35+ Best DIY Backyard Playground Ideas and Designs (With Pictures)

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Having outdoor playground concepts in mind will make things easier, especially if you really want to adorn your yard. Because this location is frequently used by children, you must first examine some factors.

Don’t be concerned. Backyard themes for kids are simple to implement and are deemed inexpensive. The idea is to have a well-thought-out strategy. That implies you shouldn’t rush when it comes to decorating or setting up the playground.

There seem to be a lot of wonderful ideas out there, and you should make sure to include the kids in your initiatives. Discover this large selection of fascinating playsets which will offer your children to experience an amazing backyard adventure while playing in the security of their own backyard.

fun backyard playground ideas designs

1. Climbing Walls for Beginners

1 backyard playground ideas

A rock-climbing wall is the name for this structure. The youngsters are supposed to race to the top. Don’t be concerned. It doesn’t have to be costly or tall to be effective.

Despite their small size, little playground in the backyard components like rock climbing are very vital. They are appropriate for your children’s height and abilities. They are low-cost and straightforward, generally costing less than $500.

You must, however, make sure that the rock climbing is both useful and appealing. The location of the installation is also crucial. Choosing the incorrect location might result in a major nuisance in the backyard.

2. Climbing on a Slanted Rock with a Slide

2 backyard playground ideas

Sliding is something that all children enjoy. As a result, you must construct this magnificent DIY slope rock climber with a slide. Such a feature is ideal for homeowners with a little grassy slope in their backyard!

A silicone slide is the most important requirement. The next step is to construct a wooden slanting rock climbing structure with a stout rope attached to one of its ends.

The size is determined on the space available. However, the broader the better. This function is suitable for both children and toddlers. It may be used by grownups or parents as well as youngsters.

3. Wooden Lounge with a Cozy Feel

3 backyard playground ideas

This is for parents who wish to watch their children play in the backyard’s playground. Simply construct a wooden sofa under a tree.

You should also add numerous pillows to boost the level of comfort. After that, you may construct a swing to go beside the wooden sofa.

You can use a normal sort of timber if you want to save money. However, you must ensure to obtain teak and benefit from its long-term durability.

4. Waterway for Boats

4 backyard playground ideas

Many children like playing with water. Then why not just build a canal for their toys, particularly boats? All you have to do is transform your existing rainfall gutter into a basic and lovely canal.

Place restrictions on the tip of the rainfall gutter and insert a hose into it. The toys will float in the same way! Another thing you must do is ensure that you are safe.

There should be no sharp edges on the rain gutter! Ensure that your children do not get any injuries while playing.

5. Cubby House as a Whole

5 backyard playground ideas

This lovely cubby home has a stylish design as well as practical functions. The climbing wall, slide, and sandpit are among them. However, the cost is high, coming in at roughly $1995.

The main advantage of owning this playset is its convenience. Despite the weather, your children will love playing in this modest house (sunny or rainy).

Pinewood is used to construct the cubby home, which is recognized for its resilience. Not to add that two individuals can simply put it together. It typically takes no more than 2 hours.

6. Tiny Water Slide with No Effort

Placing a water slide in your backyard playground can transport the water parks to your yard. The portable pond, slide, and wooden deck are the three main components of this attraction.

It is not necessary to spend a lot of money on the best outdoor playsets. The only concern is ensuring that the water slide is correctly set up. To avoid issues, select the appropriate location, which is generally a backyard nook.

The length of the pond fluctuates according to the number of children. Moreover, to accommodate overweight youngsters, you must pick a durable and powerful slide.

7. Hammocks for the Backyard at a Low Level

7 backyard playground ideas
Source: Place of my taste

In the playground at the backyard, kids would expend a lot of energy exploring and racing about. So, how do they unwind and recuperate before returning to their duties? Putting outdoor swings is one way to do this.

The length is the distinction between these outdoor hammocks and conventional goods. And anyway, the consumers are children. That implies you’ll have to position it low on the grassy ground.

