Romantic Gifts & Flowers on Big or Tight Budgets For Him or Her

Romantic Gifts & Flowers on Big or Tight Budgets For Him or Her

Last Updated on October 11, 2021 by Kimberly Crawford

Even when faced with a tight budget, romance needn’t be ignored. Using flowers to deliver the perfect message of how much that wonderful holiday meant or just how wonderful it is going to be is romantic and touchingly sweet.

Remember, Valentine’s Day may be the day of love but there’s no reason to confine thoughts of love or thoughts of romantic gift ideas to only one day of the year. Here are some examples of thoughtful gifts:

Romantic Gift of a Tropical Cruise or an Exotic Honeymoon

#1. Tropical Valentines Memorial Flowers

1 valentine day gifts

#2. Home Design Floral Arrangement Tips

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#3. Bird of Paradise & Calla Lily Silk Centerpiece

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Big Budget

Create a flower arrangement of Birds of Paradise, anthurium, orchids and/ot tropical fruits like mangoes or starfruit. Position them in a basket, ice bucket or other appropriate container.

Produce two coconut halves complete with umbrellas and filled with pina coladas or another favorite beverage. Tucked in amongst the foliage, or to be given separately after the tropical flower arrangement has been admired, produce tickets for the actual tropical cruise holiday.

Tight Budget

Make a similar tropical floral arrangement and produce the same coconut shell drinks if possible. Create a “rain check” for the holiday for when the budget will make it possible.

Have a movie rental set in a tropical location ready and share the drinks while watching the movie together for a truly romantic evening.

Romantic Gift of a Spa Weekend Getaway For Him or Her

4 romantic gift ideas

Big Budget

Create a flower arrangement of sweet peas, freesia, stock and lavender (all aromatic florals) with only greenery that is soft to the touch. Produce a reservation for one or both to spend the weekend at a restful spa destination.

Tight Budget

Make a similar soothing and aromatic flower arrangement. Equip a bathroom with candlelight, soothing nature sounds or instrumental music and a hot bath sprinkled with rose petals. Have a bottle of wine or other favorite beverage ready for when the “spa” is done.

Romantic Gift for a Wine Country Weekend Holiday

5 romantic gift ideas

Big Budget

Arrange a wicker basket with a wine bottle, two wine glasses, bunches of fresh grapes, vines and fresh flowers of deep reds, burgundy and magenta (roses, anemones, alstroemeria, violets and stock all work).

Produce an itinerary of an upcoming wine country tour holiday for a romantic weekend getaway.

Tight Budget

Check the local travel agent offices and get whatever out-of-date European travel posters are available. Hang the posters in whichever area of the house are the most appropriate.

Purchase three small bottles of wine from different foreign wine countries (i.e. Italy, France, Spain); posters matching the wine origins are the best so the posters should likely be found first.

Place each wine near its appropriate poster and assemble two wine glasses with each wine bottle (if possible). If time allows, burn a CD with a few songs appropriate for each region to play while “touring”; Flamenco music for Spain, songs by Edith Piaf or Charles Aznavour for France and some Dean Martin or Al Martino for Italy will all work very well.

Add a few fresh or artificial flowers by each wine bottle. It will make for a fun and very romantic evening to go on a “wine country tour” without ever leaving home.

Romantic Gift Ideas Don’t Have to be Expensive to be Effective

6 romantic trips


You comfort me gift

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Valentine Chalkboard Mason Jars

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Valentine’s Pom Pom Bouquet

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Valentine card

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Lipstick Kiss Marks

11 valentine gifts


Popup pixel valentines card

12 valentine gifts


Adorable DIY Valentine’s day card

13 valentine gifts

Love in a jar card

14 valentine gifts


Heart Shaped Pompom DIY

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You light up my life card

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Homemade gifts for boyfriend

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Heart gift wrapping

18 valentine gifts

Use your imagination and create a romantic trip for two, whether it means leaving home or not. The bouquet flower delivery, the FTD flower thing and the next day flower delivery are all very nice but they aren’t truly thoughtful gifts.

Romantic things to do, whether gifts for Valentine’s Day or any other day, are always better received when the gift of time and thoughtfulness is included amongst the cards and flowers.

Romantic Gifts & Flowers on Big or Tight Budgets For Him or Her