20+ Outdoor Hideaways You Will Want To Escape To

Last Updated on April 6, 2020 by Kimberly Crawford

It won’t be wrong to claim that we all need to escape sometimes. When we feel depressed we want to stay away from everything that is around us, when we are in love we often want to take that special one with us to somewhere private, sometimes we just get tired and want to grab our books and run away.

Whatever the case is there is a special place for each and every one of us. We can’t promise you a plane ticket but we can virtually take you there, and we hope these ideas can inspire you to create your own personal outdoor hideaway so let’s take a look to 20 outdoor hideaways you will want to escape to.

best outdoor hideaways 1

1. Trampoline Tent

1 outdoor hideaways

Let’s start basic. Any type of place you can lie down could be a hideaway with the right attitude, and this beautiful tent plus trampoline design is a great example. Just go out and lie down.

2. Backyard Pool

2 outdoor hideaways
For some people, water is the right element for a quick and relaxing getaway and what another way to get out and hide inside a sweetly decorated warm pool. You can close your eyes and let your mind hide away from all the troubling thoughts.

3. Outdoor Bathtub

3 outdoor hideaways 1

3 outdoor hideaways
Sometimes all we need is a long relaxing bath, but when It is a nice beautiful summer day, and you want to be in nature and hide away from the oppressive energy of a ceiling, this will do the job for you.

4. Outside Fireplace

4 outdoor hideaways
If you want to get away on a cold winter night and hide away in your private space. This is the perfect thing for you. An outdoor fireplace to sit in front of and sip up your glass of wine.

5. Meditation Room

5 outdoor hideaways
A perfect place for the people who follow the road to zen. An outdoor meditation room might be just what you need. It might not be as fancy as this one, but you can create a meditation room by customizing an outdoor place with whatever calms you down.

6.Outdoor Living Room

6 outdoor hideaways
Even though we want to hide away, some of us don’t want to leave the comfort of our own homes. In that case, an outdoor living room is what you need. The Comfort of your sofa merging with the outdoor sky on top of you is a great way to hide away.

7. Outdoor Kitchen

7 outdoor hideaways
Some of us just hide away from troubles in the safety of our kitchen. We love to cook when we feel troubled. If you are one of those people, this one is just the right hideaway for you.

8. Outdoor Chess field

8 outdoor hideaways
Well, if you are one of those people who find comfort in the ways of the mind. An outdoor chess field is a great way to hide away. Go out with an equal mind, play your way out of the darkness.

9. Floating Dock

9 outdoor hideaways
This is a great getaway if you love to be in the middle of the water. You can create a picnic for yourself and hide away from the troubles of the land.

10. Seaside Safezone

10 outdoor hideaways
A great way to hide away is to buy or create an arbor and put It on the seaside or even your backyard. With the safe wall around It you can do many activities inside.

11. Private Cabin

11 outdoor hideaways
A private cabin is always a great idea for an outdoor getaway. Something small which would make you feel like you are still outdoors. Just get in and relax.

12. My Little Sauna

12 outdoor hideaways
If you like to relax in the steam. A sauna is perfect for you. And if you also like outdoors, you can build a sauna bath for yourself in your backyard. You can make It roofless to feel the fresh air at the same time. It wouldn’t be as hot, but It will still be a sauna.

13. Fairy House

13 outdoor hideaways
If you like some high fantasy like me. If you want to hide away from the truth by roleplaying a little, this little fairy cabin might just be the perfect getaway for you.

14. Comfy Retreat

14 outdoor hideaways
Here is an easy way to hide away. Just buy a comfy outdoor bed with shades, and there you have It. It is more dreamy than It looks. Lie down and hide away. It is your time.

15. Daybed

15 outdoor hideaways
There’s no better way to lie down under the shade and relax on a lazy summer afternoon. With a gadget like a daybed, you can have your outdoor hideaway easily.

16. Garden of Eden

16 outdoor hideaways
Making your own garden can always be an amazing hideaway. Just the act of making is a nice getaway, but the finished product will be your Eden. The one you see in this example is made by the fallen tree branches. It will be yours and yours only.

17. Greek Shed

17 outdoor hideaways
Sometimes all you need is a nice little shed. This one is made to look like a Greek architecture, but you can make yours. However, you want.

18. Floating Bed

18 outdoor hideaways
All you need might just be a bed, but outdoors, and floating. One of my favorites.

19. Boiler Hot Tub

19 outdoor hideaways
Every person to themselves and what some people need may just be getting cooked in a giant pot. If you are one of those people, this one is just for you.

20. Your Personal Swing

20 outdoor hideaways
A sweet outdoor hideaway can just be a simple swing under the tree in your backyard.

21. Bistro chairs

21 outdoor hideaways

22. Resting

22 outdoor hideaways


There you go some amazing ideas for an outdoor hideaway you will want to escape to. Don’t just stand there. You know what you want to do. You want to grab the first items you can think of and make a nice hideaway for yourself. So do it. It will be your temple, and it will love you as you love it.

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