Hammocks are a terrific addition to any backyard playground. Such hammocks can be strung from a display on a patio or from trees. For the record, this functionality costs as little as $20.

8. Tree House in the Backyard

8 backyard playground ideas

Treehouse, on the other hand, needs some investment and labor. At the very least, you’ll need to purchase sturdy timbers and boards to construct the treehouse.

As the name implies, you must locate the appropriate tree on which to construct your home. It is suggested that you select a tree with thick foliage and a sturdy trunk.

Constructing a tree home on grassy terrain is also a good option. It’s not just lovely, but the grass is also pleasant to walk on surrounding the tree home. You may also hang swings beneath the tree as an added bonus.

9. Tire Swing Made From Scratch

9 backyard playground ideas

This basic tire swing is simple to construct. The steps to make one are as follows:

  • To begin, locate a used or used tire.
  • After that, properly clean it. You may also use a vibrant tone to paint it
  • Determine the best location for the tire swing to be installed or hung. The greatest option is to plant a tree in your garden!
  • Acquire the cable or ropes and drill holes in the bottom in the tire.
  • Fasten the cable or rope on the tree’s limb. To go up there, you could use a ladder.
  • Make sure you’ve taken the appropriate measurements!

10. Rectangular Sandbox with Shades

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You can create a rectangular sandbox on an isolated spot in the side of your garden if you have one. Trees and fencing can be used to conceal them. The sandbox must also have a shade to protect from the sun’s radiation.

You’ll need a few wood panels and a few more. Beach balls, plastic chairs, and other items are among them. You may either buy sand or obtain it from other sources.

The size is the next factor to consider. Ensure that the sandbox can handle multiple children at the same time.

11. Simple Backyard Zip Line

10 backyard playground ideas

A zip line does not have to cost a lot of money. Huge trunks and threads are the most important materials. You might be able to find a set on the market.

This entertaining activity station tests your children’s guts to see how far they can go. Putting aside the fact that it’s simple to create, you can also modify the height. As a result, you may set it at a low level for your kids.

Children don’t have to be concerned about falling or injuring themselves. That’s because this zip line is low and situated in a pleasant green setting.

12. Your very own Pull Up Bar

12 backyard playground ideas

Constructing an outdoor pull-up station, one of the best backyard playground concepts, provides a location for both kids and adults to exercise.

This set aids in the development of upper-body power in children. Shoulders and back arms are among them! It is not suited for toddlers or newborns, unfortunately. Then again, it’s only teenagers and adults who can use it safely.

Multiple wood beams and metal bars are required. Although the concept is simple, it does need some work to install. And here is the deal: It must be installed on a grassy or soft surface!

13. Pipes of Various Colors

13 backyard playground ideas

Even if colored pipes aren’t the main attraction of a playground in the backyard, they may be a fun addition. So what was the purpose of this? The goal is to stimulate children’s inventiveness.

The tubes can be used by children to keep objects and toys. The diverse hues also add to the playground’s attractiveness. Furthermore, this playset is simple to put up!

You simply need to obtain some pipes and properly position them on a railing or along the corners of the house. One thing to remember is that you must color these first! You have complete control over the color scheme.

14. Three Different Types of Swings

14 backyard playground ideas

Backyard swing sets are unquestionably a kid’s favorite. It answers why many children like spending hours on swings.

So, what distinguishes this one from the rest? As you’ll see, there are three separate swing elements included in this set. The first is a standard swing made of basic wood. A milder swing with flexible seats follows.

However, another swing is designed for lounging. It aids in the development of your child’s arms and upper torso. Which is the most effective? All of them would be fantastic in terms of entertainment and functionality!

15. Teepee in the Park

15 backyard playground ideas

An outdoor teepee gives shade as well as a fun hideaway for your kids. Simple resources and objects may be used to construct this one.

The first step is to assemble the frame. After that, you’ll need to drape it with textiles or other comparable materials. Finally, all you need is a mat for the kids to lounge on inside.

