watch your coastal kitchen turn into a highly impressive whole. Also, they are easy to clean, light-weight and comfortable to sit on. Try this idea and light up your kitchen.


6. Brown Wood Cupboard

6 coastal kitchen ideas

When setting up your coastal kitchen, there are lots of things to be considered? What kind of furniture to use? What background do you visualize? What theme do you want your kitchen to wear?

Do you want a beach, artsy, classy or homey theme? If you want to give off that homey and cozy feeling, this brown wood cupboard which matches the wooden floor and complements the cream-colored wooden stool is the perfect furniture to incorporate into your coastal kitchen modeling.

It gives off that warm welcome to anyone who comes inside it. It also makes your kitchen look and feel cool.


7. Navy blue kitchen towel

7 coastal kitchen ideas

This simple and beautiful navy blue kitchen towel can be a positive addition to your kitchen. You can make navy blue kitchen pads and pots holders to complement each other and give your kitchen that color balance and lively look.


8. Beach finds

8 coastal kitchen ideas

Have you visited the beach lately? Did you gather a lot of seashells and other artifacts and you have no idea how to add them to your home décor?

Well, you can pull out your collection of beach finds and bring the beach home with you. You can incorporate this creativity into setting up a beautiful beach-themed coastal kitchen. This will spark up your creativity and make your kitchen look cool. Probably the coolest place in your home!


9. Navy and White Marine Life Kitchen Rug

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This beautiful kitchen rug adds a dash of color and suits the base of the kitchen. A kitchen rug with a bold major color will do the trick and give your kitchen a more pronounced classy look.


10. Turquoise Kitchen Backsplash

10 coastal kitchen ideas

The warm and gentle turquoise color makes this kitchen come alive and renders it bright and welcoming. It complements the white base, wooden floors, and pendant lamps. This hue reminds you of the sea and gives you this cool feeling while looking chic.

11. Coastal kitchen cupboard

11 coastal kitchen ideas


12. Chalk painted kitchen cabinets

12 coastal kitchen ideas


13. DIY glass subway tile

13 coastal kitchen ideas


14. Pantry door makeover

14 coastal kitchen ideas


15. Coastal farmhouse kitchen makeover

15 coastal kitchen ideas


16. Blue and white coastal kitchen

16 coastal kitchen ideas


17. Kitchen makeover with beach

17 coastal kitchen ideas



With these ideas, you could creatively remodel your kitchen and turn it into a beautiful coastal kitchen. If you can’t go to the beach, the least you can do is bring the beach to you!