8 Small Bedroom Ideas to Maximize Space

Last Updated on December 4, 2021 by Kimberly Crawford

When the lack of free space in your small bedroom is starting to negatively affect your mood, now is the time to make a few much-needed changes. Instead of focusing on the disadvantages of a tiny bedroom, think about the opportunities it brings.

With little space to work with, you can achieve tremendous results without much effort. Additionally, you can save money, since it’s not as expensive to decorate a smaller space as it is a larger one.

If you take the practical approach and focus on priorities, you can design a comfortable and practical bedroom with maximized space in no time.

1 – Mount storage space on the walls

1 mount on space bedroom

The walls are the perfect place to keep storage space. You can put up shelves, storage baskets, or a few hooks to hang your clothes and other objects.

If you do not have enough space for a full-size closet, look for a patch of wall that’s less interesting than the others. For example, an empty corner or an area with plain wallpaper can be used for installing a small storage space.

2 – Use the ceiling

2 ceiling hanging

Another great way to utilize vertical space is to fit the ceiling with hooks for hanging. You can easily hang a set of shelves on the ceiling and use them as storage space for small objects such as books. Alternatively, you can hang clothes on the ceiling and make use of them as a drying rack.

3 – Use the space underneath the bed

3 under bed storage

An under-bed storage compartment can be an additional source of storage space if you do not have much room for putting storage baskets or shelves. Instead of stuffing things haphazardly under the bed, consider getting a storage bin that fits under most beds. They can hold a lot of stuff such as clothes, shoes, toys, and other belongings.

If you are looking for a simple solution in your small bedroom, and you don’t use a fold-out couch or Murphy bed, at least maximize the space by using what’s available under the bed.

4 – Consider a portable partition

4 portable partition

If you have to share your bedroom with someone, consider setting up a portablepartitions.com.au. It can be retracted when not in use then easily pulled out for when you need privacy.

Portable partitions give you more control over your space than traditional curtains. And when you don’t have much space to begin with, you want as much control over it as you can get.

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5 – Use mirrors to make the room look bigger

5 use mirror in bedroom

Mirrors are pretty useful when it comes to making small spaces look larger. Place one on the wall opposite your window for maximum light. Not only will this trick create optical illusions, but it’s also an inexpensive decoration.

Another great idea is to use multiple mirrors in your bedroom to create more visual interest. This will also make the room feel much more spacious than it actually is. As an additional feature, multi-mirrored walls reflect the light that comes in from the window, and as a result, they make the room brighter and more pleasant to live in.

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6 – Use storage boxes for decoration

6 use storage boxes for decoration

Room decorations don’t have to be exclusively ornamental. They can serve a practical function as well. Instead of hanging paintings or decorative art, consider hanging colorful storage boxes or even tote bags to keep your things in.

Instead of a nightstand next to your bed, consider a stack of colorful storage boxes that can also serve as a nightstand for your bedside book and phone.

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7 – Make sure to have multiple light sources

7 lighting in bedroom

Using a single artificial light source – especially if it’s centered and mounted to the ceiling – draws the visual focus into one spot thus virtually shrinking the room further. Instead, opt for multiple smaller light sources. This way, the eye is drawn to multiple spots and thus creating the impression of more space.

To further maximize the space, consider wall-mounted lights as opposed to floor lamps or desk lamps. This will give you additional square centimeters, and every little bit counts when you’re maximizing your space.

8 – Consider a Wall Niche

8 wall niche in bedroom

A recessed box-light part of the wall, a wall niche, is a great way to save space and visually draw the eye to create the illusion of more space. If you have this possibility – you are the owner, or the owner agrees – the niche doesn’t have to be too deep to be functional. Enough space for a bottle or vase will go a long way toward maximizing the space.

Many buildings are constructed with hollow drywall supported by wood beams (stud). It shouldn’t be difficult to find the studs. Stud finders are inexpensive and easy to use. You can then cut out an alcove, mount support beams and drywall back up. Depending on the building’s construction, you may even be able to create enough space for an alarm clock or books.

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A small room doesn’t have to feel small. Some attention to detail, lighting and color, along with a few tricks and you’ll have your small space feeling big – without having to spend big money in the process.