Samsung TV Remote Not Working? {Here’s How To Fix}

Last Updated on December 24, 2021 by Kimberly Crawford

The easiest method to fix a broken Samsung television remote is to figure out what’s causing the issue in the first place. You could notice, for instance, that a button does not activate when you click it.

It’s also possible that the remote won’t link with the TV or that the sensor isn’t working. This will be difficult to diagnose or solve the problem until you understand what is creating it.

However, there are just four possible causes for a remote control of a Samsung TV to cease operating properly. Defective batteries, a technical issue with the gadget, a malfunctioning remote, and a malfunctioning sensor on the TV are all examples.

The first step in diagnosing the issue is to inspect the battery. Replace the batteries, wipe the remote’s top edges, and inspect the terminals first. If the issue continues, try one of the following solutions.

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Samsung TV Remote Not Working and blinking red light

samsung tv remote not working blinking red light

When the remote control of your Samsung TV does not function while the red light flashes, you most likely have a difficulty connecting it with that Samsung TV, which can generally be solved by resetting the remote control of your Samsung. A remote control resetting can be done in a variety of ways.

A flickering red Light on a Samsung remote control often signals a communication barrier between the Samsung TV and the remote control, which can be caused by a number of factors. If your Samsung TV’s remote control isn’t working and the red light is continuously blinking, consider the following methods.

If the remote isn’t working but it glows red each time you push a button, it’s possible that the signal is really not accessing your television. For instance, an obstacle in the front of your television may be obstructing the signals from the controller to the sensors. 

First, make sure that there were no boxes, gadgets, or other things in front of the Samsung TV; also, if the TV and tv remote are not linked, this issue can arise. Although both gadgets are connected and powered, they will not listen to your commands in this instance. To reconnect the remote control to the television, follow these steps:

  • At the very same time, pressing and holding the Back and Up buttons.
  • Keep them down for about 10-20 seconds till a prompt appears or you hear a sound.
  • The TV should thereafter be able to communicate with your tv remote.

Samsung TV Remote Not Working and no red light

samsung tv remote not working no red light

First, you must determine what might have caused your gadget to malfunction. If the flashing red lights are not flickering at all, one of the most typical reasons for such difficulties is a battery problem. They are most likely discharged, and you’ll need to purchase new ones or, if feasible, recharge the existing ones.

Before you get there though, do some preliminary troubleshooting to ensure that:

  • To begin, take your cell phone and activate the camera.
  • Then, with the camera pointed at the front of the controller, push a couple buttons.
  • When you notice infrared light emanating from the remote, that means its battery is still alive. Otherwise, it will have to be replaced.

Samsung curved TV remote not working

You won’t be able to use most of the functions on your Samsung Curved TV if your remote fails to work. Without such a remote, the guidance capability is absolutely worthless. If you can’t operate the television, there’s still a chance you can fix the remote.

However, after determining the exact cause of the remote’s problem, you can utilize the remote. If your TV isn’t operating, it might be because of a battery or connection issue. Otherwise, the remote is literally damaged.

Disconnect the battery first from the remote if the TV switches sources or alters the volume level on its own. In addition, to repair a broken remote. Insects or dirt on the remote are the most common causes of this error.

When consumers offer input, Infrared sensors on the Television remote assist in sending signals to the television. Unfortunately, dust on the Infrared sensor’s surface prevents the information from accessing the television. Wipe the Infrared sensor using a microfiber cloth if this is the case.

Clean all of the Infrared sensor’s parts that are attached to the television board. After that, switch on your television and begin using the remote control. Your television should now be getting the signals.

Samsung TV Says Not Available When Using Remote

samsung tv says not available when using remote

If you try to connect your Samsung control with your Television, you would go through the connection process described above, which should result in a successful pairing. What may be the reason for the problem or how can you repair it if you successfully pair your tv remote but receive a notice stating that the remote control is not accessible? 

Look at the instructions below and then completely remove the ‘Not Available’ notification on your television.

Switch your tv set and then let it entirely drain of energy if that Samsung remote continues reporting it’s not accessible. Put the Tv back on again and press the ‘Play/Pause’ and ‘Return’ buttons on the remote control at the same time as the TV fires up.

After you’ve finished this step, try pairing the remote control with your Television again for more information.  After you’ve finished the pairing procedure, you should see a notification on your Samsung televisions’ screen that says ‘Pairing Complete,’ that will enable you to manage your TV using your Samsung tv remote.

Samsung Qled TV remote not working

If the remote control of your Samsung Qled TV suddenly stops functioning, you’ll want to figure out what’s wrong so you can fix it. Problems with the Bluetooth, batteries and infrared communications, a software difficulty, malfunctioning sensors, or a defective remote are the most prevalent causes.

