Real Estate Intervention – Price Homes to Sell

Last Updated on December 10, 2023 by Kimberly Crawford

HGTV’s Real Estate Intervention is a popular TV show for home sellers who have been unsuccessful selling their homes. The show offers accurate pricing information.

Mike Aubrey is the co-host of Real Estate Intervention, a reality TV show on HGTV. Aubrey, a realtor, is a former firefighter and was in the military. He has a no-nonsense approach to dealing with sellers. Sabrina Soto is the other co-host and has a background in interior design and home staging, and is a licensed real estate agent.

Soto and Aubrey meet with home sellers who have not been able to sell their homes in the current real estate market. Aubrey’s main focus is to show the would-be home sellers that the correct pricing is what will sell their home.

Aubrey tours the seller’s home that is for sale to get an idea of what they have to offer real estate buyers. Then he shows the seller a sold comparable property and discusses when the house sold, how long it was on the market, and how much the house sold for. Next, he shows the seller a comparable home for sale in the seller’s neighborhood that is generally in better condition and listed at a lower asking price.

Set the Price Right to Sell Your House

Aubrey’s main focus revolves around educating the sellers about the correct price for the neighborhood and the current real estate market. The most common mistake sellers on the show make is pricing their house too high, which discourages would-be buyers from even making an offer, because the buyers assume the sellers would not be open to negotiation in their price range.

Pricing a home too high may also eliminate buyers from even looking at the home because the buyers are not looking in that higher price bracket. A house that has no offers for several months is probably priced too high.

Setting the Selling Price

Aubrey encourages sellers to be realistic when pricing their homes for sale. He suggests getting ahead of the market, by pricing the house close to what other comparable houses have sold for in the last six months. Many factors must be considered when determining what a buyer will pay for a house, including the location, condition of the home, renovations made, curb appeal, and proximity to transit, schools, other nice neighborhoods, etc.

Soto has recommended that sellers find out, with the help of their realtor, what percentage the market is declining each month. Then she recommended the seller set their selling price for their house using that equation 90 days in the future. This pricing strategy puts the seller’s house ahead of the curve and will more than likely result in a quick sale.

Make the House Available to Be Seen by Potential Buyers

Seller who allow buyers to see their home for sale at the buyer’s convenience is key to selling a home quickly. Being open and flexible so potential buyers can view the home for sale on the buyer’s schedule is key. Sellers need to be sure a lock box is on the door so other real estate agents can access the code and show the home to their buyers.

Sellers who make adequate parking available by leaving the driveway or on street parking open to potential buyers and their agents will let buyers see that parking is not an issue. Removing pets, especially barking dogs, from a home for sale during showings ensures that this is not an issue.

Sellers Need to Take the Advice Given By Their Real Estate Agent

HGTV’s Real Estate Intervention stresses the importance of listening to what the market is saying. Basically, by listening to the seller’s real estate agent regarding what other homes are actually selling for will clue the seller in on what the home can be expected to sell for. If you want to sell a house in Calgary, check out Rep Calgary homes.