35+ Best 4th of July Decorations For Patriotic Day

35 Cheap 4th of july decorations

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Celebrate Patriotic day with our collection of 4th of July decorations. Here are 35+ best 4th of July decorations that will help you celebrate in your style (with red, white, and blue).

Show your pride in America with red, white and blue party decorations for Memorial Day, 4th of July or Veterans' Day. Find Patriotic Home Decor and Patriotic Party Decorations at low prices.

1. Snap, Crackle and Pop

Snap, Crackle and Pop

Tutorial at Gypsy’s Nook

2. Brownie Flag

Brownie Flag

Tutorial at Spicy Southern Kitchen

3. Star Spangled Banner

Star Spangled Banner

Tutorial at See Vanessa Craft

4. Lollipop Bouquet

Lollipop Bouquet

Tutorial at Gluesticks

5. Flag Lanterns

Flag Lanterns

Tutorial at Keep Calm and Decorate

6. Plastic Cup Twirlers

Plastic Cup Twirlers

Tutorial at I Can Teach My Child

7. Mason Jar Flag

Mason Jar Flag

Tutorial at Maison de Pax

8. Ombre Wreath

Ombre Wreath

Tutorial at Tell Love & Chocolate

9. Balloon Dart Game

Balloon Dart Game

Tutorial at Giggles Galore

10. Fireworks Backdrop

Fireworks Backdrop

Get the tutorial at Hostess With the Mostess »

11. Patriotic Utensils

Patriotic Utensils

Tutorial at Tikkido

12. Painted Flower Pot

Painted Flower Pot

Tutorial at Lolly Jane

13. Wooden Flag Door Décor

Wooden Flag Door Décor

Tutorial at Mad in Crafts

14. Striped Lanterns

Striped Lanterns

15. Flag Toothpick Wreath

Flag Toothpick Wreath

16. Paper Pinwheels

Paper Pinwheels


17. Bandanna Cushions

Bandanna Cushions

18. Americana Vase

Americana Vase

19. Woven Table Runner

Woven Table Runner

20. Victory Garden

Victory Garden

21. Striped Bouquet Holders

Striped Bouquet Holders

22. Trimmed Flatware Containers

Trimmed Flatware Containers

 23. Red, White, and Blue Bouquet

Red, White, and Blue Bouquet

24. Two-Step Centerpiece

 Two-Step Centerpiece

25. Star-Spangled Candles

Star-Spangled Candles

26. Firecracker Favors

Firecracker Favors


27. Basket Wreath

Basket Wreath

Tutorial at On Sutton Place

28. Straws and Stripes

Straws and Stripes

Tutorial at The Project Corner

29. Red, White, and Blue Toothpicks

Red, White, and Blue Toothpicks

Tutorial at Crafts Unleashed

30. USA Door Hanger

 USA Door Hanger

Tutorial at Where The Smiles Have Been

31. Flag Runner

Flag Runner

Tutorial at Bliss Bloom Blog

32. Firework Wreath

Firework Wreath

Tutorial at Flamingo Toes

33. Starry Linens

Starry Linens

Tutorial at Sparkle Living

34. Star-Spangled Decor

Star-Spangled Decor

35. Red, White, and Balloons

Red, White, and Balloons

36. Festive Farm Table

Festive Farm Table

37. Patriotic Planters

Patriotic Planters

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