Twines or any other types of timber may be used to make the frames! Because of its ease, a grassy environment is the greatest option for installation. Furthermore, it must be placed under shaded trees.

16. Stepping Stones with a Variety of Colors

16 backyard playground ideas

You must supply this stepping-stone that is a hopscotch to your children since they are highly active. This bright and entertaining playset will keep your kids busy and entertained.

The most significant advantage is the cost! You may just purchase concrete pavers and color them! Each paver was roughly a dollar. Don’t forget to assign every one of them a name or number.

If you want to put it next to a playpen or a playhouse, that’s fine. Any shady and comfortable position in your backyard will suffice.

17. Bowling Alley in the Backyard

17 backyard playground ideas

This one needs labor, expertise, and forethought. Despite the difficulties, the end result is both remarkable and incredible! You will require the following items:

  • Decking boards, which are approximately 26 inches long
  • Mat made of rubber
  • Plywood (about 4’x8′ 3/4″)
  • Screws, nails, and other fasteners

The first step is to draw out a blueprint. The basis and dimension can then be worked on. After that, you must set all of the features in their proper locations. Pins, bowling balls, rods, and other items fall under this category.

18. Playing Percussion in the Backyard

18 backyard playground ideas

Your children will have no trouble playing and enjoying this unusual outdoor wind instrument. The construction is the sole stumbling block.

Purchasing a percussion kit from a reputable source is the simplest approach. This approach is costly, but it saves you time and effort. Making a DIY backyard wind instrument, on the other side, may save you a great deal of money.

You can construct this beside the bushes, on the outskirts of the home, or in other suggested locations. It’s also a good idea to put it on a fence.

19. Chalkboard in the backyard

19 backyard playground ideas
Source: DIY Network

It’s not only about the physical activities when you’re playing outside. Your children’s imaginations and inventiveness must also be expanded. In this instance, an outdoor blackboard in the backyard is required.

This inexpensive and compact playground is simple to construct! Not to add that it can be placed almost anyplace, particularly on a fence. Also, don’t forget to place a bucket of bright chalks on the wall. You may cover the bucket to safeguard the chalks against rain and sunshine.

20. Racetrack in the Backyard

20 backyard playground ideas

A racetrack is one of the most popular playgrounds in a backyard for boys. You must first prepare the location in which the racetrack would be constructed.

It does, however, need some digging. As a result, you must be prepared to be filthy. You’ll need to combine black oxide dust with concrete for the racetrack. The goal is to make a colorful and durable racetrack.

21. Balancing Beam on a Timber Zigzag

21 backyard playground ideas

As the name implies, it aids in the development of children’s stability abilities. This is an excellent development game for your kids!

The most crucial factor is safety. You might need to put it in a sand dune location, for example. Your children will not be injured if they fall in this manner. Another important factor to consider is the length.

The size of the balancing beam is entirely up to you. However, the length must be appropriate for your children’s age. Some individuals make beams out of 2x4s as well as 4x4s.

22. Mulch for Protection

22 backyard playground ideas

While all of the other playground designs for a backyard focus on transforming your yard as enjoyable as possible, it also has to prioritize safety.

You’ll like to create your personalized playground as secure as possible, which involves putting a system in place to prevent unforeseen falls. 

Although timber playground mulch was once the standard, security conscious parents are now opting for rubberized playground mulch. Latex mulch is also enjoyable for youngsters to play with!

23. Your Signature Style

23 backyard playground ideas

In the end, the finest playground ideas are indeed those you choose for your children depending on their interests.

All of the information comes from you, whether it’s a rock wall for them to reminisce a fun birthday party with a rock-climbing set or a two-person flyer so you can ride with them

24. Towers that are linked together

24 backyard playground ideas

The interconnecting towers are the primary difference between a nice set and an amazing backyard playground.

