How To Create A Dozen Planters from Recycled Footwear

Now that gardening season is starting and it’s time to start sowing some flower seeds, I’ve been looking around the ‘Net for some gardening ideas. Since I am one of many, many women with “Shoe Clutter”, this is a terrific idea for recycling shoes I’ll never wear again but just hate to throw out.

There are many, many posts showing footwear recycled as planters. Some of these are interesting, some shabby chic, some nostalgic, some redneck, and some just downright cute. I’ve decided I’m going to create some planters from recycled footwear.

These could be used either indoors or outside in the garden as accent pieces and I’ll definitely have my eye out for interesting footwear when I’m on my flea market circuit.

If there’s one thing I can be sure of, it’s the fact that we all have shoe clutter. I for one have shoes I haven’t worn in 20 years but whenever I think of throwing them out, it breaks my heart because they are still good. Even though I know I’ll never wear them again, they’ll still be there next year and the year after that!

I’m happy I’ve finally made a decision on how to use some of this wonderful vintage footwear and I’ll be creating planters from recycled footwear. 

Create A Dozen Planters from Recycled Footwear


Source: Dizzy Maiden


#2.Victorian boot planter

Source: RookNo.




#4. Old and worn-out Crocs repurposed as planters


#5. Stylish Shoe Garden

#6. High heel planters

#7. Garden shoes and purse


#8. Well Heeled


#9. Cowboy boot centerpiece



#11. Grow boots





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