If you can switch your TV back on and then off again with your control but none of the other features work, try these number of things:

  • Unplug the power cable from the TV and turn it off.
  • After 30 seconds, reconnect the power cord to the television.
  • Using the TV set, fix the remote.

The remote can become detached from the TV through Bluetooth at times, and you’ll need to re-establish the connection. A quick restart and repair generally solves the problem. After you’ve gone through the restore and repair procedures, test all of the remote’s instructions to determine whether they function.

Samsung TV remote volume not working

samsung tv remote volume not working

Changing the batteries in your remote, restarting the smart hub, removing autoplay smart hub, or trying to hold down the arrow with ‘down’ in it and ‘pause’ key simultaneously till a message shows with ‘remote learnt’ are all options for fixing the volume or sound control on your Samsung television.

When your Samsung TV’s volume is low, it’s easy to question if you made the proper choice when you bought it. Take a glance at this guide before you go out and buy a new Television to see if you can address your sound or volume issues in just a few easy steps.

Keep reading to learn about a variety of ways to address issues with your Samsung TV’s volume difficulties.

When the volume controller on your Samsung TV becomes stuck, you begin to appreciate how amazing the TV is and ponder how tough it is to design a product that actually works well.

You’ll need to reboot the code or pin to 0000 to unlock the volume button on your Samsung television. To do so, push the power switch, mute the television, dial 8-2-4, and then hit the power switch once again. This should return the television to its normal settings, after which you may go into your settings and disable the Parental or V-chip lock.

Samsung TV remote sensor not working

Nothing will function if you use batteries which have already depleted their charge. So, take these batteries which you used in the Samsung TV control and test them in other devices to see whether they function. These simply will not work if they’ve been depleted. So, get some new batteries.

Another concern is that if the sensor which sends the infrared signal to the television has a problem, the IR signal can not be sent in the first place. You are advised to do this method to inspect for the Infrared sensor.

  • Launch your smartphone camera.
  • Then, from a close distance, point the remote control at the phone camera lens.
  • Check to see whether the phone’s screen flashes with infrared light.

If indeed the light is apparent, the sensor is in perfect working order. Otherwise, you’ll need to reach Samsung customer service to get the remote replaced or repaired.

Also, ensure that nothing is obstructing the remote’s Infrared sensor. The remote will not operate if something is obstructing the signal. Keep these things in mind and make absolutely sure that you have done all the troubleshooting guides before you call for assistance from an expert. You wouldn’t want to waste your resources on something you could easily fix.

Samsung TV remote not working except power button

Control buttons are included into Samsung televisions. These keys are designed to give you access if your Television remote malfunctions. Depending on the brand, you’ll locate them underneath the TV or in the rear.

If you push these buttons and they don’t function, the problem isn’t with your tv remote. Rather, the TV is experiencing an internal problem that prevents it from recognizing any button pushes.

For example, there could be an internal problem produced by excessive residual electrical charges or a programming glitch.

There are two options for dealing with this problem. The first is to remove any leftover electrical charges and conduct a cold boot, whereas the second is to restore factory settings to the television.

Follow these instructions to execute a discharge:

Pressing and holding the button on the remote while the Television is turned on until it goes off and on again. Make sure to keep the Power button pressed during the procedure.

Alternatively, users can switch off the Television and unplug it from the wall outlet for 30 seconds. After that, reattach it to the power source.

Samsung smart TV remote voice control not working

If the speech control on your remote isn’t functioning, you’ll have to activate Bixby first before using voice commands on your remote. Ensure you’ve activated Bixby before using voice commands on your remote.

If you have upgraded your Samsung smart television to the newest version and are still having problems, you should clear the server cache and reload the cache.

When utilizing voice control, the error message may state that “It is taking me a while to react due to too many duties, get back to me later” indicates that there are too many processes operating in the background. 

When you empty the cache, all of the background processes will be deleted, and Samsung television voice control will resume normal operation.

Samsung TV Not Responding To Remote

Restarting your television might sometimes resolve the issue. You may utilize the physical buttons largely underneath your Television screen to restore it. Unplug the power cord that is attached to the television. To prevent causing extra issues, remember to unplug slowly.

Consider waiting five minutes after unplugging before reconnecting the power cable. Simply switch on the Television by utilizing the remote once the power supply is attached to the plug socket. Use the physical power switch to turn the television on if it won’t turn on with the remote.

After that, even if the remote was already paired when you bought your Samsung set, there’s no damage in connecting it again. When neither the remote nor the television appears to be the issue, check to see if both devices are properly linked.

Finally, if the connection is unreliable, a remote may not operate. Ascertain that the modem or router is properly connected. You may also detach and reconnect all network devices at any time. To disconnect, follow these steps:

  • Remove the power cord from your Wi-Fi router.
  • After that, disconnect your router or modem from the Television.
  • Take about two minutes before plugging them in again.