Using pipes, tunnels, unstable bridges, and other means to link many towers elevates your set towards the next degree. Plus, the more structures you have, the more exciting slides, fire poles, and cable ladders you can include to your setup!

25. Stations of Imagination

25 backyard playground ideas
Source: imaginationplayground

One of the primary attractions for children playing in their very own playground in their backyard is the opportunity to let their fantasies run loose without being interrupted by others.

Because imagination activities are among the most enjoyable aspects of childhood, the greatest playgrounds provide a plethora of opportunities to foster creativity.

26. Games and Toys Included

26 backyard playground ideas

The more game modes there are, the better. Although many of these playground ideas focus on heart-pumping athletic pleasure, kids occasionally just want to relax and enjoy a sport.

The greatest playgrounds, be it in the public playground as well as in your own home, include built-in activities and other calm games. Based on your children’s interests, you may wish to include built-in sandboxes or large rounds of tic-tac-toe.

27. Make a tightrope.

27 backyard playground ideas

This concept is a fantastic approach for kids to improve their motor function while also practicing coordination and balance — plus it’s a great deal of fun!

This can be placed at a lower elevation for young kids, closer to the floor, and just a little further for older kids.

28. Swinging tire

28 backyard playground ideas

Build your personal swing set by making the swing seats out of tires. It is a traditional and among the most likely choices for children’s outdoor swing sets.

If you don’t have the funds for a pricey hardwood swing set, give this a shot!

29. Woodridge’s Backyard Discovery

29 backyard playground ideas

Backyard Discovery’s Woodridge II game system includes everything your elementary-aged children may desire in a play option, and you can be confident in its quality.

The polymer is extremely durable, and the timber is 100% cedar that is rot-resistant, robust, and pre-stained.

30. Climber in the Clubhouse

30 backyard playground ideas

The Step2 Playhouse Climber is ideal for children from two to five years old and can handle up to four youngsters for a fun play date.

Kids may ascend the steps to the playhouse, which has a window and steering wheel, then make the journey to a tower, in which they can stare out opposing bay windows, before falling down a slide to repeat the process.

31. Overlook Treehouse Climber 

31 backyard playground ideas

For infants, the Step2 Totally Fun View Treehouse Climber is a great option.

Children enjoy doing things repetitively, and with large steps, a stage, and a slope, kids may take turns going up and tumbling down.

32. Swing Set with Monkey Bar Exploration

32 backyard playground ideas

Elementary-aged children will enjoy the Lifetime Monkey Bar Adventure Swing Set featuring 9-Foot Waves Slide. Three rope swings, a trapeze pole with gymnasium rings, a curvy slide, and a fire pole will keep children entertained for hours.

33. Court for badminton

33 backyard playground ideas

Badminton is an excellent sport for children. A birdie’s high drag offers protection to play practically anyplace.

Even yet, when there are no distinct lines on the field to indicate whether the shot is out or in, the game may get rather competitive. Use a weather-resistant border identifying paint for the court since it is ideal for high foot activity.

34. Featured water

34 backyard playground ideas

Not each activity in your backyard has to do with children’s play. A tiny stream or spring may add to the beauty of your landscape while also contributing to the soothing ambiance. In the meanwhile, the children will surely find a way to enjoy themselves.

35. Hammock

35 backyard playground ideas

Finally, none of it beats a decent hammock for a relaxing garden snooze. This is a great place to unwind while watching the kids play. Kids, being as inventive as they are, will undoubtedly discover a variety of different applications for it.

The greatest part is that the majority of these outdoor playground designs are inexpensive. In each case, the quantity of enjoyment and satisfaction outweighs the expense and labor.


The best backyard playgrounds provide several advantages. Your children can spend much more time outside to obtain some fresh air and exercise. This playground, in a certain way, improves children’s problem-solving and mental thinking abilities.

Choose a design from the many fantastic backyard playground concepts and designs available. The majority of them are entertaining and inventive. As a result, it would serve both a functional and attractive purpose!