20 Living Room Plants To Dress Up Your Space

Last Updated on October 1, 2021 by Kimberly Crawford

What we expect from a living room is, it should have a comfortable feeling, and it needs to be visually pleasing. As modern beings, we care about how much it reflects about us because it is the area that we live and socialize.

Houseplants are such a good way to create this coziness and add some personal details to your living rooms.

Some plants are easier to maintain when others need more time and energy investment; some are good to keep more fresh air inside, some are spiny, and some are floral, to choose which one you need to invite your personal space is up to you.

However, if you are at the decision stage, let’s have a look at 20 living room plants to dress up your space!

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1. Orchids

1 living room plants

You can go with any kind of blooming plants like roses, violets or lilies. However, orchids have a different place in many of our hearts as they add color and an elegant look with their fragile-looking shape. No matter where you put them, they will create a bright atmosphere.

2. Succulents

2 living room plants

As we started with the classical ones, it is very hard not to mention succulents. With being low-maintenance plants, they are easy to grow and the pastel look they will add to your living room, you can never go wrong with succulents.

3. Cacti

3 living room plants


The motto for cacti is you can never have enough cacti! As small ones are often preferred in our indoor areas, one can also make a bold statement and go with a big one. Just like succulents, cacti also need quite minimal care.

4. Herbs

4 living room plants


Growing herbs is a great joy at home, as you can both use them for cooking and the scents that they will add to your indoor life. They will add a gourmet taste to your dinners and a classy look to your flat. If you have an open kitchen, that would be even better! Your herbs can create a smooth transition from the living room to the kitchen.

5. Terrarium

5 living room plants

Terrariums are small enclosed environments that can nestle several different plant species. Besides their classy and chic look, they are also very low maintenance systems as they are mainly made to recycle their needs inside the system. They can act as a mini indoor garden in your flat and take up very little space.

6. Air Plants

6 living room plants


This one is of the most stylish house plants! They are officially named as Tillandsia, but they are known as air plants because they can get many of the nutrients that they need from the air surrounding them. You can hang them from the ceiling, or you can choose a sculpture-like way to exhibit them. Aren’t they looking like an actual living art?!

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7. Snake Plant

7 living room plants

 Because the leaves of the plant look like snakeskin, it was named as a snake plant. This plant can accompany a minimalist living room very well. The plant is not only cool but also low-maintenance for newbies!

8. Venus flytrap

8 living room plants

It is not wrong to claim that this one reflects a different taste when it comes to decoration; however, venus flytraps are one of the coolest plants that you can have in your living room. Besides their interesting structure, they are also a real conversation starter in your social area. It is a carnivorous plant that can close their spiky leaves with the contact of a bug or spider.

9. Dracaena

9 living room plants

Dracaena is an easy-going, low-maintenance plant. You only need to be careful to expose it to direct sunlight. It can tolerate temperature and seasonal changes better in comparison to other indoor plants. With the spiky look of the leaves, it will add a lot of sass to your living room.

10. ZZ Plant

10 living room plants


If your flat doesn’t get much sunlight, that wouldn’t be a problem for the ZZ plant! It is also a good one to start plant parenting as it can tolerate infrequent watering. It also symbolizes prosperity and friendship, so this can nicely fit the energy of your living room!

11. Spider Plant

11 living room plants

This exotic looking plant is one of the easy ones! If your living room is not getting so much daylight, that one can tolerate it as it doesn’t need direct sunlight. The plant is known as a spider plant because of the small spiderette that it creates. You can propagate new plants with these baby spiders (spiderette), and it can be a nice gift for a friend’s living room!

12. Rubber Tree

12 living room plants


Rubber trees come in different sizes dependent on your choice. If you are inexperienced with plants, then this one is exactly for you! They can handle under-watering, and the need for sunlight is not that high. It can also add an elegant look to your living room. 

13. Bird’s Nest Fern

13 living room plants


With ribbon-like edges, a bird’s nest fern is such a fancy choice for your living room. It has a medium level need for light and a humid area. It is also an excellent choice to have clear toxins out of your environment.

14. Peace Lily

14 living room plants

If you are an experienced plant parent, then you can grow lilies in your indoor safely. Lillies need a little bit more attention in comparison to other indoor plants. Because of the pollen that they produce, It might also not be a good choice for allergic people, and you have to note that it is not a pet-friendly plant. On the other hand, they have the capability to remove toxic components like ammonia, benzene, etc.,

15. Philodendron

15 living room plants


With their big and heart-shaped leaves of Philodendron, they can add so much green and energetic look to your living room. They are easy to grow, and you can find a variety of colors and shapes from this family!

16. Red Valentine Chinese Evergreen

16 living room plants


You can never go wrong with the reddish, pinkish leaves of Red Valentine Chinese evergreen. They will create such a decorative look in anywhere you put them, including your living room.

17. Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree

17 living room plants

This one is so artistic! However, you will need a big space for your fig tree as they can grow really big leaves on time. It will add a lot of movement and energy to your living room.

18. Bonsai

18 living room plants

The term Bonsai is not referring to a plant but a Japanese artistic way of planting trees in a small size. They will add a highly zen and stylish look to your living room!

19. Adenium Obesum Red Desert Rose

19 living room plants

With the variety of colors that Adenium offers, you can add a lot of colors and a charming look to your living room. It is not good for cold environments, and If you place it near your window where it can get a lot of sunlight, you will have a very happy plant that will look beautiful.

20. Ponytail Palm

20 living room plants

Ponytail Palm will add an exotic look to your living room. Curly and lush leaves of the plant will add a lot of energy and movement. As the trunk of the plant stores water, it will not have a high need for water, so It can also be counted as a beginner-friendly plant. It often needs bright light; however, they are not very sensitive to the conditions of the surrounding.

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With some tricks and hacks, it is not hard to create the garden of your dreams. Even If you go with high budget designing tools or more budget-friendly equipment, you will be The Queen or The King of your garden.