Samsung TV Buttons Not Working

Rebooting a Samsung television is, admittedly, fairly the same to restarting it, but with a bit more force. This, for instance, will remove any previously saved settings.

However, experts recommend this procedure since it will remove any obstinate problems that have collected over time, offering your Television the best chance of returning to normal operation.

To complete the task, just remove the power cable from the socket, ensuring that no power enters your television.

After that, the most important thing is to leave it alone for at least ten minutes. After this time has gone, reconnect the TV and try turning it on and then using the settings menu once more.

Like any smart television, the programming will have to be updated from time to time to ensure that it is working to its full ability. Samsung’s software is continually being improved and updated at the moment.

These updates are usually carried out automatically. It’s certainly conceivable, though, that you overlooked one or some somewhere along the route. But don’t panic; this doesn’t rule out the possibility of retrieving them at a later time.

To keep it up to date, go over to Samsung’s official site and see whether your TV has any software upgrades available.

Can’t change channels with samsung Smart TV remote

If you’re having trouble changing stations on your Samsung smart television, double-check that your Samsung remote is set to your cable modem. You’ll need to reset the remote after you’ve verified your cable box and remote are connected.

Whenever it comes to broadcasting, apps, and cable, the Samsung TV has so much to offer. Smart televisions have been increasingly popular in recent years, and because of it, Samsung has become one of the main manufacturers of high-quality models. Even if this is the situation, you may still see an error from time to time. 

There might be a few reasons why you’re having trouble getting your remote to operate with your broadband and changing the stations. These causes, based on Samsung Support, might include:

  • Your cable container’s remote isn’t configured.
  • Your batteries have run out.
  • The infrared signal from your remote isn’t working.
  • It’s time to reset your remote.

If you want to use cable by utilizing your Samsung TV, you’ll need to attach the cable connection to the TV and set the remote to work with it. If your remote isn’t connected to the cable box, it won’t operate. If you haven’t already done so, this might be the source of your problem.

Samsung TV home button not working

The Samsung television’s home button may not operate for a variety of reasons. You should also check to see if the homepage is functional. If other keys aren’t working, the control batteries may be dead. Similarly, the following are the primary causes of this problem:

Signal Intervention: If an item or dust is blocking the top part of the Television remote. An Infrared sensor on the TV is unable to deliver a signal. To put it another way, the TV will not respond to the order from the remote.

The remote will have less strength if the batteries are dead. Furthermore, the remote requires fresh batteries to function correctly. Many of the keys on the remote function when it is turned on.

Defective TV Remote: The TV remote is damaged and does not work correctly. If there is any evidence of destruction on the remote, though. It is preferable to replace.

Samsung TV remote power button not working

The phrase “pairing” refers to the process of linking two smart devices. Re-pairing your network is an excellent technique to try to solve it if it isn’t working. Samsung television’s smart remotes are the only ones compatible with this strategy.

Depending on whose remote you’re using, the pairing procedure will change significantly. It usually entails pushing two buttons at the same time for 3 seconds or more.

Checking for interference and blockage is another option.

Infrared signals could well be obstructed whether there are any items between the remote’s detectors and the Television. On most Smart TVs, the IR sensor is located in the bottom right or lower centre of the screen. Ensure that there are no obstructions in front of these TV spots.

Samsung remote pointer not working

If the remote pointer of your Samsung TV isn’t functioning, try going closer to the Television to check if the information from your remote is picked up by the increased proximity. When it does, there might be a problem with the batteries of your remote. Change the batteries with strong ones and see if the problem goes away.

Try to reset the remote if changing the batteries doesn’t really fix the problem. Remove the batteries from the remote and press and press the power keys for at least eight seconds.

Release the key when the eight seconds have gone, replace the batteries, and test the remote controller’s pointer. Make sure you’re changing the batteries with high-capacity ones that will provide a strong signal.

How to Pair Remote to Samsung TV (2015-2021)

Aim the Smart Remote towards the television’s remote control detector. The sensor of the remote control is usually found on the bottom right side of most Samsung televisions. If not, it’s at the bottom-right corner.

Then, after at least 3 seconds, pressing and holding the Return and Pause/Play buttons concurrently. The Smart Remote should start to sync with your Television. The remote will then display a message confirming that it is now linked to your TV.

You can repair your remote in a variety of ways if you lose it. If your remote may not have the similar buttons, consult the user handbook for precise instructions.


The remote control, no doubt, has altered how people watch television by enabling users to manage their tvs from the convenience of their favorite chair all without having to stand up.

Troubleshooting your remote is dependent on the problem you’re having. If your remote appears to be pushing buttons on its own, it’s possible that the buttons are filthy. If it doesn’t work when you attempt to use it on your TV, there’s a fast test you can do to see if the problem is with your remote or your television.